Aspects And Attributes

When her great-grandmother passes away, Tera receives a cryptic letter from her grandmother’s estate requesting her to return to her ancestral home on the eve of her 21st birthday.


Four young women become stranded after colliding into a strange barrel of chemicals one dark night. After experiencing a startling breast expansion due to the strange chemicals, they attempt to seek help at a nearby house.

Sea Change

The chronicles of a marine scientist who becomes a mermaid in order to escape an underwater death. After his transformation, he must adapt to his new life, but can’t forget the woman he loved.

Hollywood Hills

Holly, a washed up actress, would do anything to regain her former youth and beauty.

Faeophobia: Sweet Revenge

Set in the monumental Faeophobia universe, this is a sexy story of revenge and mystery. A trio of college students find themselves trapped in the middle of a chocolate-induced fae orgy. Racing against time, they must fight to save their teacher from becoming a sex-crazed slut, and uncover the mystery behind this malicious attack.

Island of Dreams

Tammy and Maria have no idea how far the Island of Dreams employers are willing to go to ensure that the wealthy clientele get all their dreams fulfilled.

Beach Comber

When a Southern California goth girl finds and brings home a strange visitor who washed up on the beach, the house beings to be stocked full of a new type of tasty milk with interesting properties.


The Large Hadron Collider is about to be turned on. The world has no idea what is coming.

The Be Project

When Melissa submits to a new Biosymbiotic Enhancement procedure offered by the local university, things turn out a little different than she expected. Includes parts I & II.

Amazon Lisa

Misty Lisa’s evil alter ego transforms her into an astonishing amazon.


Let’s enjoy this new kind of comic of a new author: SaburoX. Welcome and thanks for your work!! =)


This tale returns the reader to the fabulous magical resort first described in the comic Arcanium. This time Cecelia, our wise and voluptuous cast leader, finds a way to help an old friend while fulfilling a noblewoman’s fantasy.

Unstable Assets

One of the first BotComics comics that explores multiple transformations at once! You cannot miss this epic story, jam-packed with all levels of Breast Expansion (From mild to immobilizing boobs), and Giantess growth. The muscle lovers also get a treat, as well as the futanari enthusiasts with some cock expansion sprinkled in the way. Other […]

The Great Emulation

A princess is destined to stand out but her father’s desire to make her feel normal leads to complications in the form of The Great Emulation…

Growth Industry

Iris finds a corporate takeover entails more than just a new boss.

The Arcanium

The Arcanium, a place where illusion spells and conjury can make anyone’s fantasy become real.

Stranger Than Fiction

Doug finds himself in a surreal situation where his life is starting to seem like a porn story… where he’s in control.

Garremont Gaiden

A terrorist group strikes the city of Garremont with… a rather unthreatening attack.


Olivia and Mario sneak into an ancient archaeological site. Little do they know about the supernatural transformations they’re about to experience.

Brand New U

A revolutionary new cosmetic procedure let’s a girl get the body she always dreamed of.

When Expanding worlds Collide

A shy boy finds things change dramatically when his friend gets a magical DVD that produces a bosomy anime girl or two…


When Cindi discovers a Genie, it doesn’t take long for her to get some T&A of her own.

A Pirate’s Life

The captain of an all female pirate crew finds herself cursed to have her bosom grow whenever she – or her crew – steals… enormous breasts ensue.


Goddesses are not born; they are created, and one modern-day woman is about to be granted the gift of power and prestige that comes with being a goddess. Witness every detail of the Ascension.

Ayers’ Folly

A military experiment goes horribly wrong, causing a female soldier to uncontrollably grow. A specialist is brought in to cure the giantess, but his internal desires for her leads to the ultimate folly in judgment.

Big Debut

Advertising is big business, and Brian Arkham has the biggest product debut of them all. But was testing experimental technology on a person whilst placing them in a crowded downtown city block the best plan?

Cafe Grande

Following a letter from her cousin, Mana winds up spending her summer at a caf


There’s money to be made in destruction. All it takes is finding the right crew, the right equipment, and the right “talent” to get the job done.

Hero of Size

A parody of the popular video game Fable II, we follow the exploits of a hero that discovers a fourth, previously unknown heroic power: the power of size!

