Master PC: New Queen Bee

A bullied goth/nerd girl gets the MPC and uses it to become the undisputed queen bitch of school, doing whatever she wants to whoever she wants with none able to stand against her.



Richard Dilconk grew up hearing about and studying the stories of Rabbit in the Moon from Chinese and Japanese lore; he was always fascinated by them, mainly because he developed an unexpected fixation on rabbits and bunnies from a young age, almost as soon as he hit puberty, his room was filled with images and figurines of bunny girls, his personal space is filled with so much rabbit-themed memorabilia that he’s actually been sent to get professional help, they couldn’t find a way to help tone things down a bit. Richard has a serious bunny girl fetish, and it’s probably one of the reasons he has next to no friends in and out of work. One day, Richard finds a book of Lunar magics in his mailbox with no return address, and the only name on the package is the letters “Ri,” which is the first two letters of his name; taking the package up into his room, he discovered it was some sort of moon-themed or based spellbook, the only spell he could make out was a ritual for traveling to the “Kindom of the Moon,” and the only reason the ritual caught his interest was the images of rabbits all over the pages that talked about the ritual. So, on the night before his day off, Richard performs the ritual; after collecting all the materials from all over town, he was just barely able to find everything from various shops around town in the time leading up to this moment, he is able to perform the ritual. After a few minutes, he finds himself still in his marginally upscale apartment, and just as he’s about to utter a comment about how the spell really was a waste of time, Richard finds himself in an extravagant greeting chamber with the Earth in the sky as if he were on the moon, even if something about does seem a little off; a moment later he realizes he is also naked in the chamber and surrounded by rabbit women, the one in the throne on the Dais having an emasculate voluptuous figure with a large bosom (Q-Cup) in some hentai parody of extravagantly royal attire, with a similarly voluptuous rabbit woman standing next to her (MMM-Cup bosom) standing next to the throne in what he could only describe as erotic wizard robes with a wand in her hand that had a crescent moon on end. Richard can’t make out what any of the rabbit women are saying when he first arrives; it’s only when a busty Rabbit woman guard in skimpy silver armor adorned with full moons is halfway through escorting him to the room they have prepared that he’s finally able to understand the language. Apparently, that ritual he performed was part of a process to bring males to the Moon Rabbit Kingdom. He suddenly realizes when he saw that Earth that was a little off, it meant he had been sent to another world, and now he’s basically going to be a breeding stud for the Moon Rabbit nobility, starting with their ruler and that mage he saw; Richard game for that, he’s been wanting to breed bunny girls since he was a teenager, and his 25-year-old ass is more than willing to pay whatever price is needed to do just that. He quickly learns that only the most elite of the Moon Rabbit society reside in this castle he is in, including the guards; the fact they are all varying degrees of thicc, and none of them are below an E-Cup with the queen’s closest advisors (like the mage) not being below an H-Cup and the royal family’s females having a history of not going below an M-Cup mildly amuses Richard.

It seems the queen is making special preparations to ensure her breeding is optimal, at least; that’s what he thinks is the reason he’s been confined to a single room for what he thinks is a few days. His first sexual partner, ever, is going to be the queen of the Moon Rabbits, likely followed by that court mage. Richard will be knocking up a lot of rabbit women, which he probably won’t last long, but that is a risk he’s willing to make.

So, we just recently entered the Year of the Rabbit in the Lunar calendar, so I thought it would amusing to have a story about a guy basically getting with a bunch of Moon Rabbits.


Idea by hvgtd

Zamifel was an angel that was cast out from heaven because of their fascination with human perversion, but they managed to keep from falling into Hell by some cosmic joke of the universe. Zamifel fell, amusingly enough, during the medieval period near a nunnery that neighbored a European town during a major conflict. By some strange joke of the divine, all the men, including the local priest, and boys, were pulled into joining the fight for the lord of the lands. Zamifel manages to corrupt the nunnery to worship him, after which they discover having followers praying to them gives them power, starting, ironically, with the Mother Superior, Miranda, and her devotion to the divine; this is initially by getting her to consume water he corrupts with his power with the deception that it his holy water blessed by an angel, followed by Zamifel fucking her in her dreams every night, and physically every morning just before she washes up for the day and puts on her attire. Zamifel discovers that their corruption of mortals causes them to manifest aspects that take them into being some unique kinds of kinky. Mother Miranda’s corruption started with her developing male genitals of considerable size. After the fallen angel fully corrupted the nunnery, she manifested a set of almost eldritch-like tentacles from various parts of her body. With the assistance of the corrupted Mother Superior, Zamifel corrupted the 20 nuns of the nunnery, each manifesting different kinky aspects. After the complete corruption of the nuns and nunnery, which included a total redesign of the iconography with the nunnery’s halls to reflect their new direction and lord, the newly corrupted nuns made their way to the town. They also corrupted the women left in that town, with each of the town’s women undergoing their own kinky corruptive transformation.

What will the men think when they return? Assuming they do, war can be brutal. What does this mean for Zamifel? How far will the kinky religion of Zamifel go before it is stopped?

Based on the lore of a kinky story I’m working with someone on, names were changed for obvious reasons, as was the stated reason for the fall, but the general concept is basically the same. There are so many stories about demons corrupting others; almost all of the kinky stories involving corruption either involve a demon, demon-like entity, or perverse god; at no point have I ever encountered a story where the one doing the corrupting is a fallen angel.


Idea by hvgtd

Leo Slaacous is annoyed; his friends signed him up for the erotic gameshow known as Claimer’s Islands. The gameshow has the contestants run around a private tropical archipelago completely in the nude. In the gameshow, each of the 9 contestants is unaware of the position of the other contestants at the start of the show. All the contestants know is what they are told from the start of the program; due to the abundance of nudity and the occasional instances of sexual encounters, the program is rated to be for Mature audiences only, which doesn’t deter some underage viewers from attempting to watch the program.
The program is composed of a series of challenges, questions, and votes by the contestants, each victory earning the winners useful prizes, with all the non-winners having short-term handicaps imposed on them.
Leo is informed that he and his fellow contestants are part of a special program, one guy versus a team of 8 women. This was not something he expected; even more surprising is the reveal that all the women in the contest are his type of woman. About halfway through the show, Leo learns, as well as the audience, that should he win, he will also be married there in the live broadcast to the contestant with a score closest to his own; while if one of the women should take home the win, they’ll get their choice of holiday escape for a full month with all its expenses basically paid for by the show. Leo is surprised, annoyed, and a little angry about all this; just because he’s been a bachelor his whole life, and has been fine with it the entire time, doesn’t mean he wants to get with a life partner at some point in his life.


