Stars & Stripes

After coming to life, Lady Liberty is excited to show off her new curves and celebrate Independence Day.

ExpandCam: Clara’s Stream

Welcome to ExpandCam, the new webcam model service that gives the viewers the power to enlarge their favorite models live through donations.


Hungry for some sex-fueled transformations and vore? Join Maggie as she turns her school into an all-you-can-eat-buffet!

Margarita Mixxxers

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo! What better way to party than with a naughty señorita with growing boobs?

Office Hours

College co-eds and a chemistry lab gone wrong…or very right! Madison needs an A, and she hatches a big plan to use her new assets to get it!

Stranger than Fiction: Big Bundle

Download and read the first two Stranger than Fiction series, in this BIG bundle. Two of BotComics all-time classics, jam-packed with expansion and transformations for days. A total of 2 series, 6 chapters, and 60 pages.

Cum to Grow: New Trials

A new drug trial offers Taylor an impressive cock and cum to make women grow beyond their wildest dreams.

Leather Leprechaun

One particular leprechaun is feeling extra naughty this St. Patrick’s Day. Dressed in green leather, she commands obedience.

Mojo Wagon: Mardi Gras

Shanelle and Lorena are ready to party at Mardi Gras, but what happens when they run afoul of a New Orleans voodoo magician?

The New Heaven: Giantess Bundle

Follow the story of how a young man’s wish reshapes the entire world in a BIG way. A total of 2 series, 10 chapters, and 100 pages, full of all the growth and expansion you love. This bundle features a giantess growth, breast expansion, pussy vore, tons of hot giantess sex, destruction, and much more!

Cupid Academy

Being a Cupid Fairy isn’t as easy as people think. It takes a lot of training and skill to make people fall in love. So in order to hone their skills, many up-and-coming fairies attend Cupid Academy, overseen by experienced professors who are determined to teach the next generation of love spreaders. But not every student is a prime candidate, and some need a little more help than others.


Caught in the rain, Laney unknowingly replaces her sketchbook with a magical spell book! What happens when she starts drawing in it?

Milfster PC

Paul uses the legendary Master PC to help his girlfriend’s mom get into a stable relationship.

Bad Chemistry

Jeff hits the jackpot when he chats up the curviest girl at the bar, but is he as lucky as he thinks?

Stocking Stuffers

The traditional elf party at the North Pole goes wild, full of transformations and festive cheer! Happy Holidays!

Incognito Bundle

2 series, 16 chapters, and 162 pages jam-packed with giantess growth, delicious giantess sex, big heavy tits, vore, destruction, and much more!

Wrapped with Care

When a mysterious gift appears under the Christmas tree, a happy couple is shocked to discover its contents of magical lingerie, able to transform them into huge, busty, Christmas bimbo sluts. They love it! The longer they wear it, the more aroused they get, and the more potent its abilities become, making them grow bigger […]

Bimbonic Plague

Humanity fights to survive the Bimbonic Plague! But how did it happen?

Delicious Treats

This Halloween, Xerta is in need of some “extra-special ingredients.” But don’t be scared, this witch is only interested in treats, not tricks!

Seeds of Sam

As Halloween approaches, Sam’s corruption turns her into a sex-hungry monster on the hunt for love. Don’t be scared!

Spells R Us: Bundle

2 series, 8 chapters, and 85 pages jam-packed with expanding breasts, growing asses, and gorgeous bimbos hungry for cocks and cum.

Queen Bee Phenomenon

In a world overrun by gigantic women, one man sets off on a sexual quest to regain global balance.

Master PC: Girlfriend Builder

Brittany’s computer died, but one of the guys in her study group loaned her a laptop. Maybe he’s not such a creep.


When the world is overrun with sexy ghosts, it takes a squad of even sexier women to protect it. In this pulse-pounding sequel, catch up with our Growbusters team as they battle all-new sexy foes in the best way they know how– sex, transformations, and action! Their uniforms can only hold so much expansion! There’s never a dull moment on the job, and with each page filled with bouncing boobs, growing butts, and seductive specters, this is sure to be one BotComics issue to haunt you. But you know who to call– Discover all the fun of this latest issue for yourself!