Changing and Growing in Las Vegas

Las Vegas; the city of sin. What happens when a girl discovers she can increase her bust size? Well, whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


James is visiting his friend Matt Robinson, but encounters his mother, Betty, first. Betty has a thing for hot, young, strapping men like James. Picking on James’s like of tall women, Mrs. Robinson growing power over James becomes immediately apparent.

Red Pill

Luke is an average man, living an average life in the year 2029. That is, until he tries a revolutionary drug that allows him to “live out” his fantasies.


She was a glutton for food, pleasure, sex… and size.

A New Life

Justin has proposed to his long-time girlfriend Cynthia. What should be a time of happiness is quickly overshadowed by the slow and steady shrinking of Justin. What’s causing it? And how will Cynthia and the other women in Justin’s life react?

Margo’s Matriculation

Within all of us lies a desire to become more than ourselves. For Margo, a journey through her mind turns her desire into something more literal.

Soma Seeds

A naive, young girl seeking escape joins the company of a junk trader and a mysterious woman. The girl learns about Soma Juice and the power its influence has on the world, bringing about change she would never believe possible.

Hot Gothic

An already busty Goth girl finds that she – and other Goth girls – are suddenly starting to get bustier…


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Charlie Foster accidentally ingests some special “Quama” fruits while on her way to deliver them to Dr. Summers.

Valerie’s Share

Space Smuggler, Radik, is more than apt at finding company at each spaceport he docks.


A student at an inter-species university learns the dangers of copulating with aliens…


Kinetica: a limitless source of energy. Humans serve as mere batteries for the alien race. But what happens when that energy can no longer be contained?


Taking a plane can be a nerve wracking experience, especially when one of the passengers is a beautiful woman who is growing without control.

Aliens Fave Cow

Katt decides to stop aliens – but gets more than she bargained for.

Chubby Chews

A little candy never hurt anyone but it might make you grow.

The God’s Labyrinth

Five girls incur the ire of a Greek god and must face a number of transformations in his Labyrinth in order to escape and stand a chance to return to normality

Growing Body of Research

Cynthia, a self-proclaimed “sexual Anthropologist/psychologist extraordinaire,” journeys up a frozen mountain and discovers the secret to body growth.


An infection has begun, making women become lustful and more bosomy… but this is only the beginning!

Be Retreat

An Indian guru holds the secret to self-transformation.


A girl gets bitten by a bat – but instead of becoming a vampire, she becomes a boobpire. Destined to feed on other girls and bestow sizable breasts and her curse upon them!

Little Hero

A woman thwarts a bank robbery using the power of her body.


More genie related antics for the girls and you can bet that they won’t be going out of their way to grant wishes properly…

The High

Our protagonist enters the world of the giantess through drug use. Her experiences run from the violent to the erotic.

Peak Shift

The scene shifts from Matthew and Lana onto Lana’s younger sister, who has mistakenly taken the entire bowl of the growth prototype to her college science symposium. While initially she’s unwelcome, the prototype quickly turns the situation around.

Betty: An Android’s Tale

A twisted take on another classic story. Craig is a robotic engineer who designs the Beta Epsilon android. However, when his hacker friend puts an AI in her that has the goal of becoming a real woman (and having sex with Craig as often as possible), hijinx insue, especially once Craig realizes a problem with her programming: her breasts grow when she lies.

Flat Tired

John is driving his soon-to-be college daughter Jessica to an orientation at a prospective school. Unfortunately rough roads lead to a flat and but both find the locals to be very accommodating and soon enough nothing is flat about the tire or Jessica and her daddy finds that growing up maybe isn’t such a bad thing.


Three very different women are selected to receive a new form of breast implants called Bimplants. Bimplants offer a remarkable new remote control Bio-gel that inflates their chest to whatever size they wish. But none of the three are quite prepared for the side effects which leave them constantly aroused and getting dumber as they get bigger.

Life as a Blowup Doll

A playful omnipotent trickster shares this tale of justice served on three Sigma Nu sorority girls who play a humiliating prank on a poor freshman using a blowup doll. They soon find their lives rewritten and everyone sees them as the empty girls they showed themselves to be. Don’t worry though. Plenty of guys on campus are willing to fill them up and play.

