An 18 year old guy named Kevin is a very attractive male who attends high school. Yet even though he is incredibly good looking, he still can’t manage to get a girlfriend. He has a hard time communicating with the other girls at school and is generally too shy. Kevin’s mom Alex is also incredibly sexy and tall. She is unmarried and has grew up with Kevin as basically the only one in his life ever since she gave birth. Alex is attracted to Kevin, and acts very towards him, wears revealing clothing for him, and is very sensual towards him, always hugging and kissing him. In Kevin’s mind they merely have a very close bond and friendship together. But in Alex’s mind, she dreams about wanting more, she is very attracted to Kevin and tries her best to always subtly flirt emotionally and physically. She comes across some limited stock “Growth Pills” while at the chemist. These pills promise to grow all areas of the body, including tits, ass, hips, pussy, height, etc. Knowing Kevin’s situation with other girls due to their close connection; she can’t help but consider the possibility that these growth pills might just make her deepest desires come true, and form a sexual relationship between her and Kyle.
Alex also gets very jealous whenever she sees Kevin talking to another girl, and would openly belittle the other girls without being obvious and subtly flirt with Kevin. Alex starts taking the growth pills each day, three times a day. Her growth is very fast and very effective, growing her tits, hips, ass larger and larger by the day. She also becomes lustier and hornier, wanting Kevin more and more as she grows bigger and bigger. Alex eventually gets her way as Kevin simply can’t resist how voluptuous and sexy his mom has become.

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