Spells R Us: Digital Domains COMIC


A new power couple from Spells R Us: Atomic Mobile returns, in an all-new, action packed adventure! Alice’s love for classic video games leads her and Sheron into Spells R Us, where they find themselves digitized into a magical arcade cabinet. Alice’s instincts tell her that she needs to rush to save her princess, but is Sheron in any real danger? New worlds, power-ups, and pedicures await them in Spells R Us: Digital Domains!


Hey, remember the 90s? xCuervos does, and he’s taking his characters on a trip through the best of classic video games! Alice and Sheron are as charming as ever, and Alice gets some real time to shine as the heroine of a platform shooter. Evil robots with unique designs inhabit this video game world, and Sheron seems to be enjoying her time as a damsel in “distress.” The story wouldn’t be complete without some expansion, courtesy of the power ups Alice finds along the way. I can’t wait to see Level 2!

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