Chaos Theory

Everyone has heard of Chaos Theory, that one random act of nature here can affect another random event elsewhere on the planet. But what about people? People are part of nature. What if a bizarre sexual act one place led to another thousands of miles away? And what if the warning signs of that imminent change were as subtle as a directed breeze traveling the jetstream? This is the story of four such events, each unrelated and yet connected. A woman in Los Angeles waits for a light to change so she and the others waiting can cross the street. But more than the light changes, and no one seems much interested in crossing the street. A family of four shops on a humid day in New England, but their purchases seem less interesting than the sudden intense moral bankruptcy they each show as well as the need for a clean up on aisle four. A young couple outside a theater one night find the wind picking up. The girl discovers all too quickly that being thin and a poster girl are not quite all they are cracked up to be. But her boyfriend seems to find it swell. And finally, a couple out on makeout point discover that sometimes stuffing yourself might not be the most responsible act in the world, though it can be fun depending on what you get stuffed with. Random events, or proof that Chaos Theory is at work and the effects are quickly worsening? You decide.

Alison Wonderbra

Alison visits the mysterious Wonder Fashion Products facility where almost magical form-enhancing fashions for women are created.

Breast of the Beast

When Misty makes the mistake of calling a foreign exchange student a dumb fucking cow, she’s cursed to become exactly that. Now, any time a man is near her, her breasts swell full of milk and she loses herself to the beast that wants nothing but sex. However, the gypsy was kind to offer her an out clause: find true love within three years. David, an engineer who becomes stranded in a snow storm near her home, may just may be the right man. If she can make him fall in love with her for who she is, David will be able to break her curse. David learns quickly that there’s more to Misty than just the curse, but, when he finally admits what he feels for her, it turns out someone has other plans for David, and will stop at nothing to get their way.

Two Dollar Bet

Kimberly is new in town, a college student only having recently moved into her dorm.

SINtendo Whee Pop

Kaitlyn was just house-sitting and got bored. She found the SINtendo Whee game system in a closet and decided to play a game. The game was Whee Pop and it seemed simple enough at first. However avoiding the bubbles was impossible and when they popped, she found herself blowing up in various ways. As the game continued, her world was turned upside down as her body was reshaped, her breasts began lactating, and she lost all her intelligence. But now, she warns others about the dangers of SINtendo Whee from her online video blog.

Pranked with a Kiss

Bernice Coylan loves being a prankster, heedless of the consequences of her actions. When she discovers some mgic lipsticks that let her alter other people’s anatomies, however, her indulgence leads her to causing a great deal of trouble for ther peers.

Company Ink

A woman who is infatuated with her boss is willing to do whatever it takes to get his attention. After stumbling upon his secret fetish for huge boobs she seeks out a doctor to give her the huge breast implants that she knows he so desperately desires. The question is now, will it be enough?

Spells R Us: Be Wary How You Wish

Two friends go on a camping trip. Both make wishes where a river spirit overhears them. However, one’s friend wish to become popular is misunderstood, changing him into something else entirely. The other’s wish, to have the ability to make a woman’s breasts swell, but only if they truly believe they are his girlfriend, leads to not one, but two new girlfriends.

Cruise Controlled

Amanda finds herself having a swell time on board a cruise after meeting the mysterious Master Grey.

The Freshman’s Fifteen

Melinda is heading off to college and one of those goals is to not fall prey to the infamous Freshman Fifteen.

Ashly gets Jizzed by Jazz

Jazzmin has always been blessed with the perfect body for being a real slut, and unlike a lot of girls, she is dedicated to that lifestyle.

Play Testing – The Pleasure Station

Megan Hunt has been reviewing games and game systems successfully from her online blog. She is hard-edged and tough, never going easy on the games or their makers. After a particularly scathing review of Sonix, a relative urban legend in the gaming industry, she recieves a surprise package in the mail one day. Megan can hardly believe that her reviews have gotten enough attention that the founder of the company is offering her a chance to review not only their new prototype game system but an entire compilation of cames, covering classics to modern hits. Megan has always been comfortable in her body and she knows what she has going for her, but each game she plays brings changes she never could have foreseen and no matter how she tries to adjust or correct those changes things only progress for her. Every new game not only brings better graphics, more advanced videogaming technology, but also bigger changes and more severe changes to the girl Megan used to be. Will she achieve her dream of being a famous girl of gaming or will she end up only being recognized for her two biggest assets? Only by play testing the new Pleasure Station will she ever find out.

Growth Studies – Judith Moss

Judith Moss works in an office. With no time for fun, she focuses completely on her job, at the expense of any social life. However, when she gets hit by a strange beam from the stars, fate decides to change all that.

