Moxy, a rebellious girl, is forced to transfer college. Again. Always in trouble, she’s often kept to herself and doesn’t interact with anyone. So when she catches the attention of the popular quarterback, her imaginary best friend Lillith can’t help but notice and tease her for it. Lillith has plagued Moxy since they were kids. At first, things started off innocent enough, but when Lillith discovered she could interact with the environment and cause pranks, it’s been Moxy stuck with the blame. Invisible to everyone other than Moxy, Lillith exists to torment and cause mischief, such as starting fights and making Moxy expand into a bimbo at the worst of times. So, in an effort to redeem herself, she tries to help Moxy and the quarterback become a couple, forcing Moxy out of her comfort zone and changing her into a curvy bombshell against her will. “Lillith! I want him to notice me for my personality, not my tits!” “Just think of these huge mommy milkers as an introduction, that’s all!”


Idea by DeLonge

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  1. The premise starting point could be very dark, as in has Moxy only been punished for what Lillith has done or has her insistence of her existence led her to be in therapy to deal with her issues and viewed as crazy, hence why she has no friends and transferred to out of state where no one knew her when she got the chance.

    I would be interested in this ending with Lilith disappearing once the Moxy is happily married to the quarterback. Moxy thinks she gone, only for her to see her again, in her daughters face, as she realizes she has given birth to Lillith so she can now interact with the whole world.

    Whether this is simply the birth of an imaginary friend, or Lillith was either a lost soul, demon who developed a conscious, a specter of someone unborn that Moxy could somehow see, could be an interesting twist.

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