Idea by hvgtd

A man cheats on his wife with another woman who has bigger breasts. In revenge, she ambushed the woman and sucked her breasts. When she comes home, her husband is amazed at the new bust size and they love each other. However, the woman catches her husband again with a lady who has much larger breasts. As revenge, she sucks the breasts of this woman as well and takes revenge on her husband with her new gigantic bust size. (crush). The sucked women are not dead, just sad that they are now flat as a board. The story could be called something like this. I would be happy if there were more absorption comics in which women breasts or asses of taking on others to be more sexy and attractive until they end up so big they can’t move and men line up to please them, all flat women see them as some kind of queen.


Idea by: fredolyn228

Some of the existing comics that have concluded, for the time being, would probably be fun to play through as games; and some of the suggestions would probably work better as games as well; I know I’ve suggested a few that could work almost good as a game as a comic, or possibly even better as more of a game than a comic. And maybe an extra site, eventually, could be built to act as the go-to for all the games; it could be fun, allowing readers to experience exploring the worlds of some of the comics; the games could also have a feature for more direct input that could act as a template for comics that are later implemented as a more Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style of story.

I know it would be much more work than creating and posting chapters for comics, but it could still be something new and different. Starting with a small handful, between 1 and 4, would allow for a bit of testing gauge and maybe make the games part of some of the more popular stories and/or some of the one-shot stories that could potentially have follow-ups with how they have ended.


Idea by hvgtd

Theme and genre of the story:
The genre is about gender bender, futanari, gay, physical transformations of the body, magic and biology, the kink in particular that must excite in the story is the perversion of the transformation of the body and mind through a magical element that manipulates biology and the natural order of biological bodies in the sexual gender of the protagonists, the sensation must evoke despair and pleasure and a general perversion of the distortion of biological nature and corruption in sinful lust.

Two young boys (25-24 years old) the first named micheal is a boy of medium build dark brown eyes, hairy body but not too much a right thing, the second boy samuel blond also identical physical characteristics, both are not chad but they will still be very attractive in the eyes of a gay or straight woman, so the shapes always athletic and sensual, from the lips to the face to the tone of the muscles (not exaggerated), will have a bit of an unkempt beard the clothing will be summer with shorts and undershirt.

Magic item:
A board game (see InfinitySign’s Date Game 3d comic I was inspired by) will have a look that is very reminiscent of a mystery game.
He is a very important protagonist, the board game will show phrases or speak in the thought of the kids through a crystal ball (same as the 3d infinity sign “the date game”), the game will have a petty and sadistic personality where every time the boys will go on with the game will explain the unlocked effect but in a fun, sadistic and above all perverted way.

Technical request:
This is the hardest part, the design is very important that it is of a high standard and I want the style to be this as shown in the image.
The style that in my opinion is the best ever is that of the erotic comic series “Tales Grandma Doesn’t Tell” parodies of “Cinderella” “Aladin” “Alice in wonderland” “Snow White”
I recommend that you search this series of comics to understand the desired style, the graphics of penises, breasts, face and bodies in general are fundamental as the poses of the body are absolutely erotic.

Very very important detail, the proportions of the body are very important, this is because when it comes to Futanari very artists tend to draw disproportionate women with giant cocks, I don’t want this to be the case, in fact I would like the shapes to be just like in the example in the image , proportionate with well made penises and breasts. In the story I could use descriptive terms that make the bodies described seem exaggerated and huge, in reality one must always think in terms that are not exaggerated, for example: if I say “her ass grows enormous and with difficulty she manages to reach her anus, the big breasts grows, her big hard cock “is always understood as an abundant female body, thicc but proportionate, athletic and sensual, a well proportioned and well made male body without exaggeration, image is everything.

Plot: version 1.2
Creating an introductory preamble of the author’s choice is fine by me.
The boys are on the floor sitting on cushions and the game is on a small table.
The room is a normal nerdy room with a nice double bed, a few porn posters lying around.
The characters find themselves a board game with jumanji-style dice capable of manipulating reality, they begin to play it by discovering later all the effects of the game that will have on them, the game is played in a generic bedroom. (1-2 introductory pages)

The first roll is made by Michael, as soon as the dice stop a declaration from the board game echoes in the minds of the two boys, welcomes them and warns them that it is not possible to withdraw from the game without consequences and that they will soon experience true pleasure and the deep sexual lust in their bodies, the guys are amazed and amused wondering if this game comes out from some strange sex shop cursed by a magic, they don’t have time to think that immediately the first effects of the shift are noticed, a tingling pervades their bodies and all their hairs dissolve slowly with slight itching in all its parts, their beards dissolve, their appearance is more youthful almost adolescent, their armpits, chest, arms and legs are freed from any hair, the itching is suddenly dissolves and they notice the magic.

This makes both of them feel strange with their skin which is now smooth and pleasant in contact with the clothes, but it makes them feel good and not uncomfortable, they touch their face, chest, legs and finally they look inside their underwear to find out. that their cock was now completely cleansed of hair, intrigued by the game and by that pleasant feeling they continue to play having understood that this was an interesting magical object and that perhaps they would have had other interesting advantages.

Now Samuel throws the dice, the pawn moves and the game declares that Samuel’s mind will open completely and every taboo will be demolished, his sexual orientation always very inclined to girls and straight fantasies are corrupted, here we will have a flashback of his mind in which his fantasies usually full of naked and busty girls slowly begin to get confused, images of sumptuous well-made curved and straight cocks appear, cocks and abs of gifted guys who gradually replace the beautiful big tits of girls, images of guys in very hot panties, very beautiful cocks in the midst of the female figures that slowly dissolve into nothingness, his mind is definitively corrupted to homosexuality and passive submission to cock.

