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Giantess Girl

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Illustrator FAQs

We prefer western comic style, however, we’re open to new styles, except for Manga or Japanese comic style. Submit your portfolio and we will let you know if your style is suitable for our comics.

Depending on the production team work load, it can take up to 7 working days.

It’s a form required to state the ownership of the work. It also works as a payment receipt.

Rates are defined according your seniority and background as an artist and the quality of your work.

Of course, we don’t demand exclusivity.

We look for artists capable to deliver a minimum of 11 pages per month. If you are not able to deliver such amount, we can always discuss about it and come to an agreement in case there’s a mutual interest in working together and forging a working partnership.

The only limit will be given by the availability of new written scripts to illustrate and the work balance between you and other artists. We prefer not to accumulate nor publish too much work of the same kind.

No, you can’t. We do not accept signatures or watermarks on the submitted pages.

Authors FAQs

Sadly no. We don’t accept more than the pilot chapter, which should be 10 comic pages long.

Depending on the production team work load, it can take up to 14 working days.

Yes, you can if it isn’t an original character just created for us.

Yes, there are several subjects and words forbidden by us and the credit card operators. Click here to see the “Blacklist”.

It’s a form required to correctly tag and describe each chapter or story. It’s also useful for illustrator reference.

It’s a form required to state the ownership of the work. it also works as a payment receipt.

Our base rate is $50 USD per each comic book script of 10 pages.

Sure, you can write for any website that you like.

General FAQs

Our main Payment method is through PayPal, however depending on the situation and location we can use other services such as Wise or bank transfers.

No, you can’t. We own exclusive rights for publishing and selling the material you sell to us.

It protects our rights and yours and it defines the limitations of each other.

Both parties (You and us) can decide to terminate the contract at anytime without submitting new works and/or without accepting new works but if you have a work in progress, you need to finish the series first and then you can ask to terminate the contract.

In the hiring process we will ask you for your Pen Name so we can showcase it in our comics and credit you.

Send us a comment using the form below and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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