T&A Bundle

When Cindi discovers a Genie, it doesn’t take long for her to get some T&A of her own.

BE Games

Bored and eager for some changes? BE Games is just the thing, you just might get more than you bargained for.

Chloe’s Blind Date

Convinced by her friend Grace to go on a blind date, Chloe discovers a secret about her dark alter ego.

Milf Milk: Island Diet

Anna’s island has everything: sand, sun, and growth-inducing fruit. If she’s not careful, she might outgrow her new property.

Mother’s Love

What happens when spiked water causes major growth in women?!

Pecho del Demonio

During a road trip, four milfs discover a unique bar with surreal bloodsucking patrons. Drinking, transformation, and chaos ensue.

Growth Competition

Four women, a beachfront property, and tons of growth-inducing toys. Sounds like perfect reality TV?

My Alien Crush

From the Ideas Section! Dinner with your crush and her sexy moms? How do you say “Yes Please” in Alien?

Stranger Growth

College activists Matias and Sam have finally tracked down the latest iteration of the nefarious god particle experiments.

Luck of the Irish

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the most magical way possible with huge boobs, growing cocks, a plethora of cum and tons of sex!

Cum to Grow

An experiment goes wrong, now women are growing huge from cum! The men better watch out, these ladies are hungry!

Mr. Harper & Mr. Turner

Mrs. Harper and Mrs. Turner became Giantesses, permanently. Now, it’s up to their sons to make them feel comfortable in a world made for the small ones.

Lonely Hearts

Abby’s curiosity gets the better of her on Valentine’s Day, leading to a transformative discovery next door.

College Controlled

A sexual game between a student and teacher approaches dangerous levels when both dispute the control of their relationship.

Stanley Rogue: The Skin Thief Case

One of the biggest robot manufacturer companies in the world (Bob Bots, Inc.) is at risk when a new experimental android called A1 is accused of murdering one of the scientists inside the company’s premises. But how? Their strict codes and rigorous safety programming has always been a trademark of Bob Bots, Inc. Now, private […]


Moving to a small town, ex-pornstar Diana opens a “specialty dairy” business, turning the townswomen into bimbos and milfs.

A New Owner

Elise is turned into a hucow to pay her debts. Now she has a new owner.

Futa Virus

A new virus hits the country. Now all the women (especially the Milfs) are growing huge cocks and looking for places to stick them!

Pumpkin Queens

It’s Halloween night, and magic is in the air. As Brittany attempts to join a new coven of witches, things go astray.

Going Green

Every summer, it’s a tradition for Doug’s family to get together at a remote vacation home– but this year, things turned out differently. With everyone else in their family too busy to attend, it’s just Doug and his step aunt Veronica, this time around with the whole place to themselves. All. Alone. Sure, it’s a […]

Master PC: Reality Porn

Ken thought he was downloading a porno starting a busty cheerleader, but he clicked the wrong link and got Master PC instead. Poor guy.

The Collars

A boring securities broker finds a box of mind control collars, which he inadvertently unleashes on the women in his life!


Tired of working at her family’s food truck, Ines wishes for fame and notoriety on television!

Dairy Dilemma

Cass and Jessie sign up for a clinical trial only to find themselves becoming part of the bimbo herd.


Mona might be a MILF, but she’s no push over!

Melaina Haven

Melaina Haven is far from your typical high school librarian. There’s never been a more lustful or corrupting cougar.

Mrs. Harper

This time is David Turner, Mrs. Turner’s son, the one dealing with a growing crush for a growing Milf.

Credits to Humanity

Four ‘party girls’ are transported to an alien station, and must earn credits to get back to Earth.

Hunting for Bigfoot

Three friends travel to a scenic forest for one night. One friend has a pretty “big” secret!

Spells R Us: Digital Domains

Get transported to a 16-bit world! Traveling through a series of classic videogame-inspired levels, Alice races to rescue Sheron from the evil Dreadoron!

Grow Cookies

With the house to themselves for the night, Maggie and Dylan plan on doing more than just homework.