Returning to reality, Samuel seems to have changed a lot mentally and seeing his friend Michael now hairless feels a new perverse and unnatural arousal, he has an erection, his panties have a very sexy bulge that they barely contain.
Michael is not very clear what happened and thinking that maybe Samuel’s turn was over he rolls the dice again, the pawn moves and the game declares that it is time to spice up the situation and the atmosphere, the game is loaded with testosterone. the two guys directly in their balls, now also micheal has a strong erection and the excitement eliminates all modesty in them, they both take off their shorts and panties, strip completely, they both sit on the bed and jerk cocks without control, they are really horny until both of them cheer with an upward splash of cum that wets everything, their abdomen, on the floor and some squirt on the table next to the game.

In the next scene from a shot from above we see the two exhausted lying on the bed but with the cocks still very hard, the boys however realize that the game is continuing alone, now the pawns move without rolling the dice and the game declares that now that the two have enjoyed fucking like gays it’s time to change the pace a little and completely change their nature into something new, here samuel begins to experience very intense and long changes, his body begins to feminize (here the detail is important because the kink becomes dominant in the plot), the game declares that if samuel likes to be fucked so much why doesn’t he become a young lady and let everyone fuck him? (in the whole scene samuel is standing naked)

And here the transformation begins, we notice that samuel sees his muscles shrink to become the body of a somewhat athletic femboy, his nipples begin to develop but not his breasts, his nipples are very hard and touching them makes you feel intense sensations, his penis is stone very hard, the game claims to have replaced all his hormones with female estrogen, soon he feels the blood inside him boiling, his skin becomes even softer, his butt grows and becomes very soft.

Her thighs become thicker and smoother, her hips begin to deform, her internal bones creak, a beautiful belly is created with a very sensual and elongated navel, her hips are very sexy for a woman, her face always deforms more from an effeminate masculine to that of a real girl with particular beauty, feminine eyes and a lovely French nose, her hair is still the same as before which makes her look like a lesbian with short hair, her lips develop, she feels thick and sensual, the shoulders are shortened while still maintaining well-made athletic female shoulders, at this point her bones have completely transformed and her hips create a firm and feminine butt to envy, his cock is still intact without any modification but during the whole transformation sequence has a small tip of precum on the tip of the penis.

Samuel feels biologically confused but it’s not over, the game now declares that his body will be filled with progesterone and in fact his body now begins to develop an even more slender and sexy belly, a perfect flat stomach as a model, immediately after a nod. breast grows, a cup A, begins to grow like a delicate flower.
With his hands samuel touches that sumptuous body smooth as silk and his new curves well sculpted like a work of art, up to his cock which had remained unchanged all the time, was still hard as rock, Samuel explores his body feeling the pleasure of feeling the hardness of his cock between two soft and smooth thighs rubbing on the hard shaft.

But now his penis was also undergoing changes, his balls full of estrogen and progesterone begin to shrink his testicles from the inside, the balls continue to maintain their volume but internally the testicles were shrinking (an X-ray image for understand what also happens inside his body) remain swollen full of hormonal fluid, Samuel squeezes his balls with one hand due to internal tingling but feels nothing, in fact he no longer felt pain by squeezing his balls because by now his testicles were completely dissolved leaving only cute puffy balls to squeeze like the games they sell in newsstands as anti-stress.
From his throat she feels a slight choke, his adam’s apple is reduced to a crack in the esophagus and visibly disappears, his noises and light male moans are transformed into those of a horny girl.
In the background, the game welcomes Samantha.

PAGE 10:
Her penis is really thrilled and aroused by the transformation, finally after her chest has developed very feminine nipples her breasts begin to seriously grow into a plentiful and busty natural D cup with fully developed nipples, soft tits. they puff up like mozzarella and keep a perfect and abundant shape that any woman would envy, her hair grows long and wavy like a beautiful blonde from a porn magazine, and she begins to walk on tiptoe, moves towards a vertical bedroom mirror to see himself from the feet to the head, he looks and admires all his beauty in front of the amazed eyes of his friend, samuel feels satisfied by those extraordinary shapes, his hard penis is now of a greater and more feminine beauty (the cock is feminine it has no veins or ugliness typical of an ugly male cock, it is a really nice and well made penis) with the tip pointing in to the open well with the head of the pea clearly visible.

PAGE 11:
In front of the mirror Samantha continues to touch her abundant breasts, touches and feels their weight and their consistency, perceives their size occupying her no longer flat chest, rubs her fingers on her nipples whose impact discharges strokes of pleasure on the breasts , slips with her hands from her tits towards her hips until she reaches her busty ass, with her fingers she explores her anus opening a buttock with her hand, she discovers that she has to sink a lot with her fingers before being able to touch the hole because now the her butt is very abundant with meat compared to her old male ass, with her hands she slides on her fertile hips and on that perfect belly like a Greek statue and in front of all that splendor of sensual forms she cannot ignore his wonderful cock.

PAGE 12:
He grabs his cock and begins to gently jerk off with one hand holding the little finger of his finger up like a miss, the game makes a statement and says in a very sadistic and funny way that Samantha is about to experience her latest man creampie and that she is to expel all the male semen left inside her prostate, including her last spermatozoa, and so soon after Samantha has the longest cumshot (in terms of time) ever, a thick, white sperm jet comes out of her tip , several intense multiple squirts hit the mirror straight, she repeatedly wets her cum in the mirror, during the cumshot Samantha moans like a girl in heat as her woman’s body cannot bear intense and direct male orgasm, this makes her feel helpless and submissive to the cumshot too hard for her delicate body, at the end of the cumshot her legs tremble, leaning with one hand on the slightly bent mirror to rest and a hand on his cock, his face is exhausted and excited, the mirror wet with sperm dripping and sliding down all over its surface, you can see his face mirrored and look in the mirror with the latest splashes of leftover sperm of her old body sliding down the mirror past her female face.

