Life on the farm can be much better than one might imagine.

An unusual discovery will change Susan's life for ever: a lotion and a very special toy.

Blake brings his college girlfriend home to meet his family, but his little sis has grown up in a couple of BIG ways!

A mysterious fog hides the village of Modderton, and Agent Shay is about to find out firsthand just what is hidden within the city limits.

Veronika has a wish, a boyfriend! And her generosity will help her with that.

A superheroine fights crime with her breasts!

Selene’s living in a sorority house full of hot girls and a horny Sorority Mom. What could go wrong?

For her birthday, Princess Strawberry is given her uttermost secret desire, growing bigger and bigger!

Welcome to ExpandCam, the new webcam model service that gives the viewers the power to enlarge their favorite models live through donations.

Peak Shift returns! Growth inducing drugs at a college frat party, what could go wrong?

A very special pill that brings unexpected results for a very strange couple.

Only one brave man and his team can save America before it’s transformed into a fetish wasteland of brainless bimbos.

Bonnie and Erin meet a weirdo at the grocery store. Wait... Weirdo? Actually he's kind of... HOT!

A brand new superhero is ready for action, eager to show off her seductive curves and transformative powers!

Bree’s world is turned upside down when a group of unfamiliar toys introduces her to the swinger's lifestyle.

A reasonably sized cock isn't too much to ask for right? Taylor's friend has bigger plans in mind.

The BIGGEST adventures always happen in college!

Winter is here! Time to play some games.

A fun twist on a classic novel, a crotchety woman learns the true meaning of Christmas through endless transformative passion!

A woman is suddenly overcome with a hunger for semen, consuming so much from many willing donors she undergoes massive weight gain and expands all over.

Brittany’s computer died, but one of the guys in her study group loaned her a laptop. Maybe he's not such a creep.

In the tradition of a famous movie monster, a mad scientists seeks to create his vision of the perfect woman…and gets more than he expected!

A scientist girl uses her knowledge to change her body's shape.

Ashley takes her first steps into the transformative academy, unprepared for the seductive surprises in store for her.

Sometimes the life of being a salesperson can be boring and emotionless. But what happens when your product is a perfect match for the buyer? Such is the new life of Jons, a simple vacuum cleaner salesman who meets the beautiful (and hugely gifted) Molly who, as a courtesy, offers him a glass of milk, but not just any milk. But a special one that is milked in this small farm. And what’s so special about it? It has the ability to make any part of the body grow to ensure the true pleasure of drinking milk. It only remains to discover where this mysterious drink comes from and what else to do with it!

This is Susan’s story. Bored with her daily life, she decides to look for something that will bring back the flame of her passion. And so it is that a very unusual discovery, a kind of perfume, lubricant or lotion that takes her far beyond the climax. But that’s not all, a huge toy that accompanies this magical bottle is part of the antique that she decides to take the risk of buying. It’s certainly something to share with others, isn’t it? Discover what Parfum has hidden in its pages with this incredible Breast Expansion Story.

What’s a guy to do when he brings his girlfriend Jen on vacation to meet his family at their lakeside cabin, only to be surprised with his little sister’s enormous growth spurt? Blake is a boob guy, so he’s having trouble keeping his eyes off of Summer’s gigantic new breasts. It’s almost like they sprouted up overnight from some kind of magic potion! Arriving to family breakfast after a long run through the woods, Jen is thirsty and reaches for what looks like a tasty sports drink in the fridge! It looks like Blake is about to be a lucky guy.

The small town of Modderton is hidden by a mysterious fog that also hides some big secrets. A shadowy government agency is investigating this anomaly and sends in Shay, a no-nonsense field agent. Her mission goes awry almost immediately and the agency gets a glimpse of ominously tall women commanding a small army of normal-sized male followers. Shay awakes to find that she has a new big problem – herself! Grown to giantess size with killer curves, Shay is the newest resident of a town populated almost entirely by enormous women who are almost too cheerful. Discover the secrets of Modderton: Village of the MILFs!

