Tracy Drancurse thought she was an ordinary woman, until the day she turned 21 and suddenly had the most lusciously viewable ass in the city of Bottropolis and discovered anyone who watched the movement of her buttocks for more than 6 seconds fell into a trance where they were in a tranced state that had heightened levels of susceptibility. Tracy didn’t have a traumatic high school experience at the hands of the popular kids; before her sudden transformation at the legal drinking age, Tracy had been so bland and average in appearance that she was easy to forget and could slip into the crowd with little to no notice; her workplace wasn’t causing her issues, and she got along great with her neighbors.

Even after her transformation, that didn’t change. What did change for her was the superhero, supervillain, and superpower observation organization communities started taking an aggressive interest in her for dramatically different reasons. So, one day, Tracy decides to put on her most provocative outfit, throw on a dominatrix mask and start hunting the visible members of each of the communities she’s had interactions with, and use her new trancing-inducing posterior powers to do her own control and brainwashing of all sides under the alias Dance Pantser. Two figures she eventually ends up meeting, the hero Blast Master (a hero known for wearing barely more than a Speedo and mask, with the power to blast all sorts of energy beams from his abs, pecs, fingers, and toes) and the villainess Cold Front (an ice-themed villainess who wears bikinis for some reason in addition to her mask) both show a noticeably enhanced resistance to Tracy’s hypnotic ass.

Tracy feels like she’s taken her petty vengeance a bit too far by the time she’s had her 3rd or 4th encounter with the hero and villainess. So, she offers a truce between herself and all the other sides on the secret condition that Blast Master and Cold Front disclose their secret identities to her, and each other, and marry her so that they can keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn’t go off the deep end.

How do things play out? How do the communities respond? What do you think her married life could look like?

Idea by hvgtd

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