PAGE 13:
Samantha is tired and her penis rests slightly, softening a bit, she can’t resist the sight of that sperm dripping from the mirror, she approaches with her face on the surface and starts licking his old sperm a little excited a little desperate of his manhood lost, her boobs rest on the glass rubbing her nipples over, the sperm sticks to her breasts and her tongue, she starts licking and cleaning the mirror, after finishing she pulls back, rubs her breasts and immediately brings her hands impregnated with cum in her mouth, she finishes licking her fingers, when she pulls up her fingers you can see the sticky semen going from the breast towards her fingers to her mouth, like long lines like cobwebs or a sticky liquid that stretches.
After clearing herself of her own semen that appreciates with pleasure her last residues in her mouth, the game declares that now is the time to experience the emotions and pleasures of a real woman, who will forget the squalid female orgasm and embrace the female one throughout her life. his glory.

PAGE 14:
The whole transformation had loaded her with hormones in a very heavy way, her body produces only estrogen and progesterone in abundance, his cock reacts and suddenly returns to erection, the game launches winking phrases to tempt the girl to touch herself again, she tries touching his pea gently, rubbing the tip with one hand and the other rubs a nipple, touching Samantha’s body experiences a new kind of orgasm never experienced before, like a wave of pleasure going through her whole body, her skin becomes like goosebumps, the wave passes through her breasts, reaches the abdomen, even her anus perceives the orgasmic sensation, the whole wave of pleasure spread throughout the body up to the feet finally arrives on the penis which instead to emit a powerful orgasm comes out of its tip, without exploding, a very viscous and oily transparent liquid comes out and gushes slowly from the tip of his beautiful pea, like a delicate and abundant thread like a pretty fountain with no splashes of any kind, as if pouring a vial of oil into the floor, the game at that moment declares that Samantha has been stripped of all the remaining sperm and that she will no longer have to be afraid of getting any girl pregnant even if now the only thing he wants is cocks teasing his wrecked manhood.

PAGE 15:
The orgasm lasts up to 5 minutes, while the liquid continues to come out her voice begins to moan like a whore in heat, orgasm is like pissing pleasure, her prostate forces the release of all that transparent oil (image x-ray to see what happens inside her body) the prostate contracts slowly but without spasms, like a balloon that slowly deflates, one and only orgasmic pressure, until it leaves the girl breathless, like throwing air out of the lungs at once slowly without breathing in a kind of suffocation.
Samantha realizes a side effect immediately after having this new orgasm, she no longer feels the refractory time of men, in fact after emptying she no longer perceives the feeling of emptiness that you have after a male cumshot that makes you lose the arousal and the desire, but she still feels her heart throbbing and arousing without interruption, has now become multi-orgasmic and is amazed by this advantage, and laughs.

PAGE 16:
After his still hard cock has stopped overflowing oily liquid, with his fingers in a graceful and delicate way he brings from the tip of his cock to her mouth a long strip (without the strip breaking) of transparent cum on her lips and taste his warm and oily sperm, the taste completely different from before, it is like saliva but oily and tasty, rich in female hormones.
The game declares that her cum made him delicious for her and her lovers of hers now that she is just a pleasure whore.
Samantha then brings her hands to her busty maternal breasts and with a little pressure on those fresh and sweet melons a lot of milk comes out of her nipples, without squirting, she comes out sliding over her boobs like a dairy cow, the game declares that she has made fertile in her breasts to feed her lovers with her rich milk, samantha then slides her hands towards his balls and squeezes them very hard since now she no longer feels pain under there, and another bit of cum residual, viscous and oily comes out of his cock, a cup then appears in her hands and immediately she milks her tits and cock, mixes milk and cum and enjoys the meal in a glass filled with liquid full of female hormones, drinking it so sensual and provocative.

PAGE 17:
Michael is speechless for the whole transformation scene, the game in the meantime does not stop and continues to advance the pawns by itself, they advance for micheal, something very special is preparing for him, the game declares that now his mind is he will open up to the transsexual world and love Samantha, Michael is reluctant … he does not want to believe that women can have dicks, that women are made to procreate and have children not to fuck other men, but the game seduces him like a tempting snake with winking phrases, the game declares how perfect is a woman with a long dick who does not suffer from menstruation or childbirth, who gets excited like a man and enjoys like him to satisfy carnal pleasures, here Micheal experiences a mental flashback in which he they can see beautiful proseprose and fertile girls, cute girls or pregnant maternal women turn into delicious transsexuals very sexy athletic but also cute and normal, see their cocks and their tits together eme and their pussies vanish forever, micheal is corrupt and his mind opens completely, seeing Samantha immediately falls in love with her shapes she too see Michael’s cock so happy at the sight of it excites her again and you can tell from his penis vibrating with joy, the game declares how beautiful this bizarre new couple she has created is.

PAGE 18:
Both look into each other’s eyes in love and with really hard cocks they hug and kiss with their tongues, horny for each other in kissing their cocks meet, touch and rub on their bellies, the excitement is high , Michael can feel samantha’s breasts pressing on his chest, and he can sink his hands into a divine ass never felt before, he feels the soft curves of samantha her thighs and hips and with the body he feels that among all those soft shapes and smooth, a well recognizable hard pole stands out overwhelmingly in the midst of so much delicacy and softness, an oxymoron.

PAGE 19:
Micheal and Samantha are connected and synchronize and in fact both cum at the same time while continuing to hold each other and rub each other up, their cocks are one in front of the other not really stuck but in erection that they look at each other with the tips a little crossed between them as if they did a spade, micheal cums like a normal male with the usual white squirt in an intense orgasm on samantha’s belly while they are embraced, samantha instead cums unnaturally always like a vial of oil gushing from his tip (less than the first orgasm he had) you can see very well the difference between Michael’s and Samantha’s cum, Michael’s cum comes out and sticks like normal sperm, while Samantha’s is an oily strip that is about to touch the floor, like when someone tries to make the longest spit in the world on the ground hahaha, micheal finally relaxes his panting cock in front of Samantha while she’s still hard as a rock and very herring.

PAGE 20:
Subsequently Samantha goes to the bed in a very provocative way on all fours, resting on the bed at 90 degrees like a bitch, Michael admires the beauty of those buttocks and thighs that move, that perfect butt, the pea that comes out between the legs sensually, the game declares to micheal how beautiful was this creature who had created her especially for him, a superior and unique woman, complete servant of pleasure, his penis more and more attracted to her ass goes towards her and penetrates her gently, his tip tries to settle between the buttocks of Samantha’s ass, tries to open her buttocks with his hands to make his way and here comes to rest the tip of his cock on the surface of Samantha’s hole, she feels that tip touch her hole laughs with pleasure.

