This Fairy Tale is far from Grimm

When her friends Alina and Chevvy express their jealousy of her magnificent bust, Bronwyn replies “I guess the boob fairy just wouldn’t let me be.” She’s joking, but when the trio settle in for the night a glowing figure flits in through the window — the Boob Fairy!

The appearance of a cheerful, buxom Boob Fairy is probably the most normal thing to happen in A Fairy Tale, a light-hearted fantasy comedy written by Prophet Tenebrae and Malenkaya with illustrations by Portalcomic. The simple premise — magical fairy dust that causes the three friends’ chests to swell to newer and greater dimensions — would be enough for most breast-expansion story creators, but here it’s just the beginning.

The three friends try to find out how to summon a fairy, each with her own reasons. The magic ritual leads them to fairyland, where they meet the Boob Fairy again, together with her colleagues the Ass Fairy, the Height Fairy and the Muscle Fairy. One mixup with some fairy dust and one encounter with the Fairy Queen later, the trio are on their way back home — but things aren’t going to be the same anymore. Not only have they discovered that Bronwyn is secretly a fairy princess, but Alina has eaten some fairy fruit and, as a result, her breast milk now has … supernatural properties.

Once the characters get back, it’s a tangled whirl of subplots — a secret club of fairies exiled to earth, growing tensions between the three friends, an irresponsible kid brother selling off Alina’s milk, and more all combine to make A Fairy Tale fast-paced and fun, with misunderstandings, schemes, gags and, of course, plenty of ever-expanding, bra-busting bosoms.

Light, humorous and shamelessly bizarre, A Fairy Tale takes its cues from the modern urban fantasy genre but keeps the breast expansion action front and center — hardly a scene goes past without someone’s chest erupting to outrageous proportions. And when Alina’s powers start to go to her head, her proportions go well beyond outrageous.

The humor of the story is supported by the charming, expressive faces; I was particularly fond of Alina’s goggle-eyed expression as she stares at Bronwyn’s chest early on in the story. I also really liked the sketchy, lighter style that appears in the dream sequences; it gives them a gentle, ethereal quality that’s very different from the bawdy humor of the rest of the story!

If you’re looking for a story that mixes modern magic, high-school hijinks and, y’know, giant boobs, definitely give A Fairy Tale a try. It’s off-beat, quirky and charming.


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