My girlfriend, the goddess

Alan is working late at the lab. He’s been working on his own secret project for the last couple of months, taking advantage of the equipment of his employer.
”This should be it.”, Alan thinks as he pours a transparent liquid into a small flask.
”A synthetic form of estrogen capable of inducing a second puberty. Hopefully.”

Later that evening, Alan is greeted by his girlfriend Josephine at the door. She is a skinny, flat chested girl with no visible curves.
”Sorry I’m late, honey. But I brought food.”
”Don’t worry babe.”, Josephine replies and kisses her boyfriend.
”I’m just glad you’re home.
Before they sit down to eat, Alan secretly pours a drop of the liquid into Josephine’s drink.
”Let’s start with one drop”, he thinks.

Alan goes to bed and watches his girlfriend strip down to her underwear. Her waist is small and no cleavage whatsoever can be detected above her bra.
”I love you so much, babe” Alan thinks. ”I just wish you were a bit thicker.”

Josephine wakes up in the middle of the night.
”I’m starving!”, she thinks.
She sneaks into the kitchen and finishes the leftovers from the night before. She finds a bag of chips that she finishes in just a couple of minutes before washing it down with half a bottle of soda from the fridge.
”Oh my god… What’s the matter with me”, she thinks..
”And I ate so much for dinner.”

The following morning, Alan is making coffee. He pours some liquid into one of the cups.
”Let’s try two drops this time”, he thinks.
He wakes his girlfriend up.
”Hey, babe. They called me in for work today so I have run, but I made you some coffee. I’ll see you tonight, ok?”
Alan gives a cup of coffee to Josephine.

A few minutes later, Josephine is sitting in bed trying to put her bra on. She is struggling to clasp it in the back.
”Why are you so tight?” She asks as she finally manages to put it on.
She grabs her coffee cop from the nightstand and walks to the bedroom mirror.
”Did I gain weight?”, she thinks as she examines her own reflection. Her breasts are a bit bigger than the night before and her butt is perkier. Her underwear is noticeably tight.
She removes the bra and cups her breast with one hand.
”I’m not on my period either. Maybe I’m just bloated from all the food I ate last night.”

Shortly after Josephine gets dressed, her phone rings. It’s her friend, Gemma, who wants to go to the beach. ”That sounds like fun!”, Josephine says.
”Can we just stop by the mall on the way? I think I need a new bikini.”
Gemma arrives in a car outside the apartment and Josephine quickly finishes her coffee before rushing out.

An hour later, Gemma is waiting outside a dressing booth.
”What do you think about this one?”, Josephine asks through the door.
”I think I finally found one that fits.
”Let me see… Wow, look at your body!”, Gemma says.
”What happened to you?”
”I guess I gained some weight…”, Josephine says.
”What size is this?”, Gemma asks as she looks at the label.
”28C?! That’s my size!”
”That’s insane…”, Josephine replies. ”Maybe they got the sizing wrong… Hey, you wanna grab some food? I haven’t eaten today and I’m starving!”

The two girls stop at a drive through for food. Gemma is chocked by the amount of food that Josephine orders.
”Haha, what? I haven’t had breakfast.”, Josephine laughs.

A while later, Josephine is coming up from the water. Her overflowing breasts are barely contained in her new bikini top and her panties are clearly too small for her butt.

”Josephine!”, Gemma gasps as Josephine gets closer to her.
”Your boobs! Your butt!”
Josephine notices her body and panics. ”What the fuck! I want to go home right now!”

The two girls drive back to Josephine’s apartment.
”Maybe you should see a doctor or something.”, Gemma says as she hugs Josephine at the door.
”We’ll talk tomorrow”

Josephine examines her naked body in the bathroom mirror. Her waist is as small as it has ever been, but she now has an hourglass figure. She cups her breasts and squeezes. They are barely contained in her hands.
”What the fuck is happening?”, she thinks.
”Though… I’ve always wanted a fuller figure.”

Alan comes home and is greeted by his girlfriend. Her curves are showing through her tight clothes.
Alan is amazed by his girlfriend’s body and they start kissing.
”Oh my god. I want you inside me, babe”, Josephine says as she grabs Alan in the crotch.
”I’ve never been this horny”, she thinks as she leads her boyfriend into the bedroom.

The next morning, Alan is making coffee again.
”I think it’s working!”, he whispers.
”Let’s do one more drop.”
He pours the liquid into one of the coffee cups in front of him.
”Good morning, babe. Last night was amazing.”, Josephine yawns as she hugs her boyfriend from behind. She is wearing only a baggy t-shirt and a pair of panties. Alan spills a good amount of the liquid into the cup.
”Ah, coffee! Thank you.”, she says as she grabs the cup. Alan stares at his girlfriend as she takes a sip from the cup.
”How about you and I spend the day at home today?, Josephine asks as she starts kissing Alan on the neck.
”Maybe order some food and watch a couple of movies?”, she whispers.
”Sounds good to me”, Alan replies, hiding the flask.

A few hours later, Josephine is raiding the fridge and cupboards.
”I’ve had these craving the last couple of days. I don’t know what’s the matter with me.”, she says as she is stuffing her face with everything that she can get her hands on.
”Don’t worry about it, babe. You should eat if you’re hungry.”, Alan replies.
”I wonder how this is gonna turn out”, he thinks.

A while later, Josephine is lying on her belly in Alan’s lap with her butt in the air. They are watching TV in the couch. Her thighs are bursting out of her panties which are now ripping at the seams.
”Hey, babe…”, Alan says. ”Your… Your butt.”
Josephine panics when she notices her body. She rushes out of the living room.
”Oh my fucking god!”, she shouts from the bathroom.

Josephine is standing topless in front of the bathroom mirror with her hands pressing her breasts together from either side. She crosses her arms and lifts her bust up with her forearms, creating an impressive cleavage.
She turns around and watches her reflection as she lifts her heavy butt cheeks. Her panties are unable to cover the upper part of her butt and her hips are shooting out from her waist.
Josephine touches one of her nipple and gasps at the sensation. She squeezes it between two fingers and falls forward, leaning against the sink with her other hand. Her panties are wet.
Alan enters the bathroom and Josephine grabs his shirt and pulls him towards her.
”I want you to fuck me…”, she demands. Hard. Do you understand?”

Several hours later, Alan is fucking his girlfriend from behind in the bedroom with his hands firmly on her hips. Josephine is screaming and pulling the sheets with her hands.
”I want your cum again, babe! You need to cum inside me!”

To be continued…


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