PAGE 21:
The game declares to samantha that her transformation has also included changes to her prostate which now produces a lot of vaginal fluid like that of women, lubricating her anal canal (x-ray image to understand what happens inside her body) so that she will not feel. never pain during anal penetration and will always have her anus well cleaned perfect for cocks and dildos.

PAGE 22:
The game carries out a second very sadistic mental transformation to samantha, a flashback appears, now samantha thinks she wants a baby who wants to get pregnant, images of sperm appear in her mind filling cunts and swollen bellies of pregnancy, samantha declares to micheal to fuck her well and to cum inside her because she wants a baby, but the game laughs at her and tells micheal that his new girlfriend is childproof and that the only thing he can give birth will be rivers of cum from her anus.
Michael is really satisfied with his new wife who from her best friend is now a whore in heat, indeed an incredibly hot sexual abomination.

PAGE 23:
Micheal fucks Samantha’s well lubricated ass with great ease, she is lying on her stomach with her big tits well placed on the mattress as she squeezes a pillow between them, her ass fully 90 ° bent towards Micheal’s cock, every stroke of his cock reaches Samantha’s prostate well directed causing strong shocks of anal pleasure to the girl, Micheal can no longer resist and reaches the climax by cumming mercilessly all inside the anus of the beautiful maid (x-ray image to understand what happens inside her body ), Samantha has an anal orgasm, Michael withdraws his big cock back from samantha’s hole and a thin stream of cum comes out of the anus, the girl visibly ecstatic with pleasure her thighs and legs tremble.

PAGE 24:
Samantha rolls over on the bed on her stomach, with her big tits blowing in the wind, her legs spread apart and the big cock straight as a stick dangling between her legs, Michael lies down on the bed on his stomach to rest with his legs for a while. open and the big cock in the middle facing down, Micheal is very tired from having cum so many times in a day but Samantha does not perceive the slightest tiredness and immediately changing position she sees micheal’s ass smooth and pleasant, with the shaft clearly visible between her legs, she bites her lips and with her ever-hard cock approaches her ass and fucks micheal, sinks his smooth cock well, moves her hips sensually in a circular way and with her hands clings to her seductive blondes pornstar hair, the game assists as a perverted spectator and declares how beautiful the woman is fucking a man and having broken their biological natures.

PAGE 25:
Samantha unannounced cum inside Michael but in an always unnatural way (x-ray image to understand what happens inside his body), with a long oily splash inside Michael’s ass, a smooth shot of a couple of minutes that takes Samantha’s breath away in one fell swoop and once finished releasing her transparent oily liquid, she withdraws her big cock back, but she is not affected by fatigue or orgasm, her heart continues to beat and her arousal remains constant, in fact immediately after with force wild turns Micheal from the bed bringing him lying on his stomach with his legs open and his hard cock swinging, Samantha lowers himself with sensual and exciting movements and begins to lick Michael’s balls licks all the shaft up to the top, until reaching the tip of the pea tip, gives him a very sweet and sexy blowjob

PAGE 26:
But the game she is assisting wants to make things more interesting and makes a long and anomalous, almost lizard-like tongue bloom from Samantha’s mouth as the saliva turns into white sperm running down its tip, now her mouth smells continuously of cum and he swallows some as it is produced by his salivary glands, his tongue then comes out again after having swallowed a nice ball of cum down his throat, brings his tongue into Michael’s anus and explores it like a pea then withdraws it out and it clings like a snake around Michael’s cock, a demonic tongue that eventually makes Michael’s already exhausted cock cum, Micheal’s cum ends up entirely on Samantha’s face.
PAGE 27:
After a few hours of fun the two are happy lying on the bed and look at each other happy and pleased, they talk about how wrong all this is that the nature of a woman shouldn’t be like that, they shouldn’t have a penis, fuck other men and cum, that their sensations are unnatural that they feel wrong but … but … fuck … sooooo horny and that makes them feel full of life and then fuck the natural order they want to feel wrong and excited living in the sin of lifelong lust and sink their souls in sinful pleasure.
The game declares how adept he was at making their natures perverse, as the couple looks into each other’s loving eyes.

PAGE 28:
The following scene after a night of love and sinful passion samantha gets out of bed with a semi hard penis, on tiptoe she goes to the bathroom with the need to pee, she goes to the cup to piss standing up but instead of pee she goes out a jet of hot, whitish and steaming liquid just like pee, this makes Samantha smile and amaze as she tries to taste the remaining drops with her hand and feels that it is milk !!! even her piss had turned into sweet milk as from her breasts, this makes her feel truly a special creature, she goes back to the bed always on tiptoe it’s almost morning.

PAGE 29:
Looking for something to dress up, the game declares that with that body of a goddess of lust she doesn’t need her old male clothes and makes all kinds of sexy dresses and lingerie appear in the drawer, now the game doesn’t even seem to respect the shifts anymore. for quite some time and continues to have fun manipulating reality to her liking, samantha wears simple panties suitable to contain her penis, panties are white and cute suitable for transsexuals and contain the cock in a delicious bulge, then she wears a wide tank top that leaves her big naked breasts free covering them like a veil from which you can clearly see the nipples under the fabric of the tank top, the game all the time does not stop making appreciation on Samantha’s body.

PAGE 30:
Ready she goes out into the open air, goes out into the private garden of her friend’s house and sits on a bench adorned with beautiful roses, the garden is a really well-kept and natural place, the girl’s shapes blend perfectly well with her majestic body, its curves and perfect proportions surrounded by flowers and roses make it look like an enchanting creature, but between its legs it is actually that body resulting from a perverse and sinful biology, sin and nature come together in a perverse fusion and sexual unnatural but exciting, samantha gets rid of the undershirt releasing her beautiful melons and stays with her pretty panties, these feelings of perverse nature increase more and more because together with the beauty of the nature of the garden it is now possible to admire all the perversion of samantha’s body, her perfect feminine curves, her slender and athletic belly, her fertile and maternal breasts like loaves of white bread and hard cock c he comes out of her panties timidly, scapelling her dickhead clearly visible, with a hint of precum.

