Massive Takes Vera From B-Cup to Too Big to Handle

Blending bra busting breast expansion and everyday life situations, the first episode of The Breast Expansion Story Club’s newest series, Massive, is a masterfully crafted introduction to the big-busted world of the beautiful blond Vera.

Right out of the gate, the story gets straight to the action with Vera pleasing herself in a solo scene as intense as Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton in Monster’s Ball. What makes this scene all the better is that the breast expansion hasn’t even started yet, which really sets the tone for what happens when her breast begin to blossom.

After a night of passion alone, Vera wakes up with her breast bigger than ever. Unable to fit any of her bras, she goes to work without one, which is a fashion choice that could hardly go unnoticed. As she attracts more attention, her breasts continue to grow until they’re popping out of her blouse.

Though Vera already promised her best friend that she’d ask out her crush, her newfound voluptuous body has given her the confidence to finally go through with it. Her confidence is rewarded when he agrees to have lunch with her, but it doesn’t take long before the meal goes downhill.

As soon as Vera lets her feeling show, her crush says he has a girlfriend and must get back to work, leaving Vera sitting alone at the restaurant table. Right when the waiter arrives, her breast begin growing again, leaving the waiter frozen in shock.

Will Vera get a real date with her crush or will she end up with the waiter? We’ll have to wait until episode two to see how Massive unfolds.

Written by BE comics veteran T.J. Hunter and illustrated by superstar J.J. McQuade, Massive has the potential to be a masterpiece. Visit to read episode one now.


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