Muscle MILF

The Muscle MILF nutritional supplement. Side effects include increased muscle mass, more energy, and a need to fuck your trainer senseless.

Red Pill: Legalized

Red Pill, in all its giantess inducing forms, is finally legal. Milf Ellen wants to try it out for old times sake, but they don’t make it like they used to!

Pornstars Go Bigger

With a little help of both luck and science, James “The Captain”, an old porn legend is trying to recover his relevance in the new adult growing industry.

Loving Cupid

Self-recognized MILF Jackie gets a surprise visit from her friend Cupid on Valentine’s Day, and soon all hell breaks loose.

Zero to Z-Cup 2

Another flat chested “zero” is going to ascend to a gorgeous Z-cup while trying to maintain a college life.

Bessy’s Acres

When Samantha attempts to earn some college credit as a farmhand, things quickly spiral out of control.

Mega Melon Milkers

A secluded island full of mysterious, sexy inhabitants. One daring reporter determined to capture it all. What could go wrong?

PMD: War

The peace is Korea is shattered as the P.M.D (people of mass destruction) start a new PMD war!

Midnight Writer

Late at night, in the confines of her darkened bedroom, a writer gets to work, letting loose her erotic imagination.

Corrupting Charm

When a group of friends seeks revenge on an enemy by turning her into a bimbo things quickly escalate.

Chloe’s High School Reunion

Chloe’s demonic adventure continues with her high school reunion, where she will find and corrupt some of her fellow classmates.

Snowed In

A group of horny college students reuniting at a mountain getaway find themselves expanded, stalked, and snowed in!

Goo-Girl Gone Bad

When an experiment goes wrong at a laboratory, Gwen is caught in the middle of it, transforming into something strangely alluring.

Boss Bitch: Lifechanging Advertising

André’s marketing firm just got a huge client– LifeChanger, a new personality-modifying armband. Maybe trying it in the office wasn’t such a good idea

Game Changer

When four young adults find themselves magically transported inside of a cursed game they must challenge and corrupt themselves in order to escape.

Spells R Us: Vindem Vraji

Long ago, a spurned Countess made a deal with a strange old man, and unleashed a lustful spirit upon Eastern Europe.

Giantess Rangers

When the earth needs heroes, five Rangers will stand to defend it against the sexual attacks of evil Queen Rotten!

Gram Famous

Chelsea and her friends all want more likes on Gramgram. When Chelsea gets a random DM, her wishes are granted!

Lost Age

What would you do if you found yourself in a fantasy world? Go on a series of sexy adventures of course!

Seduction Technology

Malcolm, a college student, is given a “bimbo-ray” by his family in attempts to sway him into the family business.

For Science! 2

Dr. Carol Wright returns to face the biggest challenge of her life.

Mother’s Milk

When a mysterious company known as “Bust’n Out” delivers free samples to groups of milfs they live up to their name.

Growin’ Clean

Mariela brings her step-daughter, Sofia, to start earning money cleaning houses. Sofia’s curiosity leads to one BIG unexpected result.

Futa & Friends

Olivia can’t get her ex-boyfriend and his huge cock out of her heads…until she accidentally wishes for one of her own.

Rising Crime

Unleashing a toxic gas upon a news station, a new super villain invites her victims to unleash their growing desire and more carnal urges.

Remote Chance

Rick’s luck with the women has really turned around and Neil might have just found out why.

Human Resources

A big boob orgy breaks out in an office building and human resources rushes to get the requisite paperwork signed.


Mrs. Page is consumed by lustful thoughts after drinking Milf-Milk. The only person to sate her hunger? Timothy from down the street.

Spells R Us: Pin-Up

A rockabilly model finds herself in possession of an enchanted camera that adds weight to its subjects with every photo.

Agents of B.I.M.

Carrie is a highly trained operative. She’s fluent in five languages, knows ten ways to kill you without a weapon, and has just injected herself with an unknown formula. What could go wrong? Her handler Brian is less convinced. Increasingly so as his partner quickly transformers into a cock-hungry bimbo.

Beyond the Law: Reversal

Tessa returns to unleash havoc on the world, but little does she know that there’s a heroine willing to challenge her.