The Boob Job

Facing a lack of success in getting employed, Judith Leeds finds herself going in for a job interview at a company called BodyWorkds, where she finds friends, success and an easy way to change her apppearance for the better.

The Carnal Candle

Emily buys a candle from a mysterious shop. Once home to her boyfriend, she lights it and goes to school. There, we meet her nemesis, Amy. However, the candle activates during one of her lessons. Rushing out, she climaxes in a cubicle and discovers that she has grown from a short, skinny girl to a curvy girl of average height. She rushes home and has amazing sex with her boyfriend and blows out the candle But now Amy knows about it, leaving the issue on a cliffhanger.

Bubbling Up from the Abyss

They were sent to study living creatures rarely seen by human eyes, to the bottom of the ocean with brand new wetsuits giving a new form of freedom for the very first time, to explore this alien landscape. The Poseidon research facility is a modern underwater construction, currently housing four individuals.

Stephen Fishel, an awkward man on land, is like a “Fishel” out of water. In the depths though, he is a leader among this group. His scientist aide comes in the form of Debra Overman, a mid twenties woman who is determined and purely focused on the job not the attention that she unwantedly recieves from a third member of their team, Raymond Dice. Dice is the grunt, a hulking man who is mainly there to follow orders, not having a scientific background. Finally, there is Jacob Reece, the oldest member of the expedition and serving as medical expert and advisor on biological specimens.

It is an unknown biological specimen that triggers the problem, attacking Debra Overman and creating some very unique effects within her, effects that will need time to study and be quite literally a pressing matter for the small group of ocean explorers. Will the Poseidon crew be able to continue their research? Will Debra ever fit into her wetsuit again? Or will the depths not be the only thing that proves crushing for the three men trapped at the bottom of the sea with a growing girl like Debra?

Growth Studies: Kaley Miles

Kaley longs to be noticed by other people. One night when she gazes out of the window, she is struck by a strange beam. Growth ensues.


Two college students release a great evil unto the world: Lilith, a succubus determined to enslave the world. They are given powers over body and mind and charged with stopping her. With Xore’s ability to control minds and Emily’s ability to change a person’s body, will they be able to defeat Lilith or will they fall pray to their own lusts and desires?

Watered Down Science

A science experiment makes giant breakthroughs at a high school known for big achievements.

For Her Pleasure

Thanks to experimental drugs, a man has sex with women and makes them grow.

Spells R Us: All Dressed Up

Cindy and Keiko are college roommates and friends, yet they are at opposite ends of the spectrum in many ways.

Fairy Tale

Bronwnyn, Alina and Chevvy all long for larger tits. While embarking on a search for a solution to their problems, they encounter a magic fairy who transports them to a land where all their wildest fanstasies come true.

Never Mess with Mother Nature

Mother Nature strikes back at humans for destroying forests, and her first targets are mothers and daughters visiting a mall.

As You Wish

A newlywed couple finds themselves with a genie and trouble.

Air Pollution

A sportscar releases heavy pollution as it drives through town. Breathing in that exhaust has interesting effects on the locals.

Master PC – The Ultimate Gift

With Jack turning twenty-one, his multi-millionaire Father (Sam) attempts to mend their broken relationship. Using the Master PC program, he attempts to bestow him the ultimate gift.

King of the Boob Tube

The balance of power in the King household is about to shift all thanks to a remote control.

Nine Crazy Days

Purchasing a mattress called the Nine Dreamer, Ashly has nine nights to dream and nine days to live them out.

Going Down Growing Up

After crashing on a deserted island, Rick and Miranda discover that their new home is changing them in strange ways

Full-Bodied Shampoo

Aisha finds that her new shampoo really does what the advertising suggests.

Getting High

Five friends are interested in partying, but after one of them gets given some strange weed, they get really HIGH.

Making it Big on Broadway

After an encounter in the subway, one young woman finds her dreams of making it big on Broadway coming true.

Off the Map

Elly has enjoyed pushing her boyfriend’s buttons. Off the map and having car trouble, she discovers pushing her own buttons.

Swamp Monsters

Swamp gases outside the town of Boggy Marsh hide big secrets, and five kids are about to see how big.

Trance-tory Takeover

Trance-tory Industries manufactures and provides products and services. Now they are taking over, perverting one mind at a time.

