One in a Million

Another typical morning before senior year of high school. Mandy is at the breakfast table, idly scrolling through her phone while her younger brother pours himself a bowl of cereal. He’s as chipper and annoying as ever. “Alright!” he suddenly yells, making Mandy’s eye twitch. “I won!” He’s overjoyed and holds something up in the air.

“What did you win, sweetie?” their mother asks, sipping on her coffee.

“Oh, nothing. Only the grand prize!” By now he’s jumped up from his seat, doing his stupid little dance around the room.

Fed up with his antics, Mandy steals whatever he’s holding, extending it out of his reach.

“Hey!” he shouts. “Give it! Give it!!” Mandy rolls her eyes.

“Ugh. No way,” she says. “Not until you calm down.”

Her brother starts throwing a fit, having a temper tantrum right there in the middle of the kitchen. Great. Fabulous. “Mom!” he shouts. “Tell her to give it back!”

“Give it back, Mandy,” her mother warns. But she’s already leaving, not really caring.

Mandy looks at the prize, or whatever. It’s a small jewel. Kind of pretty actually. “What even is this?” she asks him, frowning.

“It’s my prize!”

“Yeah, I got that.” She couldn’t roll her eyes any harder if she tried. “But what *is* it?”

“It’s a magical crystal from my show, able to transform the owner into their deepest wish.”

Mandy stifles a chuckle. He couldn’t be serious. “Really?” she asks. “How does it work?”

“Give it back and I’ll show you!”

She shook her head. “Uh-uh. Tell me and I’ll give it back.”

Her brother sighed. “Ugh. Fine. You have to say the magic words.”

“Okay. What are they?”

“They’re on the back of the box. Duh!”

Mandy looked at the box. It was gibberish really. She tried sounding them out but it just made her feel stupid.

“Hey!” he shouted. “Stop! Shut up! You’ll ruin it!”

But Mandy just laughed at him… that is until the jewel actually started glowing. She immediately started to feel something strange going on within her like her body was starting to change…

Author: DeLonge


    Master PC: New Queen Bee

    A bullied goth/nerd girl gets the MPC and uses it to become the undisputed queen bitch of school, doing whatever she wants to whoever she wants with none able to stand against her.

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    Bessy’s acre’s sequel Barb’s return

    Barb returns to Bessy’s acre’s looking to join the permanent staff a few years after she left in the month of September after the yearly interns have some and gone. She has returned as she never felt as lovely and happy as when she had been a cowgirl and looks

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    unLIMITED wishes

    Bashful female receives a pendant that communicates with her telepathically Holding pendant and making a wish and it will be so Unlimited wishes but they are LIMITED to her physically and mentally So can only change herself not other people

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    Indelible Wisher

    A girl finds a old cool looking book it is blank except a verse on the inside cover basically saying that anything written in the book will come to be… She will eventually learn after using a while that nothing that she has written can be erased or edited in

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    My Giantess Girlfriend: The Bimbo Amulet

    One day as Ethan, a 5 foot 10 inches tall red head, is getting ready to run some errands his girlfriend Lydia, a 5 foot 6 inches tall brunette with a short haircut, walks up to him. “Hey, sweetie look what I found while up in the attic.” Lydia says

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    How big can she get? (Inflation, blueberry)

    Laura was a young adult tan haired freckle super heroine who had the ability to stretch indefinitely. She had done great feats of courage despite her amateur career. However, her greatest nemesis was the insane Dr. Candy a villainess who did crimes with insane candy gimmicks. From encasing the police

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    Spells R Us Company Bonus

    A unattractive woman working at a super big company as a janitor . She notice the white collar worker have a super stressful work environment .they all even seem to work long nights .There has even been workers who have been hospitalized from exhaustion. They all seemed to be super

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    Morning Show

    A standard morning show couple interviews a good witch. Things go wrong and the staff is growing and shrinking. Breasts, muscles and hips grow in an insane attempt for the hosts to keep the show on the air.

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    Place your Bets (Breasts)

    Some friends are in Los Vegas to have a good time as one of them is will be getting married the next day. Slightly intoxicated they come across an odd off the strip casino named “Bet anything” seeing some odd looking individuals emerge they decide to check it out. The

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    Bessy’s acre prequel

    Not sure if anyone else has put forth an idea on this but here’s my two cents. The tale of how the farm got started, and how the first cow-girls reacted to suddenly finding themselves four breasted milk making machines. During the second world war a team of scientists were

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    Blank Out

    Chelsea Narus has a problem, every time her memory goes blank she wakes up somewhere completely different and starts hearing news about the latest act of the erotic Chill Nethers near the area she woke up. Chelsea has never been able to hold down a job for more than a

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    Asshole aliens

    In the entirety of all living aliens in the cosmos there are aliens who never knew war, some who are so generous that they help anyone who wants or needs help, and then we have the daxos aliens who entire civilization and manners are being horny, messing with others, and

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