Plastic Plague

Fear nanomachines backfire, turning an unlucky everyman (and fetish enthusiast) into a sexual superhero!

A Bimbo’s Journey

Stephanie decides to take a modeling job to make some extra cash at college, only to find herself becoming a bimbo.

Mrs. Turner

A man’s story about a beautiful giantess MILF.

The Red Tail Saga

Krella the Red is enjoying the spoils after her last adventure. When a musician tries to steal some of her silver during a brawl, she makes him pay… all night long.

Settings Lock

Androids have been built to fulfill your every whim– but what happens if that whim is to be dominated and watch your wife fucked into senselessness?

A Slut For Fashion

Three fashion designers take advantage of the wrong hotel and pay some pretty slutty consequences.

The Meadebower Incident

In 1936, an ordinary girl, lost on an island for 12 years, returns as a 20 ft tall giantess!

Huge Influencer

A new trend sweeps the social media landscape: Huge Influencers. Some might call Marie a wallflower, but when she gets a mysterious text it becomes increasingly difficult to hide anywhere.

A Life Of Her Own

Marco’s busty fantasy women — Red — is tired of being just a figment of his imagination.

Captain Amour

Jen, an outcast, accidentally creates Captain Amour one Halloween night with a spell gone wild, ensuring mayhem.

The Ultimate Con

When conman Pete Nochio lies about his daughter, it isn’t his nose that grows. But who’s really being conned here.


A self-aware sex doll is saved by a space captain. Smitten by him, she becomes his dream girl.

Undress Distress

A genius invents a device that accidentally changes the world in way that will affect future generations.

Empowered by Envy

Rachel the loner discovers the source of a supervillain’s powers, and embarks on an epic journey of troublemaking!

In the Shadow of Heroes: Growing Pains

Peter is a Normal in a world full of Heroes: his best friend is a speedster, his mailman’s part dog, and his teacher is psychic. So when Rebecca’s 18th birthday comes and goes without her powers awakening he breaths a sign of relief. Partially because he’s not alone in being Normal, and partially because he’s […]

Wyrd Juggs

Demure nerdy Aquila is regularly bullied by Bimbo’s at her highschool. Then her goth witch cousin externalizes her inner beauty.

Dragon Balls

A bitchy princess with inflated self-worth goes too far in her pranking & meanness, incurring her servant & family’s rage.

BE Olympics

Four women compete in an obstacle course with a pool of breast expanding water under it.

Mother Earth

Mother Earth, an extremist eco-terrorist group, uses giantesses to help nature take back the planet.

Dr. Hooters

The exclusive comic adaptation of the classic BE saga has arrived to celebrate 20 years and the relaunching of

Mischief, Mayhem, Growth

When the strain of work and relationships reaches a boiling point, Tanya finds herself swept into the growing arms of a mysterious and mischievous young woman.

Statue of Bimbala

A young archeologist discovers an ancient fertility statue that causes a magical transformation.

Enthrall of the Dublin Stone

A sleazy burlesque bar attendant becomes a vixen via a stolen ancient artifact but runs afoul of its manipulative owner.

Life Mutated

Max discovers an experimental lab of marine animals. After coming face to face with a squid she is “transformed” forever.

A Kiss

What would you do if your kisses could transform a woman?

Rent Money

A college girl enters wet t-shirt contest to pay rent, finds “magic” lotion, swells to enormous proportions.

Doctor V’s Bimbos

The Female Spy Federation sends three agents to stop the nefarious Dr. V, who plans on making an army of Bimbos!

Spells R Us: The Sexy Formula

Two girls visit Spells R Us to cure their love troubles. They are given The Sexy Formula which transforms their bodies. If they are called sexy, however, something drastic happens.

Pics or GTFO

Patty has been hanging out on a forum for lovers of busty women, and she’s been telling some tall tales.

Chloe’s Open House

Chloe, a real estate agent, discovers a necklace in the middle of her estate sale. Within it are demonic powers.

Freshly Squeezed

Two ladies travel to a remote village where all the women are pleasantly busty. They eat a fruit that has interesting effects.

