John a incrediblely talented Aerospace engineer, goofy white guy who is always lacked the finer talents of socializing with pretty girls. He has had girlfriends in the past, but has never been able to land the girl of his dreams.
Vanessa – Girl of Johns dreams, Tall, Brunett, athletic build of a fitness model and perfectly proportioned body. Former cheerleader and currently a fitness instructor at Johns gym. Looks like all your atypical instagram models.
Stacy – a raven haired latina beauty, former goth, somewhat demure, short and skinny. Works with John as a quantum physicist studying dimensional energy through Einstein Rosen bridge at his Aerospace job. John always liked her and found her attractive, but never had his eye on her because he liked Vanessa. Stacy has a crush on John but can never get him to ask her out.

Synopsis: John coming straight from his workout at the local gym, where his crush / girl of his dreams works to his job at Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC). John sore from his workout and distracted went into the FTL research department where Stacy works at. Stacy was excited to show John that she was able to establish a stable wormhole to another dimension, her hopes was to be able to syphon off energy to power the experimental FTL John was working on.
During a test of one of colider chambers , Stacy was calibrating the Einstein Rosen bridge is a specific frequency 666.6 zettahertz, which she previously able to establish a stable bridge. During her test startup routines, she forgot to engage the safety because she was thinking of what John would say, when he saw the successful startup. As she began running the test she heard the alarm and the coutdown to gate on the bridge opening. She desperately tried stopping the countdown but she dropped her key card down the grate and her sleeve got stuck trying to retreive it. John seeing this from a distance ran towards the alarms as the counter hit 10 seconds remaining as he entered the bridge chamber, he fumbled the keycard out of his lab coat and shoved it into the safety override slot, he brain was racing as the timer hit zero and the gateway to the alternate dimension began to open, the smell of sulfur, burnt flesh, and smoke filled John’s nose as he searched his memory for the pin code… shit what was is 8237?…. no… hurry Stacy screamed, “I don’t want to die!” John heard this sultury voice coming from the gateway that seemed to echo loudly in his head, thank you lover for my freedom, now I am yours… I got it he said 1337, that’s it! John recovering from his fumble moments ago pushes the forgotten code into the panel. The door stops opening and suddenly slams shut and powers down simultaneously. “whew” he said “that close!” He looked over at his coworker and friend, for confirmation. “Are you ok?!” He asked. “Yes, my lover I am now” the sultury voice said.
He looked into her eyes with perfectly black spheres looking back at him. They seem to pierce his soul. He reached out to her and asked offered her a hand getting her sleeve freed from the grate and retreived her badge. “My hero!” Stacy said.
As we he helped Stacy out of the collider bridge chamber, he felt a his body become warm and his heart beat faster and faster. When he looked at her all he could think of is how beautiful she was. He noticed that her significantly bigger, her lips fuller, and hair seemed fuller with more body.
“We should get out of here” she said, all this excitement

TLDR – Nerdy guy accidentally summons a succubus demon and which possesses his female coworker who has a crush on him. He falls in love with her immediately after the accident and marries her that weekend in Vegas. On his wedding night he relizes she is sometthing more than what he was expecting. Her tits grow massive, her ass enhances, her tongue grows, and her body becomes amazonia like. Her love making skills are second to none, she even grows John’s dick to massive proportions and takes the whole thing like it was made just for her. She then summons John’s crush Vanessa, and grows a massive cock so she could fuck Vanessa with John in a threesome. Vanessa becomes one of her thrawls for Stacy and Johns pleasure as she begins looking through John’s social media at his past girlfriends.

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