She is Ellen's daughter. The two bare a striking resemblance, though Sally lacks all of Ellen's curves and grace. Sally is a senior is high school, though she looks younger due to her petite frame 😋
Red PIll - Legalized_Avatar_Sally
A Japanese woman roughly Devin and Sally's age. She is initially petite with a pixie cut and round-frame glasses. She has a bubbly demeanor. She likes to wear a pair of overall shorts with an anime T-shirt underneath.
Red PIll - Legalized_Avatar_Mei
Emily has two bodies. One is her normal look; an intelligent girl with long straight hair. But since she doesn’t have time to use makeup she usually ties her hair up. She has average sized breasts and beautiful long legs. Her glasses hide her cute face.
Smart Girl_Avatar_Emily
Miss Jewel
One of the teachers at Bimbo Bootcamp. Think a sexy Miss Frizzle from “Magic School Bus.”
Juicy Recruit_ A Bimbo Bootcamp Story_Avatar_Miss Jewel
One of Bimbo Boot Camp’s prestigious alumni. In charge of the students. Friendly but intimidating.
Juicy Recruit_ A Bimbo Bootcamp Story_Avatar_Harper
Ashley Barns
One of the newest students of Bimbo Bootcamp. Feeling inadequate and unworthy of the program, she’s willing to do whatever it takes to stick around.
Juicy Recruit_ A Bimbo Bootcamp Story_Avatar_Ashley
Early 20s, she stands about 6'0 and is incredibly sexually liberated. She has the body of a pro volleyball player and wears short-short jean cut offs and a shirt tied off at the bust to show off her stomach. Despite her athletic figure she is sporting E cup breasts.
Futa Virus Freshman Fifteen_Avatar_Victoria
She's a new freshman on campus, and she has scarlet red hair in a wavy bob haircut!
Futa Virus Freshman Fifteen_Avatar_Felicity
Large breasts, but noticeably bottom heavy, with a big ass and thick thighs, giving her an almost pear-shaped body type, moreso than most of the other MILFs in town!
Village of the MILFs_Character_Janet
One of the mysterious MILFs in her thirties. Noticeably busty (even for the MILFs!)
Village of the MILFs_Character_Betty
Agent Shay
Shay is the newest resident of a town populated almost entirely by enormous women who are almost too cheerful.
Village of the MILFs_Character_Agent Shay
Loraine’s husband. Always away on business and lacking affection.
Mighty Milf I_Characte_Alfred
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