Trust is a double-edged sword and Veronika is going to learn more about it. Welcome to Enchanted, a series that seeks to explore the scope of our most intimate desires. Veronika is a young and beautiful woman who can’t keep a stable relationship, always finding losers who can’t make her happy. But an act of great generosity leads her to meet a mysterious man, who offers her (as a gesture of gratitude) the possibility of getting what she most desires. Although nothing comes for free, a huge cost as an overwhelming sexual desire and a constant need to be the best and the “only one”. So, will this be enough for her to achieve her dreams? Or will it be the beginning of a huge problem for her life? 40 pages in which the mysterious power that Veronika now has with her must be solved.

The Inaugural Issue Introducing the Indigo Ingenue.

The story opens with a bank robbery in a generic city. Four ruthless robbers threaten the patrons and employees with violence.

The robbery is foiled by YAELIN—a nude, blue woman with impossibly large breasts. Yaelin pummels the bad guys, deflects bullets with her nipples and hypnotizes the gunmen with her jiggling.

The blue beauty bashes bad-guys with her bodacious bazooms, mashes the malicious with her monumental melons and crushes criminals with her colossal cantaloupes. This isn’t another story about a super-heroine with big bazongas, this is a story about a super-heroine whose superpower IS her big bozangas.

Meanwhile, bank executives DWAYNE and ELAINE GANTRY plan to contain the danger, but Elaine also has super-powered breasts, and it looks like the robbers have an inside accomplice with inflatable airbags.

If Yaelin cannot foil the robbery, Earth itself could be doomed!


The new cast of characters but same sexy, growing antics. Selene’s reality-warping powers haven’t lead to another growth “incident” in months since coming to college, but that’s all about to change. She isn’t doing a good job of avoiding temptation: she lives in a sorority house full of sexy co-eds, with drama that seems to burst from every room. Between the amazonian goth Greta, her bestie Bubbles, and the horny Sorority-House Mom, Selene has plenty of pent-up sexual energy to draw on. Soon she’ll find her roommates are more than a handful!

That’s not all, lurking about campus are potentially two other people with Selene’s powers?! And they seem equally interested in letting Selene indulge in her more lurid fantasies. But once unleashed, Selene might be more than they bargained for.

The entire kingdom has gathered for games, feasting, and festivities! For Princess Strawberry, her 21st birthday should be a reason to celebrate! But to her dismay, no one can truly give her the gift she secretly desires– womanly curves. It’s a hidden longing that she’s suppressed for years. But that’s all about to change thanks to a little magic! With the aid of a magic potion, the witch of the south helps the Princess blossom as big as she wants, gaining the figure she’s always desperately craved! But this witch has more than good intentions in mind, and transforming the princess is just step one of her dastardly plans– There’s much more growth and transformations in store for the kingdom before her evil schemes are through!

This new series explores the story of Clara, a young, sassy, and beautiful uprising webcam model. She’s new to the whole ExpandCam community but lately, she’s been getting more attention due to the kinky shows she’s been putting. Come and join Clara’s Stream and watch her reach her goals and get bigger than ever before, live on ExpandCam.

It’s been a few years since the last growth incident where Jayne practically destroyed her school. Surely college has matured her?

Matt and Lana prepare for a grant proposal the same night as Jayne goes to an orientation party. They’re both in for more than they asked for when the drug gets itself into the general student body. Soon Jayne’s roommates are expanding beyond the frat house in a sexual frenzy to be the biggest. It’s up to Lana again, to fix the problem Jayne created. She’ll try not to enjoy herself too much as she shows these girls how a real woman grows.

Jackie’s life, a boring and single man, is drastically changed when Emily enters his life. She is a freak in bed, very hot but a bit too strange. Together they make a great couple, but unfortunately an illness forces him to go to the doctor. To his surprise, the solution was very simple, just take one pill a day to fix it. So Emily decides to help his boyfriend to search for the medicine. The days go by without major problems until suddenly, Jackie’s body started to change A LOT… his work and personal life is now at risk but his girlfriend seems to like it, and a lot! Now all that’s left is to wait for the rest of the pills to take effect and transform him completely into a woman!

