No one knew how it had happened, oh there were theories of course, that it had started as a government project, the mad idea of a mad scientist, or some mad billionaire as the source and the reason ranging from it being on purpose to an accident. The only aspect everyone could agree on was that men were the cause. You see ten years ago a nanite plague or virus had been unleashed on the world. It didn’t kill anyone, well some may argue otherwise but there were no real deaths, no zombie end of the world scenario, no collapse of society, no the nanites just changed people. Well anyone over the age of 18 at least, when it occurred and what triggered the changes was still being looked into, some referred to it as a second puberty, but most just called it ‘the change’ these days.

The men got off easy, the nanites caused men to become more manly men, shooting up in height, being ripped and sporting cocks of such that required a complete overhaul in the pants and underwear industry to compensate. Of course this also made the condition of blue balls more pronounced where men couldn’t go more than six to eight hours without having to cum, but that wasn’t proving a problem for most.

Women on the other hand had it far worse. Mostly because there was a much greater variety of potential changes that could occur to a women, that were still being catalogued and studied. Some girls just got more busty, some began to act like stepford wives seeking a dominating husband to marry them, some became half animal going into heat and having animal ears and tails, cat, dog, and rabbit were the most common. Some became imprinted onto the first man they saw or had sex with calling them master, others began to act like maids, orgasming from cleaning up after their man, they varied in variant from French maid to robot maids.

The only constants through all of these strange changes were these, the women became submissive to men, hot and horny all the time the whirring of dildos rammed into snatches were commonplace, the threat of battery supply depletion had almost caused worldwide riots, and a general reduction in intelligence though many argued it was the constant distraction of being aroused at all times that was the real cause not any real loss of intelligence. Finally no woman after the initial transformation five years ago who were aging into the danger area had made it to the age of 30 before becoming changed, and no one could figure out the trigger as to why some changed immediately upon turning 19 and why some would take longer before the change happened.

Still while all men waiting for the change to come with baited breath, women dreaded it, never knowing what form it would take. Ashely had lost three roommates to the change thus far this college semester, she felt lucky to thus far avoided the change. There were rumors some women might be immune which is all that really gave any woman hope. Especially the change was already starting to affect society, she was one of only a handful of girls in the college. This was the result of so many of her high school classmates having undergone the change in their final senior year, and many others not seeing the point of pursuing education beyond that with the change looming over them, they preferred to live while they could before they found theses to busy being fucked by studs to appreciate things like the seven wonders of the world. The only issue with traveling was many women never returned, choosing to stay where and with whomever they were with when they changed.

Her own mother a respected banker was now more interested in the deposits her male co-workers made in her then the monetary ones of the bank, they kept her on in her reduced capacity as she worked so well as stress relief for the office. Her mother had the unfortunate luck to become a pig girl, with a snout, six breasts, hooved feet being rather pudgy. She was proud to because herself a real bank piggy, with snorting laughter.

Ashley was thankful that the change wasn’t in any way genetic, so she at least probably wouldn’t be joining her mother in the mud hole her mother had exchanged some personal favors with the neighbors to have dug. But the random nature of it left her wondering if she might regret that when her change did come.

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