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Veronika has a wish, a boyfriend! And her generosity will help her with that.


Trust is a double-edged sword and Veronika is going to learn more about it. Welcome to Enchanted, a series that seeks to explore the scope of our most intimate desires. Veronika is a young and beautiful woman who can’t keep a stable relationship, always finding losers who can’t make her happy. But an act of great generosity leads her to meet a mysterious man, who offers her (as a gesture of gratitude) the possibility of getting what she most desires. Although nothing comes for free, a huge cost as an overwhelming sexual desire and a constant need to be the best and the “only one”. So, will this be enough for her to achieve her dreams? Or will it be the beginning of a huge problem for her life? 40 pages in which the mysterious power that Veronika now has with her must be solved.

Official Publisher's Review

Hello Botcomics readers! Once again we bring before you a story conceived thanks to the help of all of you. SCO and J.J. McQuade bring us a compilation of some ideas that were left on the shelf many years ago proposed by you, our readers. This time we bring you ENCHANTED and the story of Veronika, a young and beautiful woman who wants only one thing: a boyfriend to be happy. But her desires are also her weaknesses, because thanks to his generosity and a huge gift (ENORMOUS) she will be free to make decisions on her own. Breast Expansion, Giantess, Amazonians, envy, orgies and much more inside these 40 pages created thanks to ideas you gave us in the past. A very good bedtime reading. And don’t forget, your wishes can come true if you are generous!

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Enchanted I Title


Veronika has a wish, a boyfriend! And her generosity will help her with that.

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A young and beautiful blonde whose greatest desire is to have a boyfriend.
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