Lisa expended a lot of effort to keep a happy smile on her face even as she fumed inside; this was the third time she had been passed over for promotion in the past two years in favor of someone else not half as qualified as her.

She was beginning to contemplate looking for a job somewhere else, she cursed the day that she listened to her neighbor and friend Jade suggestion to come work here. She had praised how easy it was to move up the corporate ladder, what Lisa had failed to realize at the time was that Jade was moving up the corporate ladder by sleeping with her boss and either moving up as his secretary to a higher level or seducing the next level boss to the point where he ordered her transfer under him, in a number of different ways. So far she had slept her way up to being the personal secretary to the Vice-President of the company, a huge leap from when Lisa started working here when she was just the secretary to the office manager.

Of course it helped that every management position in this dinosaur of a company was a man, she’d checked after her second time being passed over for promotion despite her stellar performance and winning recognition in her field outside of the company. It was clear the glass ceiling in this company was practically bulletproof at this point.

She clocked out and made her way home, on the way she sees and helps out an elderly old woman who was being mugged. Those karate lessons really didn’t go to waste. The old woman is very thankful and presses a strange stone from her purse into Lisa’s hand. She claims it’s a wishing stone, it will grant the holder one wish then take 50 years to recharge before another can use it, the woman claims even as Lisa blushes she has it to thank for seventy years of faithful wedded bliss with a still very vigorous husband. The woman laughs at the blush saying every generation thinks they invented sex not wanting to think about how their elders brought them into this world. She informs her after she makes the wish to pass it on to someone else she feels is deserving in the future.

Lisa goes home to her apartment, the rolling the stone in her palm the whole way. She figures the old woman was just a little loopy, but figures why not and decides to go for broke and wishes that the gender inequality of the world would vanish if she’s going to wish for the impossible.

She then goes to sleep not seeing the stone glow in the darkness.

She wakes up to her alarm, half asleep she goes to the bathroom, she screams, between her legs is a large penis, checking herself over she finds her breasts are a few cups sizes larger, and her vagina upon inspection is also still present. She’s become a hermaphrodite, she panics wondering how this could happen then recalls the stone. She curses making such an unspecific wish, those are always known to go bad.

Not sure what else to do, in the end she gets dressed, happy to see at least this change seems to have also affected her wardrobe as she finds bra’s and oddly cut underwear that fits and is comfortable.

She begins her walk to the office, it’s at this point she begins to notice some irregularities, she can’t stop a single man on the street, it’s all women everywhere she can see. It’s a bus advertisement that finally clues her in, the wish didn’t make just change her into a hermaphrodite, it made everyone else one to. She figures that was one way to remove gender inequality, remove the concept of separate genders altogether.

She considers the implications of that, ok plus she wasn’t a freak, minus she wasn’t sure how she felt about the prospect of dating and having a family in this new world she thought as she saw two pregnant herms? Arm in arm walking down the street, trading the occasional kiss as they walked. She felt an unfamiliar stirring at the scene in her underwear and looked away. The number of topless people on the street was also distracting, I guess with everyone having tits issues of double standards on going topless weren’t an issue. She saw a set of muscled topless construction workers catcalling down at passer byers so not everything had changed.

Getting to the office she finds in this new reality she wasn’t passed over for promotion, ok another plus on this new world. She wasn’t sure if it was plus or minus that Jade was now apparently her secretary as she was now Vice President of the company. She hides in her office and uses the internet to try and determine how different this world is from the one she remembers. For one with no suppression of half the population into set roles technology for some reason is more advanced, there is apparently a moon colony, and several social issues never existed allowing people to focus on other issues so there is less crime in this world. This new herm form of human also doesn’t have periods but apparently their breasts increase in size on the days when their fertile.

Jade eventually comes in and Lisa is wondering if she managed to maintain a purely professional relationship only with her secretary that Jades managers in her old reality didn’t manage. Turns out in this reality Jade hasn’t slept her way to her position she earned it. But the two she learns are dating as is allowed in the company bylaws and they have a date tonight.

Lisa is unsure how to feel about that, she likes the new professional Jade, but isn’t sure how she feels about being in relationship in this world.

But as days turn to weeks, she comes to accept things as she continues to move up the corporate ladder and her relationship with Jade becomes more serious. We end with a very pregnant Lisa out with an equally pregnant Jade on a luxury cruise celebrating a record profit by the company and her promotion to company president. Lisa once thought about giving the stone to someone who she could guide to undo her wish but now, she finds this new world a much better one than the one she grew up in, as such she drops the stone off the side of the boat at night, figuring it’s better to be sure no one will reverse her wish this way. A fish swallows it and that fish is later caught in a net, the stone thus finds its way back into human hands waiting for the next wish.

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