During the medieval era, Lucilla is forced into prostitution after her husband loses his life on
the battlefield as a soldier of King Gaius. She is arrested when the King prohibited prostitution
under his reign in order to clean his village from sin. All prostitutes are send to a prison far
from the kingdom surrounded by desert. The only way of communication between the jail and
the town, is a carriage that carries provisions every month.
In prison, Lucilla continues practicing her profession to make her stay more pleasant until the
arrival of Odilia, a well-known magician who, in her performances, grows the body parts of her
spectators and who also manages to control them mentally. She was arrested by order of the
King after she was discovered in a sexual encounter with the queen.
A few days after her arrival, Odilia uses her abilities to gain control inside the jail. Lucilla sees
this as an opportunity to put herself in a better position and begins to approach Odilia. When
she finds that the magician’s final plan is to control the prision in order to escape and take
revenge of the King.

Idea by: Guido Barsi.

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