Tall Tales

Simone loves to tell tales, like her gramps. Her friend Allie notices they have a commonly tall element to them.

Rack’em UP

Jake Jacobs is rising up the ranks in billiards. His girlfriend, Hayden Holmes might just be rising.

Clyde’s Costumes

Clyde opens a costume shop in a cursed warehouse, and shoppers find the costumes changing more than just their appearance.

The Price of Popularity

Ariana always dreamed of being popular. She never knew her stuffed Bimbo Bear might make it happen.

Kinky Comic Convention

Three friends embark on an adventure as people begin transforming into their costumes at a local Comic-con.

Expanding the Case

Private dick Sam Spayed pumps a maid to determine her innocence or guilt.

Unholy Testament

The Unholy Testament is the Warlock’s Bible, and no female can touch it without being corrupted.

Newton’s Cradle

Doc Newton is new in the sleepy town of Persuasion, so how is he persuading women to want bigger breasts?

The Lucky Lady

The year is 1929. Pinkerton Detective Jack Archer is hired to take a new case: Investigate the whereabouts of Alice Caulfield, a spectacularly busty restaurateur.

Bee Stings

Teased about her tiny tits, Julie goes into Entomology. Now she discovers a new species that gives Julie an amazing transformation!

Milk Blasters

Firefighting women use milk from their huge breasts to fight fires.


A working woman gets a coveted job and uses her growing breasts and ass to keep improving her quality of life.

Project Overman

1943: At the height of World War II, the Axis powers unleash their newest project– a human superweapon.

The Golden Ticket

In this reader requested retelling of the classic “Charlie in the Chocolate Factory.” The quirky tour leaves many of the guest with more than just a growing concern for their safety.

Mall Madness

Wilendra, a witch who hates humans, lets her temper flare while shopping at the mall. Big problems result.

Bubba’s Buddha Belly

Betty finds that reality is what you make of it and sometimes you just have to rub the Buddah’s belly.

For Science!

A struggling female scientist discovers a big new way of life through her research.

Heavenly Boobies

An Angel and a Demon come to Earth fighting over a halo. Their battle brings forth growth of the breast and body varieties!


Andrea is the top agent of a secret government group called the Org. On a mission, Andrea gets exposed to a mix of chemicals

Danger Breast

A lost world,a jungle full of prehistoric animals,unexpected dangers and a lush beauty looking for her destiny.

Donations Accepted

Jessica visits a mysterious downtown clinic to repay a debt and make a special donation on her eighteenth birthday.

Milf Muffy

A college boy & an older woman experiment with BE only to get MUCH MORE than they bargained for!

The Giantess

A woman living in New York City can grow and shrink at will, prompting government reaction.

Spell Sioux

The Man With No Name will help a young Sioux girl to complete her revenge against the town of Deadwood.

Booby Trap

An archeologist stumbles upon a trap that has a profound effect on her chest and her life.

Chatting Up

Diana and Ginger love to chat. After Ginger introduces Diana to an adult website, their friendship grows in many ways.

Growing Desire

A man’s wish for his girl to have a bigger sex drive comes true in an unusual way.

Witch Hunters

Two brothers witch hunters, Hanson and Ginger. They arrive at a medieval village to stop the mysterious disappearance of the girls of the village.


A professor, his assistant and a driver hit a military secret establishment. There are greeted by a girl who becomes a giant of drug saved work.

Island Paradise

Adrift in the ocean, a couple lands on a tropical island where the natives show them the joy of swinging and BE!

The forest of Lost Souls

Two school girls become stranded in an enchanted forest. All goes well until They are invaded by uncontrollable sexual desires.

Zero to Z-Cup

A bright college student struggles with her looks and social life, until a meteor falls down onto her and changes her life… forever.

Peak Shift: Mad House

Four strangers find themselves participants in a cruel game of growth and consequences.


Already stressed about her wedding day, an allergic reaction to wildflowers gives bride-to-be Carrie a more gigantic problem.

Wet Tee Shirt Contest

Three college girlfriends go to Florida for Spring Break and discover a plot to make girls’ boobs grow!

Breast Friends

A love frustrated woman makes a wish that will shatter the friendzone forever!

Red Tab: Tourist Trip

A corporate spy finds himself sampling the giantess-dream inducing hallucinogen code named “Red Tab,” getting more than he bargained for.

