Beth is a 23 year old woman who is unemployed living with her parents after graduating college. She constantly have reoccuring dreams of women with big breasts and somehow the mirror in her room breaks. The next day she stumble across the Spells R Us shop. While there, beth stares at the shop owner/witch’s huge breasts and cleavage and persuade’s beth to get the magic mirror there. The magic mirror is a portal to the mirror world its filled with many things like sex, futanari, breast expansion, orgies, exibitionism, etc.

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  1. A very Alice through the looking glass idea.

    Would it be more interesting in that the mirror leads to different places and therefore fetishes based on where or when the protagonist passes through it? on the same line of thought it could each world just be as a mirror is used a reflection of her own just with changes to the world related to the listed fetishes and perhaps her own body to match.

    Either that or just the cast of characters are people she knows filling roles there, maybe her friends are cast as the March Hare and mad Hatter, and her mother is the Queen of Hearts with her father as the king etc.

    Also what would a better end game for this be? The person trapped either by pleasure or something else in one of the worlds they visit leaving people wondering what happened to them and results in her parents stumbling into the mirror while looking through her room? a reveal that when she entered a world the local version of herself replaced her in where ever she was leaving, and she is unable to get back home as the version of her their likes it can refuses to leave.

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