Kathryn from Spells R Us Atomic Mobile takes center stage in this installment. After Kathryn got her new voluptuous figure she feels that Burke, or any man for that matter, aren’t fulfilling her both her sexual and emotional needs. Kathryn stumbles upon a Spells R Us store, only it’s not in the mall it’s a couple of blocks away from where she lives. Without hesitating, Kathryn entered the store hoping to find something that could solve her problem. The owner of the shop hands her a foot tall, golden idol of a goddess, that Kathryn believes possesses a figure that puts hers to shame. With that, the owner promises that not only will this solve her problem, but give her a body that will make the gods envious. Massive amounts of breast/ass expansion as well as F/F sex.

Idea by: DDalltheway

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