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Botcomics FAQs

We have migrated your past purchases from the old system to our new site. You can find your order history here

The new streamer loads one chapter at a time, perfect for mobile devices. Use the dropdown on the header to navigate between chapters. You can read more about this change here.
Please create a support ticket on the Helpdesk Tab on your Dashboard, and we will find out what’s happening.

This option was available just for series from the old website, and ended on January 2nd, 2024. We do not offer individual chapters anymore. You can choose between the purchase of complete series for download/offline reading or a subscription for online unlimited reading.

We honor the old series, allowing our customers to purchase the remaining chapters till January 2nd, 2024. New series will be sold individually only as a series. Chapters won’t be available separately.

Yes, you can. We currently have a purchase limit of $200, please have that in mind.

Go to the shopping cart under your user profile and you’ll be able to add multiple items to a single purchase.

No. You are not allowed to delete your account on our websites and we can’t delete it either.  

After you create your account and start doing transactions (purchases, subscriptions, likes, ideas, etc.) your user storages information on our database. 

Deleting your account would compromise the integrity of our database, affecting not only your account but relevant information to other users.

We added the status of each series below each cover on the product page. If it says “ONGOING” the series isn’t finished, and you are paying for the potential upcoming chapters that might be added in the future. We offer pre-ordering on series, so you can get a discounted price if you buy it before the production process has started or published. Since we try to keep the publication mix balanced, we do not post more than one chapter of the same series in the same month as a rule. We can’t guarantee, when the whole series will be available, but you need to estimate one month per chapter. For example, if the series has 8 chapters, it’s logical to think of a minimum of 8 months. It may take longer since we publish 7 or 8 publications per month, and we have more than 8 series being produced and published. Disclaimer: We can cancel a non successful series at any time. Since we define the pre-order price based on the chapters we already have in the production backlog, you won’t get a refund for the money you paid.
Don’t worry! For further information about pre-ordering please check the information exhibited above. You will be able to see the upcoming chapters as soon as they’re published.

If you have problems with your payments you have 2 options: 

  1. Contact ccBill here (we don’t handle payments with credit cards)
  2. If you can’t use ccBill, please contact us and we will offer payment options with other gateways.
CCBill doesn’t process orders above $200 for security reasons. BotComics allow orders above that amount but requires manual payment processing and manual order activation. If you created an order above $200, please follow these steps:
  1. Send the money via PayPal to [email protected]
  2. Submit a new request by clicking here and filling all the fields asking for manual activation. Do not forget to indicate your order number
  3. We will verify your payment and activate your order
  4. We will reply your request so you can start streaming or downloading your purchase
Yes! Go to your user profile here, and you’ll see your unfinished purchase to continue with the payment.
  • Subscribers have unlimited access to the contents while they keep their subscriptions active.
  • Subscribers CAN’T download any comic unless they purchase it individually.
  • Individual Purchasers can download the purchases but they can’t stream.
  • Free Users can create and comments, propose and vote ideas, be affiliates or share content on their social networks

We use a HelpDesk integrated into your user Dashboard instead, since it’s the more effective way to have all your user-related information without asking you for that.

We respond to tickets from Monday thru Friday, so if you create a new request during a holiday or a weekend, you will get a response the next working day.

We suggest you explore all the FAQs first. If you are not able to find the answer to your issue, create a support ticket.

We respond to tickets from Monday thru Friday, so if you create a new request during a holiday or a weekend, you will get a response the next working day.

Botcomics is the name of our network of websites.

Botcomics, Inc. is the new company name, former GeoDesign, Inc.

We produce and sell digital illustrated adult stories and adult comics since 2003 focused on transformation fetishes.

Under the brand of The Breast Expansion Story Club, we sell breast expansion comics, and breast expansion fetish illustrated stories.

Under the brand of Giantess Club, we sell giantess comics, and giantess fetish illustrated stories.

Under the brand of Bimbo Story Club, we sell bimbo fetish comics, and bimbo transformation illustrated stories.

We have offices in Los Angeles and Buenos Aires, and our staff is completely devoted to produce original content for our network, hiring the best authors and artists all over the world.

Discover our catalog of 500+ series and 1300+ chapters, including Breast Expansion Comics, Bimbo Comics, Giantess Comics, Furry Comics, Futanari Comics, and more!

No, we don’t.

Since Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) do not allow adult content on their apps.

However, our website is fully responsive, and you’ll be able to stream our comics on any device with a very similar experience to a native app.

Please make sure that cookies are enabled. If cookies are enabled and you are getting redirected to the home page, please clear your internet browser cookies, restart your browser and try again.

Accounts automatically stay logged in for 14 days if the “keep me logged in” box is checked on the login page. Otherwise, you will be prompted for a username and password on each visit.

Yes. Cookies must be enabled.

Just click on “Forgot password?”, on the right side of the login button, and the system will guide you through the process.

Follow the same steps described above for a lost/forgotten password.

Please, create a Support Ticket and choose the option “Report a Bug”

All transactions will be billed by CCBill Inc., and show up on your statement like that.

The site name you subscribed to or its URL will never be shown on your credit card/bank statement.

Your account will be charged every thirty days from the day you originally subscribed (unless you signed up for a longer duration).

If you cancel your account before that time, we will not renew your account. Instead, your account will expire on that date.

If you joined on a trial basis, the 30-day billing cycle begins at the end of the trial unless you cancel within the trial period.

Yes. If you don’t see the BitPay option at the checkout, please create a Support Ticket indicating the product of your choice and we can send you a payment request by email.

Submit a new Support Ticket or click the ASK FOR HELP BUTTON below.

Send an email to support[at] (replace the [at] for @). Do not forget to include your username, CCBill Subscription ID, and any other user-related relevant data to help us to identify you, and to grant you access to your user Dashboard.

You can cancel anytime. 

Please contact us. We are working very hard to improve the User Experience, and to bring the best possible comics on Planet Earth! Your comments will be very much appreciated.

If you are having some financial issues, give us a touch first. Nobody should lose access to their favorite comics because of the money!

If you are unsatisfied with the content or the website for any reason, please let us know! Your insights will help us improve!

To cancel, please go to the Helpdesk Tab and create a new cancellation ticket.

You’ll have access till the last day paid, no matter if you cancel immediately after you subscribe or just 24 hours before the end of the period.

Please have in mind that you need to cancel at least 24 working hours before your rebilling day to avoid a new automatic payment.

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