Erin Davis is a 21 year old woman who always wanted to be fit and workout just like her father. While walking through the mall to buy fitness equipment, she stumbles upon the spells R us shop. When she starts looking around, seeing the antiques in there, the misterious female shopkeeper accidentally jump scares Erin from behind. Quickly noticing that Erin was staring at the shopkeeper’s large breasts and cleavage, she knows that Erin wants to be fit so she gives her two magical dumbbells thats shaped like breasts and they weigh as much as the imagination of the person who wields them. Amazed by this, Erin goes back home and starts working out with her new weights. After working out, she falls unconscious and enters a deep sleep, entering her dream that is now she is standing in front of a female gym called “MILF’S GYM” guarded by two muscular women with large breasts and tells Erin that in order to get a gym membership with them, she must workout, while also doing sexual favors with the current members.

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One Response

  1. This seems like two ideas that have been mashed together, rather then a singular story.

    I mean the start premise with the dumb-bells and Spells R Us is good, but I think the bit with the gym could very easily be a separate story. I mean you already have the medium of the dumbbells to affect the change so what is the clear point of also brining in the dream gym aspect?

    Dumbbell aspect
    -this is good, one has to wonder what exchange and effect these could have beyond the proposed dream. the obvious answer of course comes right from the name, the more Erin uses them the more fit and stacked she becomes but at the cost of her intelligence. Leaving her as just a Dumb Belle, a beautiful attractive woman with no brains. Given this it may be best to start her off as an A student to give her more to transfer to her looks and physique. Or opposite give her average intelligence so her gains have a limit and someone else with more brains get the dumbbells and greater gains. Thus prompting her to go back to the store looking for more exercise equipment that may trade some other aspect like her modesty for more gains. Perhaps even her father ends up using them at some point if they have a home gym where she leaves them at some point, would it make it so she then has two mothers, one fit muscular one and her more feminine one or would it just make her father more muscular and dumb.
    -if the writer feels the need for girl on girl action implied by the gym, it could also be the more one works out with the dumbbells the more alluring the individual becomes to either sex, and they have the effect of making the user bi-sexual. Perhaps by making the user a hermaphrodite.

    Gym aspect
    The gym concept is also good but as I said either aspect of this story could run without the other half. This scenario may be one where Erin has been laughed out due to her thin frame of or can’t afford other prestigious gym’s membership fees that are in her town, or maybe they are all full as she lives in some town where fitness is common and everyone else sports six pack abs and she doesn’t despite her efforts. She finds the MILF gym down a alley, and is pleasantly surprised that membership is ‘free’ and the trainers and patrons are nice, she starts to see some gains then finds out the real price of membership when her workout buddy or trainer makes the moves on her. Something she finds she isn’t resistant to.

    I assume the lean on this concept is to have the main character in the end be a six foot muscled giant sporting six pack abs, large breasts and have a sexuality that leans towards being bisexual given the need to service the gym guards.

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