Michael an archeologist get a letter from an old colleague of his fathers to meet him in a remote part of Africa where he has been studying one of the local tribes for the last twenty years. He invite them as he has finally convinced the head priestess to allow their secret temple to be documented, however they will only allow it on the condition that the location remain secret therefore no external photos and in keeping with tradition the documenter must be a woman who will participate in the annual pilgrimage to the temple including all of the rites. So Samantha his fiancée is drafted to document the site, when asking what the temple is dedicated to and the ritual the old professor explains it’s a fertility ritual and the temple is to an ancient fertility goddess, and to date no woman who has participated has failed to give birth 9 months later, or in some rare cases have been known to return with an infant in cradled in their arms. The professor is certain the children are adopted by women on pilgrimage but of course he’s wrong, such is the fate of all men who attempt to defile the sanctity of the temple.

The local women wear no clothing beyond grass skirts and all all quite busty, also attributed to the blessing of the temple.

(Ritual involves dressing as the locals, grass skirt and topless except for some body paint. She must also carry a lock of hair from her intended tied to a necklace (in this case Micheal supplies some of his). Before setting off Samantha also along with the other women is asked to drink from a sacred gourd which contains waters from the sacred temples fountain, which seems to have an immediate effect on her figure)

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  1. I failed mention this in the story description but I see the setting for this in one of three potential eras
    1. Modern era
    2. Indiana jones type era where the Axis powers are also seeking the temple as a way to increase their population before the declaration of war in 1939
    3. The age of British colonization in Africia 1880-1900 where Samantha would be scandalized by the local appearance as to her proper dress includes petticoats and a corset.

    Also as this has been a long held concept for me found an old word file where I laid out a rough idea for the temple layout.

    The temple of the Goddess had been built into the side of a large mountain. The entrance was set at the base, the massive door to the temple had been carved from the rock itself, and adorned with gems. The doors stood easily at 10 meters at height, but were ingeniously weighted as they easily slide into the very mount itself at the slightest touch of even the slightest girl. Chiseled into each door were images of the faithful, young women of the tribe approaching the an image of the goddess and then shown having received her blessing and blossomed into full womanhood, a scene of lovemaking with their husbands, their pregnancy which the priestesses of the goddess felt was when a woman was closest to the goddess and at the height of her feminity, and the birth and then the birth of their daughters, scenes of them aging and then a scene of them setting off for the goddesses temple all laid out in a repeating circle upon the doors.

    Beyond the first set of doors stood a long hallway, at least a meter long going into the mountain, flanking anyone entering were a series of columns on either side. Carved into each of the 10 columns on each side was a depiction of a naked young woman of generous womanly figure. With each column that one passed the figure of the woman’s stomach and bosom increased in size, obviously showing a depiction of a developing pregnancy, but what a pregnancy, by the 9th column the woman’s belly stoke out a whole 3 feet. The tenth column showed the young woman with a contented expression on her face and two health young babes drinking from her enlarged breasts. The walls that were painted in vibrant colors showed the changes happening within the woman, depicting fetal growth and development in line with the progression of the woman on the column with notations below that in the script of the tribe. The door at the end of the hall made of heavy stone is covered with scripts in many languages warning off trespassers that those who pass beyond these doors who do so with malice or self interest in their hearts. For those who pass these doors shall be in the presence and protection of the goddess and those who seek to harm those under that protection shall suffer the goddess wrath. For women it states that they shall be made barren and hideous to look upon, men shall become that which they are presumed to pursue here in the goddesses temple, a woman shaped and molded to be the perfect brood mother or returned infancy a time before any form of lust for women, power or wealth clouded their judgement. Their sins against the temple and woman kind determined their fate.

    Through these doors is the central chamber, spherical in shape with 4 doors placed on the compass points of north, south, west and east. Coming from the hallway brought someone in via the North door. The walls of this chamber tells the tale of the pantheon to which the goddess belongs, she is one of eight mighty beings, each with their own sphere of influence, and represented by a gemstone set into the section of wall which tells in brief of them. I shall not bore you with the specifics but the goddess is the wife of the eldest of the 6 brothers who makes up the pantheon, and through that marriage sister of the youngest of them, the only other goddess of the pantheon. Her husband is represented by the pure white diamond while the deep green emerald meant to show the green of life represents the goddess herself.

