A unattractive woman working at a super big company as a janitor . She notice the white collar worker have a super stressful work environment .they all even seem to work long nights .There has even been workers who have been hospitalized from exhaustion. They all seemed to be super intense . She has often witnessed some of them get into yelling tantrums , physical assault, and even fist fights .She has even witnessed the boldest cases of sexual harassment . But in all these cases not one person files charges or go to the police . They just come to work the best day as if nothing happened . So no one know about the stressful work condition .

One day the woman comes to work to see everyone running around frantically . A position easy open due to a worker dying of a heart attack in sexual intercourse with a woman . They woman is promoted to a white collar job that day. They put her to work immediately . She is quickly trained and thrown into the fire . She is very timid with workers screaming all day at her . She feels like she is doing a horrible job and is going to get fired . One week later accompany meeting is called .They meeting was a nice meeting no one yelled or acted up . But she noticed somethings before now she had notice almost all the men at the company seemed to have bulges in their pants but she didn’t think any thing of it . It might of been a coincidence but it seemed the higher the position a person held the bigger the budge was in there pants . The Ceo was present in the this meeting . He was sweating but his beautiful assistant who looked like a porn star would wiped him off . As soon as the CEO walked in the woman was sure everyone in the room could see he had a giant erection which was budging out of his unzipped pants . The woman was hypnotized by the CEO’s huge Johnson . She begin wondering what type of underwear he had that could over up his huge erection . She smiled as she thought he must have on high waisted underwear . As the meeting progressed she noticed the CEO’s Johnson seemed to move even when he was perfectly still . It seemed as if she could see it shaking and throbbing. The woman notice all the female working were staring even harder at him than she was . They all seemed to have very dirty looks in their eyes . She hadn’t noticed before but all the other female worker very attractive . It seem for this meeting they all were trying to get naked . All the girl had their shirts unbuttoned . One girl was clearly masturbating , one girl took her shirt off wearing just a bra for a top , another girl was sitting in just her bra and panties. But no one acted as anything weird was happening. They woman masturbating begin to moan and come on her self multiple times abruptly but no one acknowledged it . In the middle of meeting the CEO acknowledge the woman as a new member of the team an old told her she was doing a great job and he handed her a envelope . He begin to talk with the woman but the CEO’s Assistant walked up a gentle messaged his huge overly erect Johnson .Which caused him to hunch over and make a strong face . He begin sweating profusely and his assistant whisper in his ear it was time to go . The CEO begins walking away with his assistant but he stops an yells back to the woman nice meeting you and keep up the good work . But the his assistant quickly and gentle messages his Johnson again this time a little bit longer . The CEO hunches over and almost collapse . But his assistant roughly stands him straight back up .

The woman open the envelope to find her first pay check stub and her bonus written on an oddly colored paper . The money was directly deposited into her account . Over night she grew more attractive . She woke up feeling more confident . She went to work her coworker congratulated her but several of her male co worker slap her on the butt when the did .She talked to other workers about sexual harassment but they told her she was over reacting . That same day she saw two of her coworkers openly having sex in the Break room . That week things got intense again a male coworker intensely screened in her face spitting on her . She learned at this company you could receive bonuses at time for working hard and that why everyone was working so hard .

After three months of working at the company she received three more bonus . By the third bonus she had to buy and entire new wardrobe. She went to work feeling proud of her self looking like a million bucks . But one of make coworker slapped her one the butt again but the last straw was when one of her lesbian coworker walked up and kisses her in the mouth . She transfer into a different building . In this building she had a attractive female boss who was very mean. But the woman was equally as attractive . Her boss didn’t like this . Her boss would tell and scream in her face with spit flying out her month . One day the woman made a small miss stake but her boss yelled at her and slapped her so hard she fell to the ground .She complain to her HR department about the slap but the only thing they did was tell her boss . Her boss immediately throws a tantrum. Her boss grabs her by the collar roughly and expresses how she feel about the assault yelling louder than ever . The woman boss proceeds to slapper her and back hand her immediately after. As soon as the woman regain her composure she thinks about swinging on her boss but as soon as the thought enter her mind her boss slaps her again . The woman begin to cry . Her boss begin to make degrading statements about her while getting into her face . Her boss then rips her shirt open causing all her button to hit the ground .The woman is embarrassed. But her boss even rips her skirt off .Her coworker begin to take pictures immediately . The woman try to run but her boss trips her and she fall to the floor .The woman feels a cool breeze which she quickly realized it was her boss quickly removing her panties .As she gets up and trys to run her boss unhooks her bra. But the woman holds her bra to her breast as she runs off .The woman try to run to the elevator but her boss catches her .They get into a tug a war with her bra but she loses .The woman is completely naked with all her coworker taking videos and pictures of her .The woman beg for her clothes back . They tell her the would give them back if she does some jumping jacks . Which she does . They also get her to run in place .Her boss threaten the woman if she says anything bad about her she will put out the videos everyone has of her . She also forbid anyone from giving her clothes back .The woman ran out of the build naked .The woman runs down the street naked while her boss follows in a car recording her . She try to look for something to cover up with but just keep running as she see people stop point and stare . A man rear ends another vehicle while staring at her while she runs. But the woman is arrested for indecent exposure. She doesn’t tell the cops anything and spends the night in jail . The next day she goes back to work and is yelled at for being late . Her boss would give her ultimatums of doing sexual favors to her superiors to get a raise. She refused all of them . The woman learns at this building only the males would get raises and the prettier lesbian . She also learned her boss hadn’t won a bonus in some time .
Another more attractive woman in the office who worked under her had actually won more bonuses than her . But this woman stop working late not at the office . The more attractive woman was actually the first person to leave every day . She actually had been working at a strip club late at night . Not for the money but just for the attention .The main character befriend this woman. The main character consider striping for a second but valued the little dignity she still had .
The main character spent nine months under her boss getting sexually harassed and verbally abused . But one day she was call by the CEO . He had talk to HR about her case . He offered her a week off from her job , relocation , a nice bonus , and a week’s stay at a nice hotel . The bonus was definitely hush money but he also stated that he viewed her work and felt she deserves bonuses before now . He informed her to talk a quick survey after he gets off the phone . The survey cleverly asked her many questions about what’s men and men desired .The survey indirectly asked her what she desired and wanted to change about herself .Some of the questions were about pregnancy as well .Some questions seemed very personal too. The survey was twenty minutes long.

