Erica Griffin is a 27 year old woman who just found out that she inherited a mansion so her and her friends (2 boys, 3 girls) go to check it. On their way there, they see statues and bushes shaped like big breasted women and having sex leading to the mansion. Once there, they are greeted by a mysterious, but very beautiful woman with big breast wearing clothing that shows a lot of clevage. She greets the 4 friends and shows them in the mansion. She tells Erica the mansion is hers, but here is the twist: The mansion is haunted by 3 gorgeous women with big breasts who died horrible deaths when they were living and they all want to have their way with Erica sexually throughout the mansion and are hiding a big secret¬†from¬†her. While at the mansion, the mystery woman serves them dinner in the dining room and she gives a Erica a special type of milk only to the women. When she drinks it, it makes her breasts grow. She is so horny intranced by the milk, she lifts up her shirt and flashes her huge bra-cladded breasts to her friends and the dinner table. They were so huge that they dropped and made a “Thud” sound on the table, shocking her friends and making them horny, and many other sexual things that happends in the mansion.

Idea by Ocarinaoftime06

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  1. Not a bad concept but I would have put some variation in the ghosts, that way dealing with each can result in them passing their best trait, say breasts, hips, waistline or ass to Erica, her guests or both as they struggle to appease the three ghosts.

    Might be interesting if the house has enough magic items or books laying around for the group to try and seal or exorcise the ghosts but botch it and either they end up sealed in them, thus resulting in them being transformed or perhaps be vessels for the ghosts to have new lives by becoming pregnant with them? Or will the ghosts just take over their bodies and use them as meat puppets?

    The question of what to make of the woman who greets them, is she a witch or medium looking to use Erica to help the ghosts move on or just takes pleasure in watching them work people over? Is she a fourth ghost? A demon looking to add Erica and her friends to her collection of souls that include the three ghosts?

    Perhaps this works is that the ghosts possess the other three friends and bind Erica to the house, so when they die in their vessels their spirits will return to the house, the woman who greeted them was the last to have this happen and how that Erica has taken her place she can at last leave, and this is a sort of family curse.

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