Jeff, down on his luck happens across the magic shop. Upon entering and chatting with the witch/demoness, he leaves shortly after with a pink/purple hued hourglass bottle with the sign for infinity across the stopper, having been convinced it’s just what he wants/needs and is assured it shall never run out no matter how much he drinks from it. When leaving though he is given a word of warning for partaking more than he can handle. As soon he leaves the store he takes the topper off and takes a drink from the container. Face flushing, what feels like a few to many beers in his system causes him to stumble through the mall, putting the stopper back on and pocketing the bottle. As the sensation continues, he feels as his shirt tightening across his chest and back, his pants pulling a bit tighter around his butt and hips. Looking down causes his new longer hair to fall into his face, blocking out the world so all he can focus on are the new breasts he is now sporting. Brushing hair out of his face and twisting to look at his new enlarged rear, he finally notices that people are staring at him.

He tries to get back into Spells R Us but they have a “Closed” for the evening sign up, forcing him to go home for the evening, upset and visibly shaken at the situation. Getting back to his place, he removes his clothes and looks at himself in the mirror wearing nothing but boxers and taking in his new physique. The bottle, poking out of the pocket, glints and catches his/now her eye and she picks it up, the “buzz” in his body seeming to be fading. Reasoning that he can just go back to the mall the next day, she unstops the bottle and takes another sip. Feeling what she now thinks is the ‘magic’ buzz intensifying again, she looks at the mirror and watches her chest and rear expand larger with just a sip. Exploring her new body and LOVING the feelings it brought, she could not understand how women could go through the day without having a full body orgasim every moment. Feeling the “buzz” fading again and not wanting to lose out on her new body, not knowing if she would go back to being a male, she puts the bottle in her mouth and takes a sip every few moments as she pleasures herself, turning it into guzzling and expanding larger and larger, loving the feeling of her breasts and rear forcing her tables and chairs to the edges of her apartment, fading out/zoning out/fainting and dropping the bottle down into a veritable canyon of cleavage.

A ray of light from the window shining in Jeff’s face wakes them the next morning, a first person perspective. Arms outstretched and asking what feels so soft and warm, how could she be feeling the carpet on the bottom of his pecs and rear. Realizing that she hadn’t dreamed anything, it was all still very real, that she hadn’t shrunk down overnight and was now stuck, immobile and pinned by her massive hourglass figure. Feeling a hand brushing against her backside, hearing the Witches’s/Demoness’s voice from behind her, stating how mortals were so easily takin by physical pleasure and so easily corrupted. Walking around the beached woman, purple smoke rising up and blowing away, showing off a doorway with the magic shop on the other side, having been transported to the back room. Watching the Witch walk to the doorway, she looks back into the back ‘room’ and flicks a hand at the beached woman’s cleavage. “Your going to be here awhile, but… worry not… you’ve got plenty to drink.”

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