PAGE 31:
She also takes off her panties, she feels whore and beautiful almost auerea with nature, with her fingers she touches the tip of his cock and pulls on a very long thin strip of oily and sticky precum that sticks on all fingers like a cobweb and always with wet fingers he involuntarily touches the flowers around him, nature now contaminated by the sin of his unnatural seed the flowers begin to become even more beautiful and begin to emit thick white cum instead of nectar, some flowers even begin to squirting this cum on the girl covering her like a light rain, samantha feels like the goddess of lust.

PAGE 31:
Meanwhile, micheal wakes up from bed with a morning erection, sees samantha return to the bedroom covered in cum and the semi-hard cock, the smell is very strong, Michael admires samantha’s figure covered in cum and can’t ignore that. smell of intense cum, they look at each other and samantha smiling goes to the bathroom for a shower.

PAGE 32:
Micheal moves towards the game that was the origin of all this imaginative madness, on purpose he tries to forcefully move the pawns out of curiosity, the game realizes it and declares that micheal will be punished for this and will be deprived entirely of all the his manhood, mocking him for what awaits him. Michael feels his body tingle, his hormones are manipulated, testosterone dissolves inside him and is bombarded with female hormones, his body becomes smaller and more slender, the shapes are more and more feminine, his nipples develop a lot the breast grows slightly, it looks more and more like a girl, her face is that of a girl, the nose becomes more and more cute and the lips more and more desirable, the dark hair grows longer in a bob like hair not very long, the body has more curves, he feels a very strong pain in the testicles that are withdrawing inside him, the pain accompanied by arousal helps him to overcome the transformation, the skin is collected as the testicles move towards the innards in a mixture of pain and pleasure, a vagina forms under her scrotum, beautiful vaginal lips open and the testicles that rise inside her body form the ovaries and all the full gina, without balls, feels the emptiness between his legs and makes him feel naked and defenseless, his cock shrinks slightly and becomes a 10cm cock always hard and clearly visible, his prostate trembles inside his anus and this makes you enjoy and screams a scream of pleasure from a real woman in heat, the game declares that micheal is about to enjoy his last cumshot as a real man, and immediately from the micropenis comes a very strong splash that drains micheal’s prostate, his appearance is entirely female except for the little cock that protrudes like a clitoris from the vagina.


Idea by samantha_sissy

Carter Arbos wakes up on the floor of an unfamiliar structure he later learns is an elaborate treehouse; he also finds out he’s been turned into anthro puma, better known by the monikers of mountain lion and cougar. He also finds himself very naked with a toned body and a surprisingly big penis; it’s almost three times the size it was back when he went to bed as a human. Carter is reasonably confused; he doesn’t recall anything that could tie into waking up a well-hung cat man. At the age of 36, This was not what Carter expected in his life; it wasn’t even on his list of top 20 fetishes. Thankfully, Carter is an experienced survivalist and even has a job as an instructor in the way of survival, so it wasn’t too much of an issue when he learned that the surrounding environment was a forest; he was more annoyed at the general lack of clothing than anything else.

As for the treehouse itself, the structure was pretty well put together. It had six bedrooms, five standard, and one master; a retractable rope ladder that had a basic wooden winch for easily controllable lifting and lowering, more than could hold a considerable amount of weight; a functional kitchen with running water; and a functional restroom, with a large fully functional bathtub, made entirely from what seems to be a single piece of stone that has been smoothed out just enough to not be nuisance getting in. That all said, there were no signs of electrical systems or electronic devices anywhere, not even a cell phone or walkie-talkie.
A few hours after inspecting the house, Carter was out and about exploring the forest, keeping his treehouse in sight for the time being, when he encounters a female anthro cougar, and she very well-developed; she was voluptuous, stacked (I-cup bosom), and thicc (her ass is almost as big as her bosom), with a toned body. Carter feels his member go to full attention almost as soon as he sees her. She seems as interested in him as he is in her. The two try to inspect each other without saying a word, and then she tried to jump Carter. He quickly gets out of the way, then instinct takes over, and the next thing Carter knows, he is plowing the other cougar, who is giving off erotic moans and cries of approval and enjoyment.

Carter somehow manages to pound his partner into unconsciousness before he is finally able to pull his rod from inside her; Carter then takes her up to his treehouse and tosses her in one of the six bedrooms he found in his inspection; after that, he starts trying to figure out how to safeguard himself from her if she should prove hostile. A few hours later, his “guest” wakes up and introduces herself as Carrie, she also mentions there are at least four other women like her out there, and Carter is the first male of the anthros that she has seen so far. She also mentions that he gave her the best sex she can recall, and she has been around a while; she mentions being an age that is easily twice Carter’s age, and Carter suddenly realizes that he just banged a literal cougar milf.
The next few days follow the same pattern as his encounter with Carrie, where he basically fucks another cougar woman into unconsciousness, and she wakes up to tell him her name; he encounters the other 4; Carolina (busty thicc milf with a GG-Cup bosom), Chloe (curvy voluptuous cougar a year or two younger than him), Carina (buxom and curvy with a EEE-Cup), and Cathee (voluptuous thicc college sorority girl of 24 with no sexual experience before Carter plowed her that first time, she has as a FFF-Cup bust).

Carter takes the time to learn what sort of specialties his new companions have, after learning they had considerably less defined, and clearly erotic features. He understands that Carrie is an Arborist, which basically means she knows her trees; Cathee was still getting her degree in Psychology while also working as a dancer at the local strip club; she claims to have gotten the job on a dare from her sorority sisters but decided to keep at it when she found out how good the pay actually was; Carolina worked as an archeology professor, but was pretty sure it wasn’t at the same university Cathee had attended; Carina said she was an architect, she claimed to have quite a bit of pride in her work and designs; Chloe was waitstaff, and the occasional dealer, at a casino; Carina was a veterinarian, amusingly enough, but she hardly worked on any big animals, usually just house pets and the like, she also expressed a concern for a lack of clean environment should any of them require medical treatment, she was the closest thing they had to a doctor or medical expert.