Closer Encounters

An alien giantess comes to Earth and forms a bond with a human woman.


The atmosphere of a small moon called PARKUM, has chemicals that alter the female physiology, as Lt. Alexandra Hayworth is about to discover firsthand.

Seven Daring Dwarves

A twist on the classic tale, Snow White is a somewhat demanding house guest of seven daring dwarves

Dungeon Masters

A trio of friends playing tabletop D&D gains their characters’ abilities and powers while dragons are unleashed upon the city.

The Medallion

College student Cody is given a medallion necklace that makes women want to fuck him!

Polar Intruder

A polar base is ravaged by an alien. Three scientific girls are sent to investigate.

Gods Amongst Us

Two gods make a bet and Teresa’s life changes because of it,.

The Adventures of Superstar

When evil threatens the peace of Century City, resident caped crusader, the spectacular Superstar leaps – enormous breasts first – into action.

Swapping Roommates

A mysterious man is tired of the bickering girls who live downstairs from him. So he swaps them, literally.

Sam’s Desires

A young woman envious of her friend’s larger breasts takes pills to make her own grow bigger.

Codename: G-Woman

A girl becomes a giant, flees into the forest where she is confronted by the army.

Seins au Chocolat

A man givers his lover a chocolate gift that makes her breasts grow!

Read the Fine Print

A woman glances over a document and accepts without reading the fine print. She then soon finds herself growing to new heights.


The Galathea lover is murdered and she find the seal of Hapy.

Couples Therapy

A couple are given magic jewelry– when one feels sexual pleasure, their partner grows!

My 50ft Lover

A rich woman’s affair with her housekeeper gets even more complicated when she grows fifty feet tall

Big Surprise in a Bad Moment

Julie is a nurse, she needs to concentrate to study for a test in college. All goes well until a storm spoils her plans. Julie will have a big surprise.

The Mansion in the big Hills

A group of paranormal researchers arrive at a haunted mansion. It inhabits the perverse ghost of a young lusty woman.

The Origin of Super Bimbo

This is the birth of a new super heroine, Super Babe, who fights for truth and justice the arousing way.

Remote Chaos

The most powerful device in the universe… In the hands of a baby!

A Scratch Beneath The Surface

After getting scratched by a giant monster attacking the city, scientist Lynn Fujita eventually becomes the country’s biggest hope.

Door to Door

An old business is failing with its sales method. A new way to get clients soon makes itself known.

Assault With Intent To Inflate

Have you ever noticed that when you want something so bad, you end up forgetting what’s right and wrong? My last roommate’s story is about that very same subject. My name’s Hank and I’m serving time at Joliet State Prison for robbery. Charlie…well…he committed a crime that wasn’t even a crime when he committed it. […]

Amber’s Second Puberty

In a secret laboratory in New York a mad scientist created a formula that was going to revolutionize the world…

Chubby Hubby Ice Cream

Julia’s boyfriend has just broken up with her on Valentine’s Day no less! Good thing her best friend and totally not lesbian Campbell is there to cheer her up with some ice cream.

A Cupid’s Big Day

Lo, a newbie cupid, has been thrown into her first day of training on Valentine’s Day. She quickly gets in over her head, figuratively speaking at least.

Cards for All

Mason isn’t exactly the most popular kid in school, and as his senior year wraps up, he wants to make this Valentines Day something special, he just doesn’t realize how special they are.Mason isn’t exactly the most popular kid in school, and as his senior year wraps up, he wants to make this Valentines Day something special, he just doesn’t realize how special they are.

A Wish of Genies

Aladdin, the character in the story, find a lamp with a genie woman (and giantess) miraculous.


Hercules consults the oracle of Delphi only to find inspiration from two growing goddesses: Athena and Aphrodite.

The Briar Patch

Visitors to a strange planet fall into a trap that leads to growing problems, and they aren’t the first.


“Massive” is a semi-realistic tale of a woman’s slow journey growing from a B-cup to Taboo proportions.

Green Glow

An alien gives a women the ultimate power to bring justice to the universe!

Everything Changes

Corinne is gradually super endowed through the magic of Marie, a goth girl who wants to shed her immense knockers.

Size Troubles

Encounter between two interplanetary spacecraft, driven by a woman and a man each and that are in an unknown planet.

The Three Wish Myth

Wish all you want. He’ll make more! Join Brad and his new friend the Genie on a magical romp!

