The Adventures of Superstar Reads Like a Silver Age Classic

The Adventures of Superstar is a big-breasted take on the classic superhero comics of yesteryear. The timeless illustration style and compelling story of pure heroics set the table for riveting breast expansion and theft.

The tale starts in the middle of a dynamic high-speed chase across Siegel Bridge. Shots are fired and cars collide, sending a vehicle and two innocent bystanders plummeting towards a watery death. When it looks like their fate is sealed, Century City’s guardian, Superstar, flies in for the rescue.

With no time to catch her breast (cough) breath, Superstar gets a call from her potential love interest, Detective Richards, informing her of a bank robbery in progress.

She arrives on the scene to find the Robster, her long-time lobster clawed foe, attempting what appears to be just another ordinary heist. That is, until Superstar thwarts the robbery and the Robster’s true plans are executed.

With a thankful breast-groping hug from a seemingly saved damsel, Superstar’s boobs are stolen, leading to a captivating breast expansion scene for the enchanting boob thief.

Waking up weakened, restrained, and flat chested in the Robster’s lair, Superstar comes face to face with the new owner of her magnificent breasts — The Busty Bandit. The bodaciously-boobed, Harley Quinn-esq Busty Bandit makes the perfect villainous vixen, complete with thigh-high boots, black lipstick, and pasties.

After meeting her new nemesis, Superstar takes us on a flashback journey to two-years ago. As she was going for her regular morning jog, an asteroid came crashing to earth. Intrigued, she approached the mammoth glowing rock until it exploded, sending her flying back and left unconscious.

When she awoke, she was endowed with super strength, followed by a crippling pain. Then, her breast began to expand, popping out of her tank top in glorious fashion. Confused and panicked, she starts to run, only to lift off in flight like she could never imagine.

Don’t miss this enthralling story by SaburoX (Dungeons and D Cups, Farewell from Chastity) and lively illustrations by Chris Flash and Peter Logan (Island Paradise). Read The Adventures of Superstar and more adult comics, only available at

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