One Friday morning a high school student by the name of Ben ends up with the Master PC program on his computer. He ends up pulling up a photo of his stepsister Ashley a cute thin blond with almost no boobs or butt. before he can make any changes to her, Ben has to hurry up and get ready for school. while Ben is at school his step sister Ashley finds to Master Pc program on his computer with her photo, she alter the photo of herself giving herself a bigger bust and booty. Ashely finds out the program is real and she can alter anyone or anything so she alters Ben her crush into her desired form. Ben is almost home, Ashley pulls up a photo of ben and shrinks him down to 3ft tall with a 16 inch penis right as he walks through the door. Ashley locks the program and confronts ben for some sexy fun. Ben and Ashley are home alone for the weekend as mom and dad are out of town. can Ben survive his stepsister and her massive curves.

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  1. if William prat or J J Mcquade pick this ideaup. in the later issues of this idea. the stepsister invites her friends and they cant believe it big her breast are so Ashley does a demonstration to her friends by maker herself 8ft tall. her friends want in on the growing action and they all become 9ft to 10ft tall busty mini giantess’s with ashley the tallest. then they decide to make the height gap with Ben even greater by shrinking him to 2ft tall and adding more length for fun he now has to stretch to reach doorknobs and can barely carry his massive penis. the three girls cant wait to use him as a toy i wonder if ben will survive the sexy chaos.

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