Bigous Boobsous

Malcolm Mitchell finds out his toy magic wand has very real powers… though he still just thinks it’s a toy.

One Size Fits All

A last ditch effort to raise stock value by selling clothing made from exotic Amazon fabrics raises something entirely different.

Monkey Paw

A young man experiences the chaotic consequences of the ancient monkey paw of legend.

Educational Endowments

In a preparation for college class, six students have to earn their future through breast enlargement!

Morgan Le Fay

The fairy Morgan le Fay walks through the woods and encounters an ogre who becomes a beautiful lady.


In this inaugural issue, Felicity confronts the cities newest villain: the Blooming Fool.

Vape Queen

A man’s girlfriend has supernatural vaporous powers. Behold, the Vape Queen!

Special Cargo

Mary has been given a very special, high priority assignment. To take an special cargo to Mars!

Mega Force Three

In each generation, three teen girls are chosen to protect the world from evil!

The Wig

Two women fight over a wig that grants the user an incredible busty body..

Miffed Mindi

Don’s ex-girlfriend Mindi tries to get back with him in an extraordinary way.

The Giantess Fight

A woman participates in a global tournament between giant women while searching for her missing brother.


Zereva the alien goes on a journey of escape, sex, and self discovery.

A Cure for Hypertension

Tony meets up with janet, who convinces him to go on the chemical program she’d been trying, which slowly changes him into an even bustier bimbo than she is.

Where Dreams Come True

Fantasy and reality begin to merge for one very petite college girl when she visits a theme park.

The Superheroine’s Daughter

A college student starts dating one of his classmates, whose mother just happens to be a size-changing superheroine


Ken just bought a new house. The kitchen is to die for. The stereo is something else again…


Julia Millers becomes chosen test subject for TriBeauty’s new product, Aqua Youth.

Bigger Tip

A woman experiences first hand why a certain sexy chain restaurant is so successful.

Venus: Space Bimbo

Space romance adventure between a man, a sexy space bimbo, and his best friend.

Greyman Comics

Gumball, newest villain in Quartz City, uses altered gumballs to turn innocent women into giants. Can Greyman save the day?

The New Heaven

A reader request story about a new world filled with giantesses!

Cheer Captain

Jealously within a cheerleader team creates an orgasmic chaos

Slime Freak

Shauna, a freshman in college, has an unexpected cosmic visitor one night, made of slime, that changes her forever.

Grow World

A little taste of all that we have to offer. Wealthy guests find that what you covet, often covets you.

Stream Famous

Nikki, a video game streamer, wishes to have curves to become popular. A random person in chat grants her wish.

Freshly Squeezed

Two ladies travel to a remote village where all the women are pleasantly busty. They eat a fruit that has interesting effects.

Chloe’s Open House

Chloe, a real estate agent, discovers a necklace in the middle of her estate sale. Within it are demonic powers.

Pics or GTFO

Patty has been hanging out on a forum for lovers of busty women, and she’s been telling some tall tales.

Spells R Us: The Sexy Formula

Two girls visit Spells R Us to cure their love troubles. They are given The Sexy Formula which transforms their bodies. If they are called sexy, however, something drastic happens.

Doctor V’s Bimbos

The Female Spy Federation sends three agents to stop the nefarious Dr. V, who plans on making an army of Bimbos!

Rent Money

A college girl enters wet t-shirt contest to pay rent, finds “magic” lotion, swells to enormous proportions.

A Kiss

What would you do if your kisses could transform a woman?

Life Mutated

Max discovers an experimental lab of marine animals. After coming face to face with a squid she is “transformed” forever.

Enthrall of the Dublin Stone

A sleazy burlesque bar attendant becomes a vixen via a stolen ancient artifact but runs afoul of its manipulative owner.

Statue of Bimbala

A young archeologist discovers an ancient fertility statue that causes a magical transformation.

Mischief, Mayhem, Growth

When the strain of work and relationships reaches a boiling point, Tanya finds herself swept into the growing arms of a mysterious and mischievous young woman.

Dr. Hooters

The exclusive comic adaptation of the classic BE saga has arrived to celebrate 20 years and the relaunching of

Mother Earth

Mother Earth, an extremist eco-terrorist group, uses giantesses to help nature take back the planet.

BE Olympics

Four women compete in an obstacle course with a pool of breast expanding water under it.

