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Sketchbook #5

A rampaging fox-werewolf vixen-girl is on the loose…in art class! Laney’s latest transformation is totally wild and she’s not stopping there!

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Mr. Harper & Mr. Turner #4

Your favorite horny milfs are back for the conclusion of this giant series, with more expansion and growth than ever!

Office Hours #3

Madison puts her big plan into motion, but someone is already in the Professor’s office! How much extra credit does she need?
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A sexual game between a student and teacher approaches dangerous levels when both dispute the control of their relationship.
A Cruise Controlled spin-off, based on the college and university theme. Follow this erotic thriller between a rigid teacher named Rachel who zealously enjoys her power over other people, and Amy, a shy student who wants to find freedom through bondage. They use hypnosis to expand their sexual horizons and increase the overall pleasure of their sexual encounters.

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