Sabrina Tanaka 5ft had almost everything a 21 year old girl could want money, a house to herself, great beauty, and a boyfriend. Despite this her family suffered from insomnia as long as she could remember, with lack of sleep driving her near mad sometimes she decided to try medication to help her sleep. For first time in forever she slept peacefully and woke up the next morning feeling refreshed, but felt her pajamas a little tight. Not caring too much and went through her day normal, but was surprisingly more hungry then usual. Eating more than she usual eats Sabrina decided to work on a diet plan tomorrow. The next morning Sabrina was practically starving, as she got up her pajamas ripped feeling they shrunk. Wasting no time and threw them away and ate breakfast practically naked. After breakfast she felt her body ache a bit and her breasts tingle for a moment, but continued for the rest of her day. Until next morning she finally saw herself in the mirror and was 6ft tall looking like a giant in her clothes with no idea comes to mind Sabrina tries to hide it.

Days had passed and Sabrina continues to grow. Sleeping in her enormous living room afraid of being called a freak who was now 22ft tall with an ass the size of a couch and breasts bigger than two overinflated beach balls. Now afraid due to her boyfriend coming and seeing her like this she eventually worried herself to sleep and grew once more.

Early in the next morning Sabrina’s boyfriend came home and found a 30ft tall Sabrina. As he tried to wake her up she pushed him aside like a fly and grew a little more. Now tossing and turning with her ass facing him, he then Tried to climb over her legs to get to her face. However, Sabrina had not known she also had sexsomnia who she then grabbed her boyfriend like a dildo and started thrusting him inside her womanhood. And right on cue Sabrina grew as well as moan in her sleep eventually breaking out of her mansion and woke up when her face made contact with her pool. Shocked and embarrassed treating her man like a plaything they eventually called the doctors and family. Discovering it wasn’t the pills but her own genetics that caused her sudden growth spurt. After talking with family and they’re insomnia condition, she soon discovers she’ll eventually stop growing after she reaches her maximum size and no longer need the pills and her insomnia will be cured, but will never go back to her normal size. With nothing to do but grow she then got ready for a good night sleep along with a shipment of food at hand she placed her boyfriend on her mountainous tits and slowly fell asleep. Not knowing how big she will grow when she wakes up, but doesn’t care as long as her boyfriend and family accepts her.

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