Strap in and buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride in this raunchy adventure full of beautiful bimbos and exciting vehicles. Just when you thought the race track couldn’t get any more exciting, a crazed terrorist threatens to transform America into a bimbo-controlled wasteland! The desperate American government turns to a brave and charismatic leader named Cage to guide his skilled team on a dangerous mission to save society. Through a harrowing action-packed mission filled with hot cars, even hotter women, expanding boobs, jiggling butts, and nonstop thrills, Cage is in for the ride of his life, using the full extent of his muscles, mind, and willpower. Beloved reader, you won’t be able to turn the pages fast enough! Each panel is packed with curves and jaw-dropping petal-to-the-metal spectacle. Can our hero save Los Angeles before it’s turned into ground zero for a fetish apocalypse? Rev up your engines and discover all the fun for yourself!

Erin and Bonnie just needed some groceries for a salad really. That’s all they wanted. Well, that and a little fun because apparently girls just wanna have fun. Well, they’re gonna get more fun that groceries. And larger breasts. And maybe slightly different views on sex in public. And sex with each other. And why not sex with the guy with the magic remote control.
Why not? That’s all fun, right?
Of course it is, so welcome back to the wild and wacky world of the Polyversal Remote Control, device that makes the hottest fantasy as easy as point and click.

Look out world, there’s a new superhero to admire! Who better to give the bad guys a spanking than a superpowered mother? With awesome strength and expansive abilities, Mighty Milf is here to save the day, one sweet seductive victory at a time. Thanks to a genetically modified strain of weed, Loraine is transformed from an everyday bored housewife to an all-powerful hero, happy to help the innocent and assist wherever she’s needed. But with all newfound responsibility comes unexpected peril and dastardly villains. Is Mighty Milf prepared for whatever this crazy new life has in store for her? What will she do with all those impressive curves? How far will she go to save those she loves? Jump into this very first issue of a brand new series and find out for yourself, eager readers!

Toys just wanna have fun! Bree and her friends head to a friend’s house for a fun day of play, but things take an unexpected turn when they encounter a group of naughty toys who have a different definition of “playtime.” All the other toys are naked and want to bang! Taken by surprise, Bree is welcomed and seduced into a brand new swingers lifestyle, giving into her lust and embracing her wild side. Pull these toy strings and watch them get to work! With each horny doll, action figure, and model possessing a unique ability, the toys enter into a messy orgy that helps Bree realize there’s so much more to her than just meets the eye. She may be mass-produced, but she’s still one in a million with a few tricks up her sleeve! It’s a wild raunchy ride full of sex, desire, temptation, and transformation. Playing with dolls has never been this arousing!

Nerds Taylor and Zoe have been best friends forever. So when Taylor finally reveals his fears of going to college with a tiny penis, Zoe offers to help. The perks of have a tech-genius best friend!

She develops an app (a remote of sorts) that will increase the size of his manhood with a single press of the button. Sure he should have asked why she was putting the remote on her phone and not his, but it works perfectly so who cares! What he doesn’t anticipate is how well the experiment works… and oh right, his cum is now addictive and makes girls grow huge breasts. This shouldn’t be a problem, just so long as he keeps the remote a secret.

Sure Taylor wanted a huge cock but with a cum-obsessed, growing Zoe at the remote’s helm, he’ll get much more than he bargained for. Better strap in because things are getting out of control!

Amy and Lisa are two beautiful friends and college companions. In their daily lives, they interact with many other people, some of whom mock Amy’s ENORMOUS attributes. However, this doesn’t seem to be a problem for Lisa, who adores and comforts her friend, letting her know that they are a blessing, not a burden. Thus, Amy is about to reveal the reasons behind her massive transformation and expansion! Can Lisa replicate those miraculous results? Will their friendship evolve into something more intense? Discover it in this mini-series, ‘Surprise at Campus, 20 pages filled with tension, transformations, expansions, friendship, and very sensual encounters.

