An ongoing travel log of a recently married couple living out their dream of trekking across the galaxy. Along the way, they’ll encounter new food, different cultures, and lots and lots of “friendly strangers.” Their first destination is a small diner known for its amazing burgers, known as “THE LANDING PAD.” Filled with busty customers and waitresses of all different species and body shapes, the newlyweds’ libidos are only heightened after realizing the food is loaded with aphrodisiacs. Uncontrollably aroused, they give into their desires and turn the restaurant into an orgy, filled with happy, satisfied participants. And this is just stop #1 for them. What other locations are on their list? What kind of sexy aliens will they meet along the way? What amazing and bizarre sights will they see during their adventure?

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  1. Its an interesting concept but I can’t help but feel that it would be enhanced by adding some local cultural aspect of why the foods would have aphrodisiacs in them or even perhaps even transformative effects on the diners.

    I mean there are a few avenues to consider, that the foods only has this effect on certain alien species, for the locals it doesn’t have the same effect, based on them being accustomed to the locally sourced ingredients in them. The food having this effect is a cultural thing where the restaurants themselves are cultural tourism spots, perhaps the alien species worships some goddess that encourages this sort of behavior or in the case of aphrodisiacs in food they had a near extinction event in the past that required them to work harder to keep the species alive. Or of course it could just be a gimmick of the restaurant to pull in tourists.

    If we go down a transformative route for the effects of the dishes could this also be a means for colony worlds perhaps to try and recruit travelers to join their world and become a native? Could this trip be focused on them picking a permanent home for themselves perhaps with other traveling companions that they say goodbye to as they decide to stay on certain stops of their travels while the main characters continue on.

    Are we to assume that this couple is wealthy where they can afford to have this sort of long honeymoon? Or is this a universe where such travel is cheap easy and affordable for all where the two are just foodies of a sort? Perhaps they work for a tourism company where this is a working honeymoon? Or they are posting for their fans on a blog or part of a tv show? As a couple have they qualified to get on a transport ship to consider potential colony worlds to settle on where the dining is part of the colony’s recruitment effort.

    I hope we get a scenario with a furry world where perhaps all of the meals are vegetarian based, perhaps a world with six breasted rabbit girls, where the meals boost fertility as an ending bit, after all this couple may want the boost on starting a family.

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