A few months later, Carter and the lovely lady cougars become aware of more of their kind in the forest, but all seem to avoid the immediate area of the treehouse for some reason.


Idea by hvgtd

Beth is a 23 year old woman who is unemployed living with her parents after graduating college. She constantly have reoccuring dreams of women with big breasts and somehow the mirror in her room breaks. The next day she stumble across the Spells R Us shop. While there, beth stares at the shop owner/witch’s huge breasts and cleavage and persuade’s beth to get the magic mirror there. The magic mirror is a portal to the mirror world its filled with many things like sex, futanari, breast expansion, orgies, exibitionism, etc.

Idea by Ocarinaoftime06

The prequel will focus on Sammy’s mother Clara at her time on the ranch in 1990 when she was a freshman in college and she meets Bessy’s mother. (Clara implied to Bessy that she used to have a sexual relationship her mother and other things) we will also get to see Bessy as a little girl (possibly still getting breastfed by her mom) and how the ranch became to be like how the milk they produce turn humans into humand like cows and other stuff that took place at that time.

Idea by Ocarinaoftime06

“S.A.F.E” stands for “Sexually Aware of Fornication and Experiments.” and “8008” is leet for “BOOB”, in other words TITS. There are 6 Adults that sign up for this experiment who are in thier mid to late 20s (3 men and 3 women) and they enter the safe at an undisclosed location. When they enter, a moniter turns on that shows a woman wearing a skin tight SAFE suit that shows off her huge tits and cleavage to tell the participants that they will be in the SAFE for a full year and they will have to survive until then and bid them farewell telling them to “be safe”. They will be in experimental situations such as being under toxins that turns them on sexually, breast expansion, growth, orgies, hallucinations, lactation, pregnancies, exibitionism, and other unspeakable sexual things while being in the SAFE.

SAFE’s motto; “And always remember, BE SAFE!”

Idea by Ocarinaoftime06

Dana Peters has just turned 21 and she has always had a major crush on Dave Benet her next door neighbor. Problem isn’t that Dave’s a bad guy, far from it. Dave is the nicest guy in town. She has always pursued him but he has never seemed to notice her. All that is going to change when Dana makes her birthday wish on her Hope Chest, a family heirloom.

Dave who is 27, is an out of work writer. He had been working with several outlets at once but things just didn’t seem to go his way. Yes he is great at his job, but for some reason all of them decided to just up and fire him for no good reason that they could think of. They even went the route of not telling him in person, but by voicemail because they didn’t want to talk to him in person since he is a nice guy.

All this has happened on Dana’s birthday, and we find her, with her modest figure, straight brown hair, brown eyes on her 5’3″ frame in front of her hope chest about to make her birthday wish. She stands in front of it and says, “Hope chest, today is my birthday, and you know what I desire. I have desired him all of my life, I know that we will be together, it is destiny. So hope chest, take this wish, and make my desire for him what he seeks in his ideal woman. I know that I have tried to get him to notice me, but he doesn’t seem to see me. So, make him see me.” With her wish uttered, a big bolt of lightning flashes behind her bedroom window.

Dana gets ready to prepare for her day with her usual routine getting cleaned up, putting on makeup, before heading downstairs for breakfast. What she didn’t notice was her eyes have turned hazel green from her brown. She heads out the door and bumps right into Dave who she knocks over. She is no longer 5’3″, but 5’10” close to his 6′. Her body has become a little more curvy and her clothes are almost bursting on her hips. She notices that her outfit is starting to come apart on her hips, so she runs away from Dave in the opposite direction before he can get a good look at her. All he sees when he gets up is a tall curvy woman who is shoe-less heading down the walk.

Dana didn’t know where to go since this happened out her front door. She is quickly trying to process what just happened and is trying to make sense of things when her mind suddenly is at ease and her face gets a devilish smile. Her hair becomes blonde and curly as she gains a few more inches in height, and her shirt burst from her boobs becoming a splendid set of double D’s. She looks at herself in her mirror she retrieved from her purse, and is happy to see her reflection. She feels herself getting wet just thinking about what she is turning into, Dave’s ideal woman.

Dave for his part has no idea who it was that knocked him to the ground, only that it was a tall curvy woman whom he believes he has never met. For some reason, his thoughts are focused on the smell of her, she seemed to have a great perfume(he thinks) but it is driving him crazy, making him fantasize a bit. He tries to focus his mind on getting to the library where he hopes he can try to pull things together and do some of his spare time writing his science fiction stories.

Dana heads back home to see if she can find anything that fits, not realizing that her house is changing around her. She finds an interesting business suit and skirt and puts it on, a pair of glasses appear and her hair changes to red and goes up in a bun. Dana’s life is changing drastically as her checkbook with her modest funds seems to grow into the millions and her name reads Didi Peters now. Her house shifts once more as it moves from next door to Dave, into the mansion district, in fact, the land reshapes to accommodate her wealth it seems. She also seem to grow(her clothes with her) to a big 6’8″. She heads directly to the library that Dave is at, almost like she had “Dave Radar”.

Once she arrives at the library, it seems that everyone else knows to get out. The head librarian seems to usher everyone out like she knows that Didi is here for Dave. She walks to the back area where he is at with his head down writing in his book. With each step she takes, her bust seems to expand. Her whole body is oozing sex and Dave begins to smell the smell he noticed earlier. Didi approaches him and he looks up, there eyes meet. He is completely stunned as he doesn’t know who this walking sexpot is that has her sights set on him.

“I was wondering when you were going to notice me.” she coy-fully say pouting her lips and raising her eyebrows. He is stunned and can only barely muster out of his mouth, “Who are you?”

“Who am I? As if you don’t know silly. You spend all this time thinking about me, but you don’t know who I am. I was your next door neighbor. It’s me, Dana, I mean Didi Peters. I have desired you all my life, and now you feel your desire for me, don’t you? You feel yourself, you desires flowing into me, don’t you? I can feel it, you can smell it, can’t you? What do you say we get this on, right here, right now?” she asked.

