Matt was just a normal guy who loved his girlfriend Megan. Megan loved Matt with all her heart, and had a nice body with Double D breasts. Matt’s childhood neighbor Deena was not quite Matt’s cup of tea. She was only a year younger and always doted after him, always wanting him to notice her. This was extremely hard as Deena was very short, flat as a board, and mousy, all traits that Matt really wasn’t into.

Deena’s parents had always told her, “Whatever you want”, which she got until she noticed Matt. Her parents had offered her anything to try and fill her desires but she wanted Matt, which they couldn’t give. This was the way things were until both Matt, Megan and she wound up working in the same town after college.

Deana had run into Matt and Megan at the local bar after work hours, Matt rolled his eyes but his girlfriend Megan waved Deana over to the table. Deana sat somewhat quietly still the mousy short person she was, but slowly as Megan talked with her, she opened up. Matt remained quiet while the two talked about their professions. Deana was working with a powerful law firm that her dad managed to get her into. Megan was surprised she would choose to work in such a place as she thought her interests were in philosophy, archaeology, and cultural studies. Deana said she got bored, learned everything she wanted to, and just moved on.

The night wrapped up and Megan gave a hug to Deana while Matt just fist bumped her hand. Deana savored this as it was the first contact she actually had with Matt. Megan listened to Matt complain about Deana as they walked away from her while Deana just walked back to her apartment through the park. Deana happen to notice something just showing between the sidewalk, a four leaf clover. She plucked it from the ground and held it tightly in her hand while also seeing a shooting star. In her mind she made a wish, that all of her wants would be so, whatever it was would be.

She rushed home, popped the four leaf clover into her hope chest, changed clothes, and jumped into bed. Her hope chest glowed. Was it the four leaf clover, the shooting star, or the hope chest, or a combination of all these things rolled into one?

When Deena awakens, her world has completely changed. Her bedroom is completely different except for her hope chest. She has become a walking sexpot, way bigger than any human being in the world. She is tall, ultra busty, and way curvy. Somehow she has become ultra wealthy, a virtual goddess that makes everyone turn their heads.

Deena gets dressed, heads downstairs to find out exactly what is going on. She finds out that her wishes have paid off to the extreme. Everything that Megan was, Deena is twice as much. She is over seven feet tall, her breasts look as though a small human could fit in each, her curves and proportions have increased with her size. She does not look freakish in her size, but evenly filled out. Her staff are all women dressed in black suit dresses that look exaggerated as she does, though normal size.

Deena discovers that her staff are not normal people, she has “made them” into what they are. She discovers that Matt and Megan are still in this new world of hers, but the interesting bit is that Megan works at one of Deena’s company as a researcher while Matt has been working for a law firm that Deena uses from time to time.

Before Deena leaves for the business that Megan is working at, one of her staff brings forth this small woman who wants to join Deena’s companies. She is taken aback by this woman named Rebecca Wilson and goes to touch her. Her hand never got in direct contact with Rebecca as the small woman grows in proportion to a six foot woman, the biggest, and bustiest new recruit. Rebecca new body has a new persona with it as she seems to know her new role as Deena’s bodyguard. The pair leave in the over-sized reinforced limo heading out to the research facility.

What has happened to the small woman that was Deena? She is almost like a Goddess that seems to have infinite powers. What of Matt, will he still be the boyfriend of Megan, or will he be seduced by the Goddess? What about Megan, is she working for Deena at a chance to become something for the Goddess or fight against her? Would she even stand a chance or become just another playtoy?

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