A young women bought a working voodoo doll from the spells r us shop and has for years used it to embarrass and take revenge on others at school. One day back from college she leaves the doll in her room where it is found by her much younger sister who simply sees a doll. She dresses it up in one of her sister’s scarfs and proceeds to make changes to the doll thus making changes to her sister. Her sister realizing what must have happened rushed to try and get back home before the changes go to far, or enough time passes to make the changes permanent.

The sisters are not on good terms as such the protagonist must retrieve the doll without her sister noticing her and realizing the power she now has over her.

Note: removal of scarf from doll without first restoring it to normal locks changes, perhaps even wipes the elders memory of what she was before. The doll is also made from a malleable clay, allowing the user to manipulate the features of the doll, adding any form of additional clay can increase the size of various parts. the doll magically returns to default (genderless human shape) when the personal item is removed and takes the form of the person when a persona item is attached.

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