In a crossover, event fans return to Chastity once again. Gwen returns home after spending some time in Europe only to see that the busty residents of Chastity have started changing in ways other than their breast. Girls with butts as big as their boobs, amazons that can lift cars like they were softballs, model-thin girls turned into sumos, and many other strange changes. Gwen, along with Rayya and Mei, figured out that the cause of these phenomenons is from a mysterious antique shop called Spells R Us, owned not by a demonic vixen but a devilishly handsome man. Can Gwen put a stop to the shopkeeper’s plans or is Chastity doomed to fall into chaos?

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  1. It might be interesting to put forth some form of relation between the Spell’s R Us store operator and the old Witch. Perhaps they were friends and are looking for Gwen for revenge. Perhaps they were enemies with the old witch who kept them away.

    Perhaps the area is just on some magical leyline where now that the old witch is gone the Spell r Us store has decided to claim the spot and settle down in the area permanently due to it being prime magical real-estate.

    With how busty the local women are as well I personally feel at least some reference to a Spells R us affect involving lactation needs to be involved in all this, it just seems to much of a temptation not to indulge in. I can see it now Chastity brand ice cream made from local milk.

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