Sam’s Desires Will Fulfill Yours, With Unbelievable Breast Expansion And So Much More

Sam’s Desires is a riveting one-shot, packed with intense breast expansion and roommate rivalry as Sam and Beth battle for big breast supremacy.

While the voluptuous, beautiful, Esmeralda-esq Beth is accustomed to gawkers being mesmerized by her gigantic boobs, the cute, blonde, tomboyish Sam has grown annoyed and envious of the fact that her flat chest can’t match up to that of her roommates.

When Sam is offered a bag of pills guaranteed to make her wish come true, she realizes she can finally have the one thing she desires — large breasts. Though at first, she only wants to one-up Beth, things get out of hand when Beth decides to pop one of the potent pills herself.

As Sam and Beth’s breasts grow at a seam-splitting pace, they go pill for pill trying to outmatch each other. Their breasts continue to expand as their ecstasy elevates, leading them to the couch, where they pleasure their now extraordinarily massive boobs to an orgasmic effect.

The story, written by Comma Gremlin, delves into the sexual and physiological aspects of breast expansion, giving us a deeper look at wish fulfillment, competition, and roommate relationships.

Complementing Gremlin’s writing, Mapache’s illustrations make the story pop off the page with vivid, life-like art. Thanks to Mapache, the women are breathtaking, the boobs are stunning, and the facial expressions are truly telling of every sensation that Sam and Beth experience.

If you’re looking for an engaging read to get your blood pumping, and don’t want to follow an entire series to get a satisfying conclusion, then Sam’s Desires is the comic for you.

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