At beautiful Hill Cloud Village, the annual Cow Girl Festival is the biggest event of the year. Every season, farmers from around the area bring in their prize cowgirls to compete and show off their skills. There are the standard events such as racing, strength, and size, but more interestingly is milk output, pole dancing, and more! This year is meek little Dakota’s first competition. She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts and is eager to stack up against the competition and be the best cowgirl she can be.

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3 Responses

  1. I wonder if the intent to have these cowgirls similar to those in Bessy comic already up or mix it up with some cow taur style women in the mix as well or something else completely different.

    I hope there is some sort of fertility competition based on family size or something.

    Few other thoughts on contests
    1) eating contest
    2) biggest rack contest (question is whether its horns or breasts)
    3) as cows are herd animals some sort of synchronized or team event

      1. I have three ideas posted, they just got switched to under Marco Malave’s posted name during the Idea’s section switch over to this new format last year.

        Last few comments on this.

        Would it be more interesting to have this set in the same continuity as the Bessy story? That way it could include the transformative milk that could result the fun of a few unexpected last minute participants.

        Should Dakota be participating as part of a farm or as a free agent. One could then making being the winning cowgirl be not only a way for farms to showcase their best but also to find new talent to add to their barns.

        Could be considered part of the prize, along with cash and perhaps being given a night with the winner of the previous months minotaur stud competition. A nice well rounded prize to motivate all sorts of cow girls.

        Should Dakota arrive on her own and make a rival or friend at the event which I personally don’t see as realistic, who in a competition would sincerely make friends with a potential rival. More believable would be she comes with a friend who either supports her and keeps track of her standing for her, or perhaps one coming only for emotional support who only came to help Dakota because they feel these contests are demeaning for the cowgirls. If the later I hope the end result is her having a very different viewpoint in the end. Whether said friend is human or a cowgirl, or is still human at the end I leave up to the creative team.

        My final competition thoughts
        1) bull riding (read it as you will and consider what a win depending on your thinking would mean)
        2) milking speed
        3) swimsuit
        4) milk taste

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