Stream Famous

Nikki, a video game streamer, wishes to have curves to become popular. A random person in chat grants her wish.

Grow World

A little taste of all that we have to offer. Wealthy guests find that what you covet, often covets you.

Slime Freak

Shauna, a freshman in college, has an unexpected cosmic visitor one night, made of slime, that changes her forever.

Cheer Captain

Jealously within a cheerleader team creates an orgasmic chaos

The New Heaven

A reader request story about a new world filled with giantesses!

Greyman Comics

Gumball, newest villain in Quartz City, uses altered gumballs to turn innocent women into giants. Can Greyman save the day?

Venus: Space Bimbo

Space romance adventure between a man, a sexy space bimbo, and his best friend.

Bigger Tip

A woman experiences first hand why a certain sexy chain restaurant is so successful.


Julia Millers becomes chosen test subject for TriBeauty’s new product, Aqua Youth.


Ken just bought a new house. The kitchen is to die for. The stereo is something else again…

The Superheroine’s Daughter

A college student starts dating one of his classmates, whose mother just happens to be a size-changing superheroine

Where Dreams Come True

Fantasy and reality begin to merge for one very petite college girl when she visits a theme park.

A Cure for Hypertension

Tony meets up with janet, who convinces him to go on the chemical program she’d been trying, which slowly changes him into an even bustier bimbo than she is.


Zereva the alien goes on a journey of escape, sex, and self discovery.

The Giantess Fight

A woman participates in a global tournament between giant women while searching for her missing brother.

Miffed Mindi

Don’s ex-girlfriend Mindi tries to get back with him in an extraordinary way.

The Wig

Two women fight over a wig that grants the user an incredible busty body..

Mega Force Three

In each generation, three teen girls are chosen to protect the world from evil!

Special Cargo

Mary has been given a very special, high priority assignment. To take an special cargo to Mars!

Vape Queen

A man’s girlfriend has supernatural vaporous powers. Behold, the Vape Queen!


In this inaugural issue, Felicity confronts the cities newest villain: the Blooming Fool.

Morgan Le Fay

The fairy Morgan le Fay walks through the woods and encounters an ogre who becomes a beautiful lady.

Educational Endowments

In a preparation for college class, six students have to earn their future through breast enlargement!

Monkey Paw

A young man experiences the chaotic consequences of the ancient monkey paw of legend.

One Size Fits All

A last ditch effort to raise stock value by selling clothing made from exotic Amazon fabrics raises something entirely different.

Bigous Boobsous

Malcolm Mitchell finds out his toy magic wand has very real powers… though he still just thinks it’s a toy.

The Three Wish Myth

Wish all you want. He’ll make more! Join Brad and his new friend the Genie on a magical romp!

Size Troubles

Encounter between two interplanetary spacecraft, driven by a woman and a man each and that are in an unknown planet.

Everything Changes

Corinne is gradually super endowed through the magic of Marie, a goth girl who wants to shed her immense knockers.

Green Glow

An alien gives a women the ultimate power to bring justice to the universe!


“Massive” is a semi-realistic tale of a woman’s slow journey growing from a B-cup to Taboo proportions.

The Briar Patch

Visitors to a strange planet fall into a trap that leads to growing problems, and they aren’t the first.


Hercules consults the oracle of Delphi only to find inspiration from two growing goddesses: Athena and Aphrodite.

A Wish of Genies

Aladdin, the character in the story, find a lamp with a genie woman (and giantess) miraculous.

Cards for All

Mason isn’t exactly the most popular kid in school, and as his senior year wraps up, he wants to make this Valentines Day something special, he just doesn’t realize how special they are.Mason isn’t exactly the most popular kid in school, and as his senior year wraps up, he wants to make this Valentines Day something special, he just doesn’t realize how special they are.

A Cupid’s Big Day

Lo, a newbie cupid, has been thrown into her first day of training on Valentine’s Day. She quickly gets in over her head, figuratively speaking at least.

Chubby Hubby Ice Cream

Julia’s boyfriend has just broken up with her on Valentine’s Day no less! Good thing her best friend and totally not lesbian Campbell is there to cheer her up with some ice cream.

