” This is a story of a genius pervert boy . he make a device than can change size of females and make them bustier while they grow taller . for kidding he test it on his elder sister and she grows from 5’6″ to 7 ft tall ( the boy height is 5 ft ) , but she get angry because her clothes don’t fit to her anymore , she try to catch him , but for escape he see her mom and use device on her and make his mom grow into 14 ft tall and she pick up both of them and don’t let them fighting ^_^ ( like this image : http://minigtslover.deviantart.com/art/Queensville-Mad-Mama-Poster-2-463805707 and scales are like this image : http://minigtslover.deviantart.com/art/Teachers-are-always-the-biggest-490849308 )( the roof of home is 14 ft tall too )
later he goes to school and he use device on his milf teacher and she start to grow in classroom and she start to filling the door way ,but he run and goes to the street , he use this device on all females on the street and make them bigger ,but moms and milfs frow much bigger ( with these scales : http://minigtslover.deviantart.com/art/Teachers-are-always-the-biggest-490849308 )
then he goes to his room and start watching the chaos in city ! his aunt ( sister of her mom ) come to their home and the pervert boy use growth device on her . now he see two hot mini giantess milf in front of himself !
now he goes to his girlfriend home and show the device to her and test it on her and make her 8 ft tall , but meanwhile her mom come to the room and suddenly device fall on the ground and shoot the mom and make her bigger to this size : http://molotav.deviantart.com/art/Queensville-Mad-Mama-Poster-463510480
he ran away from giantess mother of her big girlfriend !!

while he is running his device explode and broadcast a wave that make all females on the earth grow bigger and bustier but with these size for a family :

and the story continues in some chapter while we have a world of busty mini giantess females and in next generations females are with these sizes and they rule the world ! “

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