Marian Nettle was a star back in high school, she had trophies for 3 different sports and two cheerleading trophies with her name engraved on them, she had so many awards back in high school she had actually earned the nickname “Ms. Trophy” and she flaunted all around, she even laughed off all the references people made about her life as a trophy wife due to her insanely marketable looks. Marian had that hourglass body everyone raved about in the media, a busty bosom, slim waist, wide hips, and fluffy ass. Truly, Marian looked like she had a blessed life, that was until she married the insanely rich Nathan Telthis and seemingly dropped off the map from all but the most exclusive social gatherings, gatherings where she acted as the perfect trophy wife.

You see, Nathan had a family secret, he had the ability to make someone his perfectly obedient slave but he needed to be in possession of multiple items that represented a person’s achievements, and like the narcissistic fool he knew Marian to be, she let him take possession of her awards by placing them in his private vault. He placed all of her awards in a case on the wall of the deepest part of the vault with the words “Trophy Wife” and now Marian is his faithfully loyal trophy wife. Pretty much all of his personal staff are trophy workers he ensnared the same way as Marian with the excuse of taking possession of the items for safekeeping.

One day, years after her marriage, Marian starts to wake from Nathan’s control in short bursts, this has never happened before. Nathan’s mother had been his father’s trophy wife and there were no accounts of such an incident happening before. Just what is waiting for the pair in the future? How will Marian come to terms that she is now living a literal Trophy Life? What does this mean for the rest of Nathan’s “trophy” individuals?

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2 Responses

  1. an interesting concept, in that he would be able to enslave those with superior talents in certain fields, presumably giving his own company or enterprise exclusive use of their skill.

    With the family wealth and power one would assume they probably support a number of achievement award programs, giving out the very items they need to enslave these people. Something like a series of trophies where the name is added to it, but it goes back in their vault would be the perfect method to keep this going I think. As well as identify those with talents they would want.

    If the wife’s trophies came to her in the same way, the aspect of her breaking free could be the plates with her name on them are either tarnished over time or are coming loose from the the trophy.

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