Oliva’s new husband was in hot water as far as she was concerned. While the college professor teaching evolutionary theory was on the whole a great guy he had one flaw, he was obsessed over cryptives, or otherwise believed to be mythical creatures. He believed they were potential proof of yet undiscovered evolutionary paths that avoided man due to hostile relations with humanity dating back perhaps as far as the extinction of the Neanderthals.

His latest lead on such had led him to without her knowledge make their honeymoon destination a campground where people had been going missing and strange creatures were said to have been seen in the woods. She had gone along with it because he had insisted on making all of the honeymoon plans to surprise her. Well she was surprised but not happy.

While she was an avid nature lover she still preferred to have internet access and a hotel to return to after appreciating it. This isolated campground in the Rocky Mountains offered neither. Other than a toilet and the office they checked in at there was only a single other structure a sort of game room for those staying. Looking it over it offered very little in entertainment, a air hockey table with a sign saying broken. Three very old arcade machines, a skee ball game, and some checker or chess tables. A few half empty vending machines also lined one wall. It looked like they dated back to the 1940’s and hadn’t been restocked since offering a number of outdated products.

One seemed interesting, the brand name at the top was half faded but seemed to read “Spells _ Us” it still seemed to have a decent amount of product in it, though the brands were a little strange.

Soon they and a few other campers find themselves transformed by the vending machines products.

The disappearances they learn were those transformed before them hiding in the woods waiting for the machines goods to offer one of the products known to revert the changed back to normal. They have over the years documented what items do what to the user but even now the machine still keeps producing new unknown items. The machine restocks at midnight every Sunday but the new products are always random. They can’t move the machine or it stops working the same for putting a fake out of order sign on it, preventing them from either having easier access or preventing new victims.


Boyfriend likes to do videos of him exploring abandoned buildings, dragged her off to an old abandoned mining town where they are filming in an abandoned mall, find a collection of old and odd vending machines. A few mutual friends accompanied them, hoping to find something to strip from the town for cash.

Finding the odd machines still have power they purchase a few items from them for laughs. When the effects kick in however they stop laughing, they find one of the item they purchased can revert the changes but the problem is there was only enough for one and the item isn’t in the machine any longer. They decide to search the town in hopes of finding a vending machine that does as they recall seeing a few more in their exploration with the same logo on it.

At each they purchase items they haven’t tried before in hopes it may reverse their changes only to become more changed. Will they find a vending machine that has what they need to reverse the changes? Will they become to transformed to move? Will they become so changed they forget they were human? Or will they run out of their limited supply of change for the machines leaving them stuck?

Product ideas:

BE/expansion-cola- increases breast size

airhead-bubble gum- intelligence lost is connected to size and number of bubbles blown and popped

changing chips- each chip has a random transformation on the body when eaten

Surprise button- a button on the machine that causes a random item to be vended out, perhaps not even show as available at half price of any other item on offer

Mars bar – transform into male

Venus bar – transform into woman

Preg-pop – makes the drinker or actually pregnant, amount based on how much is consumed

Merging / mutating marshmallows : once eaten person merges with next thing they touch or get a random mutation.

Pea-nuts – increase the size of a mans nuts, or if a woman eats them she grows a pair

Personality Pop rocks – changes the personality with each bite and pop, potential personalities: peppy, goth, housewife, grunge

Mental mentos – makes the person think any changes that occurred are normal

Animal crackers- transform entirely or partially into animal of cracker depending on amount eaten

Giant granola bar – increase an individuals height or size

Natural nature bar – returns person to normal or turns them into a tree i.e. piece of nature

Transformative twisters – causes random changes or causes further changes to transformations already experienced (i.e. breasts get bigger or multiply, giant becomes wider as well as taller, etc.)

Nerds – the more of the candy is eaten the more intelligent but also nerdy the person becomes

Toy wedding ring – will treat whomever gave it to them as their spouse

Lactating lollipop – causes instant lactation in the persons breasts

Cat girl candy – grow cat ears, tail, pawed feet and hands, multiple breasts and whiskers, consuming multiple ones will make the subject more cat than human. If a male eats it they will also become female.

Changing ChapStick – fuller lips or random transformation

Huge hot chocolate – gain massive weight

Honey honey Bars – transform into housewife in both appearance, i.e gender change, and attitude, in this case a sweet tempered submissive to husband wife, husband will be first male seen after consumption

Wife wafers – has two colors pink and blue, meant to be broken in half, the pink is for the woman and the blue for the man, whoever eats the pink becomes submissive to whomever eats the blue and acts as a wife to them.

Medusa malt balls – exchange legs for a snake lower body, snakes for hair, perhaps gain gaze to turn others to stone requiring subject to be blindfolded for others safety

Cleansing clear stream water – reverts other changes

Lustful licorice – induces instant nymphomania level lust

Centaur chips – eater becomes a centaur

Futa fruit gummi – person becomes a hermaphrodite, but with the base female body with breasts, wide hips and a cock

satyr sucker – turn into a lustful satyr

gummi worms – become a person made of jelly or slime

fruit cup – mix of pears, cherries and grapes – gives women larger breasts and wider hips and men larger balls

Reverting raisins / ration bar – reverse all physical and mental changes.

Mammary milk duds : every milk dud adds one cup size and causes lactation

The following items were thought up with the camp scenario in mind when thinking of what a vending machine at a camp might have which people would presumably need or run short of:

Simple shampoo – wash away dirt and those heavy thoughts from your head

Conditioning conditioner – becomes susceptible to whomever they see first after using

Slimming soap- washes away unwanted pounds

Transforming trail mix – random transformation

Passion panties – induces instant nymphomania level lust

Insta preg test- always comes out positive, and makes it so that result is true

Note: I invite anyone to comment with additional ideas for vending machine products

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