    The door to the East was hinged the same as the first rolling into empty spaces in the walls as well at the slightest touch. These doors however unlike the first were carved with the image of a woman in labor; the image covered both doors with the break for the doors being right down her center. The East room, shaped like a square contained a series of warm and cool pools large enough to comfortably fit at least 2 people with a seat built into the wall of the pool. The pools were filled by irrigation channels set into the stone floor which channeled slowly moving water coming from a central pool which was in fact a natural fresh water spring, water when not being used to fill the pools was carried out of the room via channels that disappeared under walls that took it to other parts of the temple, like the kitchen, bathing rooms and latrine that served the priestesses that made the temple their home and maintained it. Heated via volcanic activity in the region the water was a comfortably warm temperature. The walls of this chamber were tiled and depicted scenes of woman nursing healthy and happy babies, the woman smiled down at those in the chamber. This was a birthing chamber where high priestesses would aid women in the birth of their children when their time came. Thus each pool could be cut off from the flow of water in the room and drained to be cleaned as needed as well.

    The doors to the West, lead to the both the chambers of the high priestesses and the guest chambers for those who come to make use of the temples birthing pools. These doors are made of humble wood, but it is unique in that the wood does not appear to have been cut or touched by mortal tools and in fact seems alive. The wood doors show the goddess surrounded by priests in the center of a green grove of trees, the carved trees have actual living leaves upon their tops and the robes of the priests also seem to be the green living color of leaves. The chambers beyond this door include the kitchen, bathhouse, steam room, medicine storerooms, and sleeping chambers furnished with those items that a mother would need, bed, basinet and changing table. It is here that the high priestesses live apart from the other villagers so as to maintain the temple and always be there when women in need of the birthing chamber may arrive.

    The set of doors to the South which lead to the final inner sanctum were small in size and unlike the others very heavy and very thick. Covered with gold and gemstones set in intricate eye catching patterns this door depicted the changing cycles of the moon, the visible aspect of the goddess. Through this door was the inner sanctum of the temple, rectangular in shaped but unlike the first hallway set so that to the left and right of the door were the longest part of the rectangle. This was the place where young women came to take part in the ritual of fertility and womanhood. Set to either side upon entering were mirrored on each side carved into the rock of the walls statues of a well-built man, believed to depict the virility of men and the consorts of the goddess, both statues stood proudly thrusting forward their erect members, and flowing gently from it a blue fluid into a pool the size of Olympic swimming pool. Into these pools would those women would bath to increase their natural fertility in the years after their first fertility ritual that took place in the temple when every woman turned 18. The excess water from these pools drained off into a chasm in the center of the room to wide for anyone to jump across, the chasm had no visible bottom, and was the water that drained away feed the nearby streams after losing most of its fertile properties. Across the chasm in the center of the room is a narrow stone bridge, which can be retracted away into the chasm walls. Directly across the bridge set into the stone wall is the statue of the goddess of fertility. She is of course shown carved naked squatting down and leaning back her hands on her knees, the crown of a baby’s head clearly showing lodged in her spread vaginal lips, her large breasts sit on the curve of her pregnant belly. Flowing from both the statues breasts and around the crown of the baby’s head in her vagina is a pink fluid that gives off a pinkish kind of fog. This water flows into a circular pool at the base of the statue 7 feet deep. There was no drain from this pool into the chasm, the strange water from the goddess seemed to either evaporate as fast as the pool filled to keep it at a constantly full level. It was here that young women at the age of 18 would come for their first fertility ritual, they would be blessed by the high priestess and submerge themselves one at a time in the waters of the goddess, they would then emerge as women. The water would increase the size of their breasts and hips, and narrow their waists. This and the increased fertility were the signs of the blessing of the goddess. In the more than 1000 year history of the temple no woman had ever returned to her village and not given birth to a health child within 9 turns of the moon after her ceremony at the age of 18.

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