Amber’s Second Puberty

In a secret laboratory in New York a mad scientist created a formula that was going to revolutionize the world…

Assault With Intent To Inflate

Have you ever noticed that when you want something so bad, you end up forgetting what’s right and wrong? My last roommate’s story is about that very same subject. My name’s Hank and I’m serving time at Joliet State Prison for robbery. Charlie…well…he committed a crime that wasn’t even a crime when he committed it. […]

Door to Door

An old business is failing with its sales method. A new way to get clients soon makes itself known.

A Scratch Beneath The Surface

After getting scratched by a giant monster attacking the city, scientist Lynn Fujita eventually becomes the country’s biggest hope.

Remote Chaos

The most powerful device in the universe… In the hands of a baby!

The Origin of Super Bimbo

This is the birth of a new super heroine, Super Babe, who fights for truth and justice the arousing way.

The Mansion in the big Hills

A group of paranormal researchers arrive at a haunted mansion. It inhabits the perverse ghost of a young lusty woman.

Big Surprise in a Bad Moment

Julie is a nurse, she needs to concentrate to study for a test in college. All goes well until a storm spoils her plans. Julie will have a big surprise.

My 50ft Lover

A rich woman’s affair with her housekeeper gets even more complicated when she grows fifty feet tall

Couples Therapy

A couple are given magic jewelry– when one feels sexual pleasure, their partner grows!


The Galathea lover is murdered and she find the seal of Hapy.

Read the Fine Print

A woman glances over a document and accepts without reading the fine print. She then soon finds herself growing to new heights.

Seins au Chocolat

A man givers his lover a chocolate gift that makes her breasts grow!

Codename: G-Woman

A girl becomes a giant, flees into the forest where she is confronted by the army.

Sam’s Desires

A young woman envious of her friend’s larger breasts takes pills to make her own grow bigger.

Swapping Roommates

A mysterious man is tired of the bickering girls who live downstairs from him. So he swaps them, literally.

The Adventures of Superstar

When evil threatens the peace of Century City, resident caped crusader, the spectacular Superstar leaps – enormous breasts first – into action.

Gods Amongst Us

Two gods make a bet and Teresa’s life changes because of it,.

Polar Intruder

A polar base is ravaged by an alien. Three scientific girls are sent to investigate.

The Medallion

College student Cody is given a medallion necklace that makes women want to fuck him!

Dungeon Masters

A trio of friends playing tabletop D&D gains their characters’ abilities and powers while dragons are unleashed upon the city.

Seven Daring Dwarves

A twist on the classic tale, Snow White is a somewhat demanding house guest of seven daring dwarves


The atmosphere of a small moon called PARKUM, has chemicals that alter the female physiology, as Lt. Alexandra Hayworth is about to discover firsthand.

Closer Encounters

An alien giantess comes to Earth and forms a bond with a human woman.

Red Tab: Tourist Trip

A corporate spy finds himself sampling the giantess-dream inducing hallucinogen code named “Red Tab,” getting more than he bargained for.

Breast Friends

A love frustrated woman makes a wish that will shatter the friendzone forever!

Wet Tee Shirt Contest

Three college girlfriends go to Florida for Spring Break and discover a plot to make girls’ boobs grow!


Already stressed about her wedding day, an allergic reaction to wildflowers gives bride-to-be Carrie a more gigantic problem.

Peak Shift: Mad House

Four strangers find themselves participants in a cruel game of growth and consequences.

Zero to Z-Cup

A bright college student struggles with her looks and social life, until a meteor falls down onto her and changes her life… forever.

The forest of Lost Souls

Two school girls become stranded in an enchanted forest. All goes well until They are invaded by uncontrollable sexual desires.

Island Paradise

Adrift in the ocean, a couple lands on a tropical island where the natives show them the joy of swinging and BE!


A professor, his assistant and a driver hit a military secret establishment. There are greeted by a girl who becomes a giant of drug saved work.

Witch Hunters

Two brothers witch hunters, Hanson and Ginger. They arrive at a medieval village to stop the mysterious disappearance of the girls of the village.

