In the Fantasy world of Erolalia, named for the goddess Erolia, the church of Erolia is in a religious war with the cult of Helvana. Helvana is a Demon Goddess, one of the few notable FEMALE Devils and the Queen of all Succubi in the Hells, and her followers in the mortal realm are hellbent on bringing her corruption to the world. Both the church of Erolia and the cult of Helvana are known for having noticeably skimpy attire among the faithful, especially the priestesses, as a means of inspiring the faithful.

Lita Nelka is one of the priestesses sent out into the world to spread the word and gain experience by the church of Erolia; and has been on this mission since she turned 21 5 years ago, and is in a notable upcoming team of Adventurers that goes by the name “Dragon’s Strike.” The party’s Tank is a well-endowed female minotaur Paladin that is of the faith of Erolia as well named Tirana; their master of subterfuge is a wolf beastkin female from a more primal area of the world, her assets are at about average for most given humanoids, but at least she’s able to pull double duty as their wilderness and survival expert named Grozaila; their expert in the arcane arts is a Dragonborn Wizard that that has a similar attire choice to that of the church of Erolia named Parthalia, her spellbook is unorthodox and difficult to describe in words. The team later gets a new addition, a scantly clad female Centaur Warlock who has a pact with Helvana named Melkira; the new addition and priestess start getting into blows of every kind short of physically fighting and/or slinging spells at one another. This is just one of many micro conflicts between the two faiths.

Idea by hvgtd

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