Professor Taurus has finally completed his life’s work which will revolutionize the diary and beef industries. He has created a raw that when used on cattle increase milk production, makes them more docile for easier handling and increases their fertility and desire to breed.

He has to attend a weeklong conference and leaves his two junior assistants to watch over the lab and his prototype in his absence.

Harry and Phil aren’t really the science type, they’re only the Professors assistances because they need the extra credit from it to keep from failing his class. While fooling around a bit in the lab they cause the ray to swivel on its tripod pointing out the window where a female yoga class is taking place on the campus lawn outside the building. In their haste to reposition the ray back to where it was they trigger it, bathing the women in its transformative rays.

They switch it off and then watch as the women’s breasts expand bursting many of their tops as milk dripped from their enlarged nipples. Going down to get a closer look the two notice the women starting to make out with each other in a haze of lust, pulling one they recognize aside they realize the ray has also made them docile and simple minded as the girl barely notices her changes and just wants to sleep with the two men.

Harry panics on what the professor will do to them if he learns of this, Phil tells him to relax and phones their frat brothers to come down and collect the women, something they are eager to do when they see the state of them.

Harry follows this up by trying to figure out how to reverse things, Phil sees the opportunity and gets the frat brothers who weren’t lucky enough to score a girl from the yoga class to help him load the ray and its tripod onto the back of one of their trucks and take it down to the nearby beach. Harry busy reading the notes on the ray takes no notice of things as Phil and the frat brothers carry out their plan.

Phil fires up the ray again upon reaching the beach where a female volleyball tournament / beauty contest is being held. He watches with a smile on his face as the same effects occur to the women and he and the frat brothers pick out and drive away with the girls of their choice in the ensuing confusion.

Harry in the meantime has given trying to figure things out himself and called his childhood friend Whitney a mousey science nerd girl to help him. She’s always had feelings for Harry so she agrees even if she knows he never sees her as anything but a friend due to her lack of curves. In truth Harry has feelings for her but feels he’s not smart enough for her.

Having found a potential way to reverse things the pair go looking for Phil and the ray, they find both at the frat house which is in the midst of one large orgy. They find Phil testing to see what happens if he hits one of the girls with the ray a second time, she grows more nymphomaniac, simple minded and larger breasts.

In the argument and struggle that follows Whitney is hit with the ray, the effects on her are slower as she was hit with the last bit of battery power in the ray. Harry knocks Phil out and takes both Whitney and the ray away, they manage to rewire it to reverse the effects but have to wait for it to recharge to use it. The two get to talking even as Whitney’s vocabulary begins to reduce with her intellect each admitting their feelings for each other and this follows with them making love.

When morning comes Harry uses the ray to restore Whitney and then they fire the ray on the frat house returning the other women to normal, they drive through town with the ray on to reverse the effects on any other women affected in town. The Professor returns and is left none of the wiser to what happened as Harry has cleaned up, when Whitney who is also there asks about becoming an assistant as well the Professor decides to fire Phil who isn’t there and have her fill the position seeing her as a better option. Phil and the frat throw Harry out over the fight and his loss of access to the ray, but figure the effects of the ray were temporary and make no issue of that.

In the months that follow the frat is closed down, as while most effects of the ray were reversed and the women remembered very little, they did recall waking up next to the frat boys and thus came back to them when they found themselves expecting. Whitney is also sporting an expecting belly, as well as an engagement ring and a much better figure, having tweaked the ray in the past months to get the physical benefits of the ray without the mental effects without the Professor knowledge. She and Harry have actually been making some money selling treatments from the ray to various women on campus making their futures financially secure.

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