The story starts knowing the protagonists Carmen, a maid and Miss Alice, daughter of the owners of the house, who is bored because there is a snowfall outside and could not attend classes so she proposes to Carmen to play a magical game called “titty twister” which they have already played and consists of sexual challenges that if not met grows the size of the tits and as time passes they grow more and more, The one who has the biggest boobs at the end of the game loses, so while playing it seems that the game breaks and generates that their boobs do not stop growing despite meeting the challenges, Alice invites her to play and the officer joins the game without believing that it was magic, making the situation even more complicated to the point that only Alice can move, to reverse the situation the officer tells her to look in her car for the taser gun to electrify the game and fix the problem, she succeeds with luck while the officer and Carmen continue having sex and growing more and more her tits to colossal points. Who will win at the end of the game?

Ho, ho, ho! Happy Holidays from all of us here at Botcomics! To celebrate this festive season, we’re bringing you a sexy twist on Charles Dickens’s timeless classic, “A Christmas Carol.” Late at night, on Christmas Eve, an uptight and cruel librarian named Carol finds herself transported to a fantastical world where ghosts will change her wicked attitude through the transformative power of love and lust. As she magically bulges and expands in all the right places, Carol’s inhibitions disappear, leaving her a cock-hungry bimbo in dire need to embrace the Christmas spirit. Huge boobs and an even bigger ass are the best kinds of presents! It’s the classic story of redemption and human faith like you’ve never seen before, sure to swell both your heart and your groin. Believe us, this is the Christmas gift you’ve wished for. Again, happy holidays from all of us here at Botcomics, and have a safe and happy season!

A woman finds herself insatiably hungry, and nothing can sate her until a handsome stranger finds her appetite alluring, and she quickly leads him away to get something else in her mouth. Swallowing his “protein shake” gives her a new thrill, and is the first thing that has made her craving subside, but the satisfaction is short-lived. She sneaks into the men’s locker room of her gym, and gulps down the eager men’s contributions until her stomach is swollen and her body has started to swell with fat, but by the end of the night she has burned all of it off again and still hungers for more.

Brittany’s ancient POS computer finally gave up and died. May it rust in Hell because she has WAY too much homework to go without it. Fortunately, one of the guys in her study group left his laptop in the back of her car and is OK with Brittany using it until her computer gets fixed. Unfortunately, Brittany can’t find Word or Excel or any of the normal tools. But she does find Girlfriend Builder.

Since she’s got nothing better to do while waiting for the perverted creep who loaned her the useless laptop to call her back and tell her how to run Word, why not make a girlfriend? A perfect fantasy girlfriend. Why not? Because maybe it’s a front end for the fabulous Master PC program and the perfect girlfriend she’s building is HER.

Doctor von Wurstein, a brilliant yet eccentric scientist, finds himself on the brink of a momentous scientific breakthrough. With his twisted project nearing completion, he is tantalizingly close to achieving his lifelong dream: to create his intellectual equal and reanimate the perfect research partner. His laboratory is filled with the humming of arcane machinery and the flickering of strange contraptions.! Unfortunately, his assistant Ingvar mixed up the brains and von Wurstein’s creation awakens with a seemingly unfounded insatiable lust! Will the good doctor succumb to her advances? Just who is in control of this situation!?

Emily is a young and bright scientist who starts to lose the love of her husband. So much so that one day she finds him masturbating to porn of a huge breasted girl. To recover their lost passion, she invents a nanobot capable of increasing the size of any part of her body… but with just one setback. She starts to lose control of herself in the process. A funny and sexy story about controlling the size of the body to relinquish forbidden pleasures of the mind. Take a deep dive into a New Bimbo Universe and get the Advantages of Being a Smart Girl!

Step through the gates of the world-famous Bimbo Boot Camp and experience a wonder unlike anything you’ve seen before. At this prestigious summer-long program, brave men and women are welcome to hone their seduction skills and become the pinnacle bimbo version of themselves. It’s not only an intellectual transformation but a physical one too! No one leaves this prestigious experience looking the same. Flat amateur chests walk in, proud bouncing knockers strut out. For generations, the world’s biggest bimbos have gotten their start here, advancing from the innocent girl next door to the pornstar in everyone’s spank bank. How could any aspiring bimbo resist? For Ashley, it’s the chance of a lifetime– she’ll finally be given the chance to show off how sexy she feels on the inside. But this magical journey is full of twists and turns. Does she have what it takes to adapt and graduate? Welcome to Bimbo Bootcamp!