Hank Relvenson has just turned 18 and is a fresh graduate from high school, and a company he has never heard of before has just hired him to work for them; they even said they would take care of his moving costs for everything. Hank is given directions, and a very attractive navigator (she’s a Scandinavian Blond with an F-Cup bosom and juicy ass, she also goes by the name “Brina”), to his new residence, found in the town of Erosheim, a place almost nobody beyond his copilot seems to have even heard of.

When he gets to his destination, he finds the whole place is a massive complex that is literally underground and exclusively run by the pornography industry. Devin suddenly realizes he was not only hired by the porn industry for some role the moment he finished high school and was of legal age in the USA but likely a special role in the town itself. Hank has a secret he’s been hiding his entire life; he is incredibly well-endowed when it comes to his cock and balls but also has possessed the natural ability to control the level of his erection’s hardness almost as soon as he hit his teen years; somehow, someone who is in charge of this place found out his secret and recruited him to the ultimate porn set. Hank has always been under the impression he isn’t star-worthy when it comes to looks; in his opinion, he is just a little above average in the looks department. Devin also gets a surprise when he finds out his copilot is not only his neighbor but also someone they expect him to do regular shoots with. He later learns her name is actually Mille but answers to the stage name of “Cataline.” He later gets taught by a well-endowed man and woman with dark skin the rules of the town and what is expected of him; they never gave him any names or aliases they used, just had him call him “Mr. Teacher,” and her “Mrs. Teacher.”

Hank meets quite a few of the town’s members shortly after his orientation classes. He manages to make friends with a few of them much easier than he anticipated. He even meets, and later regularly dates, a well-endowed woman named Jania; she is one of the few people who actually works behind the scenes, as a scriptwriter, and in front of the camera, as a lesser-known figure with the moniker of Milky. Devin finds himself wanting to fuck her the most regularly and eventually proposes to her, after some teasing play, because she likes him too, she says yes; their wedding has a family-friendly “official” version, where their family and friends that want to bring kids can enjoy the whole thing, and they can get married in a means that is legally recognized, and a pornographic “unofficial” version, where the two play a kinky nun and priest that officiate their own marriage for the cameras.

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