A drunken bachelorette party in Galway, Ireland. A small group of friends are heading from pub to pub, getting more wasted with every stop. They find plenty of possible cute boys to hook up with, sure, but none of them are really the *right* ones yet. If this is the last night of freedom for their friend before she’s getting married, they had better make damn sure the last secret boyfriend is a great one.

Tripping over themselves down a cobbled street, imagine their surprise as a bright light surrounds them, making them feel fuzzy inside. Magically lifted into the air, the group of friends find themselves being abducted by an alien spacecraft. They’re understandably alarmed at first, trying to fight back, but once they see the buffet of gigantic alien cocks before them, they quickly give in, allowing themselves to be “probed.” But all strange lust comes at a price, and the girls find themselves changing with each round of lovemaking.


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