What if the story of Spells are Us Dream Girl went in a different direction, with the girls either realizing how shallow the guys they intended to give the potion to really are and intentionally or accidentally giving the potion to some of the guys in the school’s Role Playing club. And in the process finding out that the geeks are more than willing to accept them for who they are, not just because they fit some mold for an idealized individual. Just how would the story play out then?

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  1. Role playing nerds, well that could end better for them, at least potentially in the brains department. Though rather then have the girls come to this realization it may be more interesting if the jerk they mean to have it makes fun of them for offering them anything and then pours it over a male nerds head who inadvertently gets some in their mouths.

    For the geeks to accept them in this scenario would imply that unlike in the original tale they retain some knowledge of the girls original forms, which in the original only the girls retained. Unless the acceptance comes slightly before the changes kick in.

    This does open the door to one or both of them becoming a non-human species, which could make the transformation rather intense or leave them immobile for a time mid-transformation if they become a species like a female minotaur, satyr, centaur or having to deal with the size difference in having become a fairy or a Loxodon (humanoid elephant race). This could also leave them trying to hide till they realize no one seems to notice the changes treating them as if they had always been that way.

    In this scenario as well it might be interesting if the girl still mid transformation learns that the nerd in question has a character sheet detailing their dream girl, and they try to get it to get an idea of what they are turning into. That would give the female character a goal while in midst transformation beyond perhaps just trying to not be seen as they change before they realize reality is being re-written where no one takes notice of their odd changes. Though if we are going none human should the scale of effect on the world be greater? Should the world start to shift from modern world to fantasy world where the girls parents are also changing species as well? Where magic devices start to replace modern tech etc. Where we end up with a world similar to say that in the movie “onward”

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