Trevor was down on his luck and at the end of his rope, at the age of fifty he had nothing to show for his life. He was a compulsive gambler and he was down to his last 50 bucks. Whenever his luck has gotten this bad he has in the past resorted to thievery to put some money back in his pocket. He heads to a strip mall looking for something he might be able to boost, he finds this odd shop that seems to sell antiques. Thinks this is perfect high value stuff that is relatively easy to carry.

He goes inside and is immediately confronted by the store owner, warns him against theft, and offers him something to turn his luck around, it will just cost him his last fifty bucks. A little intimidated by her seeming to know his intent and the amount of money he had he figures why not and hands over the fifty bucks. She hands him a set of dice.

Feeling a little cheated she explains these are magic dice, when rolled they can change the persons life, all he has to think about is what he wants to change. However she warns that luck plays a part in this, if the dice roll snake eyes whatever he wants to change will get worse for him, if he rolls between 2 and 4 it will change but not entirely in his favor, a roll of 5 to 7 will change it in a neutral way, rolls of 8 to 9 will change it in a good way and rolls of 10 to 12 will give him what he is asking for and more.

He figures he’ll give it a shot but first wagers with the owner that if nothing happens she’ll not only refund his money but pay him back double his fifty bucks. Then rolls on having a second chance at life and the dice come up 6, suddenly there is a flash of light and he is looking down at the dice, now sitting on the floor of his old bedroom, he is back in his childhood home and his is 19 again in the 1960’s.

He continues to use the dice, changing his family from farmers to being in the city, he improves his physique and upgrading his girlfriend from a curve less dull blond to a fiery redhead. Trevor finds himself in a rather good life, however his compulsion gets the better of him, he keeps using the dice, and unfortunately the rolls start to come up bad and some previous rolls that seemed to come out ok prove to be anything but.

His new girlfriend is a gold digger who sees him as an ATM and cheats on him, the change from his family living in small town to a big city has made it so that Trevor is a part of a gang of street hoods.

Finally a draft notice for the Vietnam war arrives for Trevor, in his first life he had done his service and he didn’t want to do it again, so he rolls the dice, he rolls a 2, and now Terri doesn’t have to worry about the draft but she isn’t happy about it. Further rolls just enhance her feminine features and dig her further into the hole she is digging for herself as she loses what gains her previous rolls gave to her life. Finally the dice land on snake eyes, there is flash. Terri is now a married house wife, completely submissive to her overbearing husband who expects her to cook his meals, clean his house and bear his children. No matter how she tries to resist whatever her husband says she can only respond with ‘yes dear’ and do it, no matter how tired she is or how much her pregnant belly gets in the way. No matter how much she looks she can’t seem to find the dice to try one last roll to change her fate.

The Spells R Us store owner smiles as she watches through her crystal ball, she rolls a set of dice along the palm of her hand, they change from being made of glass, to gold, to ruby, changing shape as well, until she holds two crudely made dice made from bone in her hand. She left out one aspect of the dice from Terri, luck was a fickle lady, the more one rolled the dice the more the probability of bad rolls increased. If used in moderation they could indeed change a persons life for the better, but for those who relied on them or pushed their luck only a bad end waited for them. Now who would be next to roll the bones of the goddess of luck.

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