How exactly does Mr. Scoops from the ice cream shop know about the Spells R Us store? This short spinoff takes a trip to the 60s, where music festivals and tie-dye are commonplace. Mr. Scoops (DOCTOR Scoops) meets a girl at a show, falls in love, and takes a weird trip when they discover a van run by a familiar bearded shopkeeper. Public BE, love-ins, and fun side effects are the themes explored in this one!


Idea by: xCuervos

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  1. A very open concept, nothing wrong with that it leaves alot of potential.

    Given how the cherry Spells r Us story where he was introduced went and the fact he’s running an ice scream shop, puts in mind if this is meant to be BE and set in the 60’s that perhaps his involvement with Spells R Us resulted in a whole hippie commune’s women folk also ended up as milk makers, after all the source of his ice cream is never really covered. Perhaps this could even be tied in to the Bessy’s aches story, where Scoops is a partner in that, or just that the more extreme cases of BE also resulted in some bovine transformation. After all many hippies wanted to commune with nature so animal or even plant transformation being part of the BE wouldn’t be out of character.

    The question really is the methodology, if you want to get a group then perhaps a form of incense being sold to them would be the best mechanism. Or perhaps they are sold a bead necklace, where each transformation causes a bead to either disappear or lose its color, showing a limited number of transformations and the possibility of having enough juice left to reverse things slowly ticking away. The only other typical hippie item I can think that could be used a medium would be a crystal, where the longer it is worn or kept the more pronounced the effect, perhaps light shining through it results in a mass transformation of those who are hit by its rays, or it has a prism effect where it shots out different colors of light that have different transformation effects. A lack of panic at first in any of these scenario’s could be linked to them thinking its a drug induced hallucination at least till they come down from the high.

    This could explain if the Spells R US shop isn’t moving why he set up nearby, to if not warn off then to follow and offer support to those unfortunate souls who come out the worse from the transactions but whom the shop keeper doesn’t feel the desire to keep for herself.

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