He didn’t know what happened next as she completely ripped off his clothes as she picked him up effortlessly. She began by doing the same with her clothes while managing to keep her glasses on ironically. He was stunned to see that his cock was enormously erect, almost like it knew what it needed to be. She attacked him slowly, making him want more as she put his organ in between her lips. He just couldn’t seem to help himself, he felt like he was going to explode but surprisingly, he didn’t. Didi looked at him from her knees and said, “No, no, no, net yet darling. We have a lot to do before getting there.”

This seemed to go on forever as the library was slowly having selves of books, tables, and chairs knocked all over the place. Didi’s glasses disappeared as her red hair became jet black, and suddenly there was two of her. She seemed to shrink a little now being two Didi’s at 6’3″, still taller than Dave, but her boobs were out of control. One of her was being eaten by Dave while the other her was getting her pussy hammered by him. The library stood no chance as the walls started to crack. Finally, all three of them came and the library broke, walls came down, but not directly where they were at.

Dave was completely blown away but what had just transpired and knew not what to say. He looked up at both Didi’s as they shifted into one another and she grew back to 6’8″ and smiled at him. “Honey, you really know how to show a woman a great time. You know what, this is only the beginning. What do you say we go back to my house for some more fun darling?”, she asked.

And this is only the beginning. Who knows what Dana, I mean Didi will change into for Dave? Only time will tell.

Idea by Amazon12

Matt was just a normal guy who loved his girlfriend Megan. Megan loved Matt with all her heart, and had a nice body with Double D breasts. Matt’s childhood neighbor Deena was not quite Matt’s cup of tea. She was only a year younger and always doted after him, always wanting him to notice her. This was extremely hard as Deena was very short, flat as a board, and mousy, all traits that Matt really wasn’t into.

Deena’s parents had always told her, “Whatever you want”, which she got until she noticed Matt. Her parents had offered her anything to try and fill her desires but she wanted Matt, which they couldn’t give. This was the way things were until both Matt, Megan and she wound up working in the same town after college.

Deana had run into Matt and Megan at the local bar after work hours, Matt rolled his eyes but his girlfriend Megan waved Deana over to the table. Deana sat somewhat quietly still the mousy short person she was, but slowly as Megan talked with her, she opened up. Matt remained quiet while the two talked about their professions. Deana was working with a powerful law firm that her dad managed to get her into. Megan was surprised she would choose to work in such a place as she thought her interests were in philosophy, archaeology, and cultural studies. Deana said she got bored, learned everything she wanted to, and just moved on.

The night wrapped up and Megan gave a hug to Deana while Matt just fist bumped her hand. Deana savored this as it was the first contact she actually had with Matt. Megan listened to Matt complain about Deana as they walked away from her while Deana just walked back to her apartment through the park. Deana happen to notice something just showing between the sidewalk, a four leaf clover. She plucked it from the ground and held it tightly in her hand while also seeing a shooting star. In her mind she made a wish, that all of her wants would be so, whatever it was would be.

She rushed home, popped the four leaf clover into her hope chest, changed clothes, and jumped into bed. Her hope chest glowed. Was it the four leaf clover, the shooting star, or the hope chest, or a combination of all these things rolled into one?

When Deena awakens, her world has completely changed. Her bedroom is completely different except for her hope chest. She has become a walking sexpot, way bigger than any human being in the world. She is tall, ultra busty, and way curvy. Somehow she has become ultra wealthy, a virtual goddess that makes everyone turn their heads.

Deena gets dressed, heads downstairs to find out exactly what is going on. She finds out that her wishes have paid off to the extreme. Everything that Megan was, Deena is twice as much. She is over seven feet tall, her breasts look as though a small human could fit in each, her curves and proportions have increased with her size. She does not look freakish in her size, but evenly filled out. Her staff are all women dressed in black suit dresses that look exaggerated as she does, though normal size.

Deena discovers that her staff are not normal people, she has “made them” into what they are. She discovers that Matt and Megan are still in this new world of hers, but the interesting bit is that Megan works at one of Deena’s company as a researcher while Matt has been working for a law firm that Deena uses from time to time.

Before Deena leaves for the business that Megan is working at, one of her staff brings forth this small woman who wants to join Deena’s companies. She is taken aback by this woman named Rebecca Wilson and goes to touch her. Her hand never got in direct contact with Rebecca as the small woman grows in proportion to a six foot woman, the biggest, and bustiest new recruit. Rebecca new body has a new persona with it as she seems to know her new role as Deena’s bodyguard. The pair leave in the over-sized reinforced limo heading out to the research facility.

What has happened to the small woman that was Deena? She is almost like a Goddess that seems to have infinite powers. What of Matt, will he still be the boyfriend of Megan, or will he be seduced by the Goddess? What about Megan, is she working for Deena at a chance to become something for the Goddess or fight against her? Would she even stand a chance or become just another playtoy?

Idea by Amazon12

5 Responses

  1. Always fun to see the tormented turn the tables on their tormentor and everyone that didn’t intervene to save them. But there’s also the chance the MC goes full god complex at some point gets a bit too out of control until something or someone manages to reel them back in to a more grounded level.

    1. Yeah there is that arrogance factor to consider, if the protagonist gets careless with the Master PC allowing those she is getting revenge on to once again turn the tables against her. Because lets face it for her to likely get the most satisfaction she would have to leave her victims aware of what she has done to them. If she isn’t careful on when they have awareness, or the restrictions she puts on them presumably with the Master PC they could gain control over it.

      I know its a bit trope as there have already been a few Master PC stories that end that way, but mostly it seems because this same formula keeps being used.

      A departure would be someone getting the Master PC program and working as a bit of a good fairy with it, granting people wishes anonymously, make it so no one is dealing with acne, or all the girls are busty etc., where then the concept could be a selfish person taking it from them or just a person who starts curious like the girl in Chastity and them fiddling with it once they get it runs off the rails.

      1. See I had a similar idea .My idea which I named “Master PC:War on Bimbos.” The original person is a guy that is the “good fairy”in my idea. Then a female discovers the program through the boy by coincidence. Now I didn’t write this in my idea .But I was planning on using a character that both characters (the boy and girl with the Master PC program) both altered in a positive way to be a strong protagonist force in the story .

        Now in my idea I sent it twice because its riddle with typos .

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