Growing Desire

A man’s wish for his girl to have a bigger sex drive comes true in an unusual way.

Chatting Up

Diana and Ginger love to chat. After Ginger introduces Diana to an adult website, their friendship grows in many ways.

Booby Trap

An archeologist stumbles upon a trap that has a profound effect on her chest and her life.

Spell Sioux

The Man With No Name will help a young Sioux girl to complete her revenge against the town of Deadwood.

The Giantess

A woman living in New York City can grow and shrink at will, prompting government reaction.

Milf Muffy

A college boy & an older woman experiment with BE only to get MUCH MORE than they bargained for!

Donations Accepted

Jessica visits a mysterious downtown clinic to repay a debt and make a special donation on her eighteenth birthday.

Danger Breast

A lost world,a jungle full of prehistoric animals,unexpected dangers and a lush beauty looking for her destiny.


Andrea is the top agent of a secret government group called the Org. On a mission, Andrea gets exposed to a mix of chemicals

Heavenly Boobies

An Angel and a Demon come to Earth fighting over a halo. Their battle brings forth growth of the breast and body varieties!

For Science!

A struggling female scientist discovers a big new way of life through her research.

Bubba’s Buddha Belly

Betty finds that reality is what you make of it and sometimes you just have to rub the Buddah’s belly.

Mall Madness

Wilendra, a witch who hates humans, lets her temper flare while shopping at the mall. Big problems result.

The Golden Ticket

In this reader requested retelling of the classic “Charlie in the Chocolate Factory.” The quirky tour leaves many of the guest with more than just a growing concern for their safety.

Project Overman

1943: At the height of World War II, the Axis powers unleash their newest project– a human superweapon.


A working woman gets a coveted job and uses her growing breasts and ass to keep improving her quality of life.

Milk Blasters

Firefighting women use milk from their huge breasts to fight fires.

Bee Stings

Teased about her tiny tits, Julie goes into Entomology. Now she discovers a new species that gives Julie an amazing transformation!

The Lucky Lady

The year is 1929. Pinkerton Detective Jack Archer is hired to take a new case: Investigate the whereabouts of Alice Caulfield, a spectacularly busty restaurateur.

Newton’s Cradle

Doc Newton is new in the sleepy town of Persuasion, so how is he persuading women to want bigger breasts?

Unholy Testament

The Unholy Testament is the Warlock’s Bible, and no female can touch it without being corrupted.

Expanding the Case

Private dick Sam Spayed pumps a maid to determine her innocence or guilt.

Kinky Comic Convention

Three friends embark on an adventure as people begin transforming into their costumes at a local Comic-con.

The Price of Popularity

Ariana always dreamed of being popular. She never knew her stuffed Bimbo Bear might make it happen.

Clyde’s Costumes

Clyde opens a costume shop in a cursed warehouse, and shoppers find the costumes changing more than just their appearance.

Rack’em UP

Jake Jacobs is rising up the ranks in billiards. His girlfriend, Hayden Holmes might just be rising.

Tall Tales

Simone loves to tell tales, like her gramps. Her friend Allie notices they have a commonly tall element to them.

Trance-tory Takeover

Trance-tory Industries manufactures and provides products and services. Now they are taking over, perverting one mind at a time.

Swamp Monsters

Swamp gases outside the town of Boggy Marsh hide big secrets, and five kids are about to see how big.

Off the Map

Elly has enjoyed pushing her boyfriend’s buttons. Off the map and having car trouble, she discovers pushing her own buttons.

Making it Big on Broadway

After an encounter in the subway, one young woman finds her dreams of making it big on Broadway coming true.

Getting High

Five friends are interested in partying, but after one of them gets given some strange weed, they get really HIGH.

Full-Bodied Shampoo

Aisha finds that her new shampoo really does what the advertising suggests.

Going Down Growing Up

After crashing on a deserted island, Rick and Miranda discover that their new home is changing them in strange ways

Nine Crazy Days

Purchasing a mattress called the Nine Dreamer, Ashly has nine nights to dream and nine days to live them out.