Terrance Gaian (commonly known by the nickname Terri) is a Geomancer; he’s a strong-willed individual, and more than a bit stubborn when it comes to things he considers important. While Geomancers are best known for their ability to manipulate earth and stone, that isn’t their only ability, just the most well-known one. Geomancers also possess the ability to commune with spirits, and the dead, and Terri is much more comfortable taking part in this aspect of his role as a Geomancer. For the most part, Terri has been dealing with low-level challenges, many of which are immensely below his abilities to handle, because he can never find a group to work with for more than a few hours, but that all changes one day when a new dungeon emerges near his place of residence. As per usual, parties and scouts head on into the dungeon to assess its threat level and liberate any treasures that might exist within, but things take a turn for the unusual when all the parties and scouts come back looking drained and distraught. It gets around quickly that the dungeon is filled with nothing but extremely attractive female monsters of almost every kind, and even the “weakest” among the monster girls are difficult to deal with, not to mention the way they mess with the sexual inhibitions when they win and practically drain you of your energy by literally fucking it out of you. Eventually, the only one even entertaining the thought of going into the dungeon is Terri, but he’s been preparing for the dive almost as soon as the dungeon appeared; he knew it was a mistake to go in blind and waited for the reports to come in over the next few months.

Terri had always been an oddball, Geomancer was almost as thoroughly disliked that very few people take that course but Terri had always thought being Geomancer would be a great way to help people. Eventually, the guild makes it mandatory for Terri to dive this dungeon if he ever wants to get any more missions or quests from them, so he dives into the dungeon solo. Almost as soon as he enters the dungeon he’s jumped by a busty Kobold woman (the canine variant like you see in Japanese manga and anime) who is just happy to see someoneone new in the area. Here’s the thing, Terri isn’t fully human, he’s actually a half-elf, he’s perfectly okay with having a new partner to work with that isn’t quite human. The kobold introduces herself as Rawli, she’s a priestess in a very skimpy outfit with a light mace and light crossbow, she worships a Nature deity. Terri doesn’t mind knock boots with Rawlia when they stop for an extended rest, as long as it’s every once in a while, they later meet a beefy orc woman with huge breasts and her only article of clothing is a wolf hide loincloth and has a massive two-handed ax that she keeps strapped to her back with a red silk rope. The first thing the orc woman does is introduce herself as Heltharia, then proclaim her intention to fight him, if he loses then she leaves him for dead but if he wins they fuck and she joins his party. This sort of trend continues on with almost every monster girl he meets.

Terri is can see how, and why, the ones who were in here before him came back looking like shit or drained, they probably had these sorts of encounters the entire way through. This dungeon was occupied by horny monster girls, and there was very good chance there was at least one horny dragon lady situated in a boss room somewhere. Terri figures he can last maybe a couple of weeks before he has to leave the dungeon, he’s in for a wild time during that period. But there’s one big question he needs to be answered, and chances are it won’t be answered before he gets to the dungeon’s core room at the lowest level of the dungeon, why are all the monsters female and so hung up on fucking anything with a dick? It will take a few dives, which he’s fine with, to solve the question.

After lasting almost two weeks in the dungeon, Terri emerges with his party of monster girls and they don’t seem nearly as morning outside the dungeon. He has them wait at his house while he makes his report to the guild then after resupplying they all head back into the dungeon to unlock its mysteries, even if that does mean the monster women he met n the dungeon will get horny and kinky again while they are in the dungeon. So, now Terri and his new party are delving ever further into the dungeon, and he actually seems to be getting more energy for sexual activities as he heads further into the dungeon.

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