Neil Barselksy has just found himself in a very unusual situation. On the morning of his 18th birthday, Neil woke up in an unfamiliar room, on an unfamiliar bed, completely naked. After a quick search of the room, he finds there are no places for clothes to be found; he spots some of his personal things that are actually in the room with him. He then does a quick search of the building he is in, and he finds all of his possessions, minus his clothing, in the building with him. It’s a really nice building, too. He knows it’s a structure and not just an apartment because he discovered multiple doors that lead outside and a fenced yard out back. He also noticed that all the blinds and curtains in the house were closed during his inspection. It’s at this point he notices a note on the counter of the surprisingly nice and fully stocked kitchen. The note welcomes him to “Narisa’s Naked Commune,” reading through the note, he also notices a mention of how the commune is a bit special and experimental, along with a gracious thanks for signing up for the project two years prior. Neil suddenly recalls some papers his mother had him sign while he was still half-asleep and swears up a storm about her for a minute or two. A few minutes later, Neil’s new neighbor drops by to say welcome to the commune, a busty redhead with a tropical tan named Gina; she brought a box of homemade cupcakes she had made in her kitchen. Neil later learns that for every 12 women, there is one dude, and the commune has a population that is over a few hundred. Just what is the deal with this Commune? Why does Neil have a weird feeling about all this? Why does he suddenly have a job that does not care about his lack of attire? These are the most immediate questions running through Neil’s head, along with questions about why all the women he sees in the commune are knockouts, basically models, and completely okay with the state of things.

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  1. I feel there will be a need to expand on this relationship with his mother given the cursing out of her, I assume she’s some new age hippy thinking this is a way to be more natural and often drags her son into things without thinking of his opinions, plus if he’s just turned 18 I assume he is still living at home with her, so she lives with him in this new home? I assume to avoid custody questions the father is deceased.

    If you don’t want to have to explain away his job not noticing the lack of clothing, may I suggest changing this from a commune to some form of either gated community or a small village of nudists instead, with some form of gate guard on the one road into town to prevent strangers from just coming in to gawk. Therefore he can have a new job at a new place of work arranged by his mother. To prevent questions about school or college etc I also recommend placing the time frame for this as during the summer.

    Can keep the note but I would suggest making it a note from his mother explaining a few things and a brochure for explanation. Might make the cupcakes be brought by a few girls his age, all perhaps his neighbors all looking to get a look at the new male in town that rumors are already circulating about in the small community.

    If we want to prevent the lead trying to make a quick escape the commune / village should be laid out where most things are in walking distance so other then emergency vehicles there are no cars in town, his mother having sold or turned there’s in so he has no wheels to get him out of town no matter how mad he may get or strange things may become.

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