Dragon Balls

A bitchy princess with inflated self-worth goes too far in her pranking & meanness, incurring her servant & family’s rage.

Wyrd Juggs

Demure nerdy Aquila is regularly bullied by Bimbo’s at her highschool. Then her goth witch cousin externalizes her inner beauty.

In the Shadow of Heroes: Growing Pains

Peter is a Normal in a world full of Heroes: his best friend is a speedster, his mailman’s part dog, and his teacher is psychic. So when Rebecca’s 18th birthday comes and goes without her powers awakening he breaths a sign of relief. Partially because he’s not alone in being Normal, and partially because he’s […]

Empowered by Envy

Rachel the loner discovers the source of a supervillain’s powers, and embarks on an epic journey of troublemaking!

Undress Distress

A genius invents a device that accidentally changes the world in way that will affect future generations.


A self-aware sex doll is saved by a space captain. Smitten by him, she becomes his dream girl.

The Ultimate Con

When conman Pete Nochio lies about his daughter, it isn’t his nose that grows. But who’s really being conned here.

Captain Amour

Jen, an outcast, accidentally creates Captain Amour one Halloween night with a spell gone wild, ensuring mayhem.

A Life Of Her Own

Marco’s busty fantasy women — Red — is tired of being just a figment of his imagination.

Huge Influencer

A new trend sweeps the social media landscape: Huge Influencers. Some might call Marie a wallflower, but when she gets a mysterious text it becomes increasingly difficult to hide anywhere.

The Meadebower Incident

In 1936, an ordinary girl, lost on an island for 12 years, returns as a 20 ft tall giantess!

A Slut For Fashion

Three fashion designers take advantage of the wrong hotel and pay some pretty slutty consequences.

Settings Lock

Androids have been built to fulfill your every whim– but what happens if that whim is to be dominated and watch your wife fucked into senselessness?

The Red Tail Saga

Krella the Red is enjoying the spoils after her last adventure. When a musician tries to steal some of her silver during a brawl, she makes him pay… all night long.

Mrs. Turner

A man’s story about a beautiful giantess MILF.

A Bimbo’s Journey

Stephanie decides to take a modeling job to make some extra cash at college, only to find herself becoming a bimbo.

Plastic Plague

Fear nanomachines backfire, turning an unlucky everyman (and fetish enthusiast) into a sexual superhero!

Beyond the Law: Reversal

Tessa returns to unleash havoc on the world, but little does she know that there’s a heroine willing to challenge her.

Agents of B.I.M.

Carrie is a highly trained operative. She’s fluent in five languages, knows ten ways to kill you without a weapon, and has just injected herself with an unknown formula. What could go wrong? Her handler Brian is less convinced. Increasingly so as his partner quickly transformers into a cock-hungry bimbo.

Spells R Us: Pin-Up

A rockabilly model finds herself in possession of an enchanted camera that adds weight to its subjects with every photo.


Mrs. Page is consumed by lustful thoughts after drinking Milf-Milk. The only person to sate her hunger? Timothy from down the street.

Human Resources

A big boob orgy breaks out in an office building and human resources rushes to get the requisite paperwork signed.

Remote Chance

Rick’s luck with the women has really turned around and Neil might have just found out why.

Rising Crime

Unleashing a toxic gas upon a news station, a new super villain invites her victims to unleash their growing desire and more carnal urges.

Futa & Friends

Olivia can’t get her ex-boyfriend and his huge cock out of her heads…until she accidentally wishes for one of her own.

Growin’ Clean

Mariela brings her step-daughter, Sofia, to start earning money cleaning houses. Sofia’s curiosity leads to one BIG unexpected result.

Mother’s Milk

When a mysterious company known as “Bust’n Out” delivers free samples to groups of milfs they live up to their name.

For Science! 2

Dr. Carol Wright returns to face the biggest challenge of her life.

Seduction Technology

Malcolm, a college student, is given a “bimbo-ray” by his family in attempts to sway him into the family business.

Lost Age

What would you do if you found yourself in a fantasy world? Go on a series of sexy adventures of course!

Gram Famous

Chelsea and her friends all want more likes on Gramgram. When Chelsea gets a random DM, her wishes are granted!

Giantess Rangers

When the earth needs heroes, five Rangers will stand to defend it against the sexual attacks of evil Queen Rotten!