Robert envied Peter, he had it all, everything a sophomore at university could want. He had a cool car, a scholarship based on his chemistry wizardry, and every week he had a new hot girlfriend all over him. They had been neighbors for years and even though Peter was four years older than him he had always treated Robert like a brother.

That’s why he was shocked when Peter was arrested on the suspicion of kidnapping or murder as it seemed the girls he dated had been disappearing. Before he was arrested he had pushed something onto Robert telling him to keep it safe.

Upon examination he found what looked like a set of chemistry notes and a full spray bottle. Peter couldn’t make much of the notes, but he did figure out what was in the spray bottle, a love potion, this was how Peter had gotten all of those girlfriends.

Robert can’t resist the temptation he goes and sprays his long time crush the girl next door Amanda, one spritz and she is totally into him to the point of sneaking into his room at night for some fun. But as the days pass he notices some changes in Amanda, her hair going blond, her grades tanking and her figure exploding out her clothes. Freaked he goes to see Peter at the local lockup where he is being held, Amanda in tow as she won’t leave him.

Peter reveals that the potion is still a failed experiment he created partially by accident and is still trying to perfect, (his first girlfriend was his female research partner who was accidently exposed) While it makes the subject love the first person they see after being spritzed, but the side effect is the girl becomes a big breasted bimbo after no more than three weeks depending on the subjects initial intelligence level. That is why his girlfriends disappeared after that effect took hold no one recognized them, plus once the transformation completed the love aspect faded and they became nymphomaniacs willing to sleep with anyone so many left him looking for someone with greater stamina.

None of the parents believed that the girls he did mange to bring back after her staying with him a few weeks while he observed their changes was their daughter hence why he was now in prison.

Robert asks why he gave it to him then?

Peter was worried someone else may steal the formula if it was seized in the investigation, or not dispose of it properly, if it got into the water system there was no telling what havoc it could cause. Robert asks if there is a cure because he admits he used it Amanda. Peter sighs saying he was still working on that when he was arrested.

Robert goes home, where his mother confronts him with the spray bottle in hand, she has noticed Amanda’s change in attitude towards her son and suspects Peter gave him some sort of illicit drug he used on her. Robert tries to talk his way out of it but his mother doesn’t want to hear any of it and in a fit of rage dumps the contents of the spray bottle down the drain with a look of disgust at him and self satisfaction on her face even as the police show up to arrest Robert based on his mother calling them. Robert just stares at the drain while they drag him away and thinks of Peter’s warning.

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