When the main character got to her home she found a letter in the mail . When she open it , it was the oddly designed pay stub revealing she had gotten a million dollar bonus . That entire week she was on payed leave her body started to changed accordance to her answers she gave on her survey (now the size of the bonus is some what proportional to the changes in the person’s body.). She take advantage of the free stay at the select hotel . While she was there she was provide with clothes free of cost . So she didn’t immediately realize she was growing . All of the clothes she order was mysteriously fit her perfectly without her reveal her measurements . She spent a good amount of time just trying on free new clothes . She was constantly being distracted and fully enjoying her time at the hotel . She relocated back to her old build .

After that week pass she grew giant breast , huge sensitive nipple, started hyper lactating, grew in height , developed perfect skin ,developed a large clitoris erection, developed a small perfectly round butt ,developed a healthier pussy ,while her body stayed feminine and slim. Just before she woke up on her first days of work ;it was as if someone flipped a switch , and her body became extremely horny . She almost masturbated before she went to work but she didn’t have time for it . Her pussy was throbbing and drooling like a dog on a hot summer day .She had grew a little bit over that night so her clothes fitted a little tight . She actually couldn’t fit her old clothes at all. She forgot she had grew a bit but realize it was actually a great deal of growth . She actually only could fit the free clothes she could got delivered for free at the hotel .but she didn’t get business attire clothes while she was there . So she wore a shirt she couldn’t button up revealing her giant bust budging out her bra a bit . Her first day she saw her old staff with a few new people . Nothing had changed they congratulated her and smacked her on the butt . But her body had change and she was so horny each time she got smacked in the butt her knees got weaker (she covered her mouth) . She remembers her old building was extremely intense and sexual . Once the staff saw she was responding to being slapped on the butt . More people slapped her on the butt . The last person that slapped her a bit hard which cause her knees to buckle which cause her to stumble in to a male coworker’s arms . As her body hit his body her breast orgasmed alarmingly but her legs seem to not work . She made absurd embarrassing facial expressions. As her legs failed her ; her male co worker intentionally hug her body tightly to his . His hug was so tight her breast was fast twitching, throbbing ,trying but unable to squirt milk out from the tight clinch . As she try to get her balance back he grabs and gropes her butt tightly . She orgasmed and made another strong embarrassing facial expressions as he grope her . As he tightly held her butt she orgasmed multiple times causing her hips to indiscreetly and awkwardly thrust in the air as the man held her upper body . She actually gave out several carnal moans as she orgasmed . The coworker get her body erect and up against his . She begin sweating more and heavy breathing while in the man’s arms . While all this is happening the coworkers stare and applauded the male co-worker for stopping the main character from falling and getting a little feel .They main character is escorted to her desk by the male co-worker that caught her. At her desk she regain her composer and starts working.

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2 Responses

  1. Sorry for all the typos .The last line was supposed to say “While all this is happening the coworkers stare and watched .But then they started applauding the the male coworker for a good catch and copping a feel on the sexiest girl in the office .” I had plan on writing more but I hit the post button by an accident .
    I might post a part two .

  2. Its a very detailed write up compared to what we typically see, a great deal of effort has clearly been put into it.

    That said I have a few comments.

    1) Not really seeing the Spells R US tie in that the title seems to suggest. Where is the shop with the demoness or the old wizard coming in on this?

    2) Can one assume this is a case where the male staff are using the bonuses and the survey to find or create their preferred sexual partners. Is the end game for the female staff to marry their bosses staying in their jobs to satisfy their boss / husbands sexual needs at least until they go on maternity leave where they understand if another of his wives goes back to filling the position in a sort of rotation with the occasional new girl added.

    3) Is this something where the CEO or someone else in the company is aware of what’s happening and manipulating things or is this the result of say the employee who died leaving some Spells R us magic running affecting the whole company.

    4) while death by snu-snu is all well and good I can’t help but prefer the concept that the company has a high turn over of late of female staff due to maternity leave and the main character is promoted because she’s female and already in the building and can help relieve the stress of the male employees.

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